Monday, November 11, 2013

Wet Paint

Back on my Halloween-happy-two-years-at-our-house post, I mentioned that we had our house repainted.   We knew we wanted to get it painted but were very aware of the cost.  We went shopping and compared prices.   It turns out, a guy living in our neighborhood has his own painting company and was doing work in the neighborhood.  We checked out those houses and decided to go with him.  His work was really good and his price was even better!

Our house the day we made an offer - July 2011
Approximately 29 weeks ago, or April 15, thereabouts, we agreed to have this guy paint our house.  We compared colors to the house down the street because we LOVED the color.  We even met the neighbor because of it haha! We had paint cards and went with the closest we found in the cards.  It was hard for The Husband and I to compromise on a color.  I wanted gray or brown, he didn't want either.  That's when we decided to get in the truck and drive around looking for colors we liked.  That's how we ended up on the doorstep of the people 5 houses down. 

The following week, April 22 (I know this based on an IG post from then!) we had them start painting.  It took about 5 days; they painted the entire house, garage door, trim, porch (front and back), and front door.  We went with a black front door. 

The very first picture The Husband sent me made me nervous about the color.  We went with a green color and honestly I HATED it the first day.  But I knew it was probably because the trim hadn't been done and the front door was still red. This was the first picture sent to me by The Husband and the first one I posted on IG:
I actually had a very bad feeling in my tummy when I received this picture.  I just KNEW I was going to hate it.  I didn't know what to do so I just didn't tell The Husband.  The front of the house was the first thing they painted.  The next day, he sent a picture from the side of the house.  I was still feeling pretty upset so when I got home I talked with The Husband more.  I told him how I was feeling and that I wasn't sure about the color.  He assured me the negative feeling towards the color was because it looked pretty sloppy still and I needed to wait to see the whole picture.  HE was positive that he loved the new color. 
Thankfully the following day all the trim on the front of the house was completed.  I was so relieved I seriously could have cried!! I loved it! I was so pleased with the color.  PLUS any stucco/paint cracks were filled prior to painting so we wouldn't have to worry about leaks or any water getting into the house that wasn't invited! 

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I really love the color The Husband and I picked together!! I love how much we have turned this house into our home.  It is that much better since we are making all these changes and decisions together, as a team! Many women would disagree, but I love that The Husband has had an opinion and input in every decision and detail in our lives - and seriously, his opinions are anything from color of the house to wedding colors to centerpieces to sheets and comforters.  I love that it is an "us" decision!  Plus it takes the pressure off of me to pick something out.  I am pretty indecisive when it comes to stuff like this!

What upgrades are you hoping to complete at your home?
Do you make most of the decorating decisions?

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Jessica and Stephan said...

Stephan was pretty involved in the finishing of our basement, as its his designated "man cave". But there were quite a few times when he was out of town for work, and didn't have time to look over pictures and I had to the decision making.
I was so nervous I would make a bad choice for his "man cave" and make it too girly, but he loved every choice!