Friday, September 3, 2010

J&A Chronicles: K and Starsky's Wedding

I officially met K back in October 2007.  Her and her long time boyfriend J (yes, I know a LOT of men with the first initial J so we'll call him Starsky - as my husband does) were getting married June 2008.  Starsky asked J (my J, stay with me) to be one of his groomsmen. 
Over the next approximately 8 months, we did what we could to help K and Starsky with whatever we could; moving in to their first townhouse together, picking up furniture, and any miscellaneous wedding planning.  
Finally, it was their wedding day! I was allowed to hang out with the groomsmen before the wedding and ride with them over to the church.  This is the first wedding I had ever cried during; it was beautiful and filled with emotion.

Now, 2+ years later, their marriage is still going strong and at our wedding in March 2010, Starsky was one of our groomsmen.

You can visit K and Starsky at their respective blogs: Katie's Cucina and Sew Woodsy.  She cooks ALL. THE. TIME! and seems to post a new recipe every day. =)

Up to this point in our relationship, J and I had not talked about wedding plans.  The day of the rehearsal/dinner, J started asking me questions: what do you think we'd register for? do you want to get married outside? how many people would we want in the wedding party? 
Don't get me wrong, I was all too excited at the prospect of getting married but on the other hand, I didn't want to jump the gun.  So we casually discussed it here and there after that but nothing too serious and we weren't planning the wedding.
At some point after K and Starsky's wedding, I was told by SEVERAL people that it was likely that I would be waiting several years before J would even consider marriage.  Boy, were they so wrong! (thank goodness lol)

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Amber said...

It's so great to be able to share your wedding day with great friends and have them be a part of your special day in return. Looks like you are really blessed to have them in your life!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

What gorgeous pictures! And good to know you two are able to talk openly about marriage, in any aspect <3

Katie said...

Awe love the post ;) I remember how "starsky" and I would talk about wedding stuff for years... from the ring to location, etc! I'm glad we could be apart of each other's wedding days!