Thursday, June 6, 2013

"It's Just My Collection" - Ariel

Sad news for me, I didn't get my National Running Day run in after all.  I was disappointed but the reality is that it is trying to hurricane around here lol! OK maybe it isn't THAT severe but there is a tropical storm that has been named...and if you look at the weather radar, it looks like Andrea is trying to form an eye.
 photo 018e071e-e2e1-4940-9687-6c9bf4015119_zps055fcbe5.jpg
I also had plans with my girlfriends to have dinner.  So I wasn't going to run around in the rain and then try to make it to dinner.  Thankfully we have already set up a run for Friday.  YAY!

In other news, I bought more nail polish.  *hangs head* I know I don't NEED any more! But there are always so many great colors.  It is really amazing that manufacturers continue to not DUPLICATE a color. In my defense, I did go through all my polish this weekend and the ones I didn't like, I threw out.  Most of them were top/base coats I have tried and not liked. There were a couple colors where I didn't LOVE the color and the formula wasn't great and I hadn't used it in over a buh-bye!

So this is NOT a good representation of my nail polish collection:
 photo IMG_20130120_202748_zpsf37c43b4.jpg

I made this storage thing ALL BY MYSELF - no for real. The Husband only supervised, and by that I mean checked on it periodically to tell me to do something different.  He even made me hang it with anchors and hole drilling and everything on my own! so proud =) 

This shelf is at least half full already, if not more.  I have a problem.  The Husband laughed at me last night when I had this realization but it's all good! He doesn't mind =) It is part of me taking care of myself and LOOKING/SEEMING put together all the time...or the majority of the time lol. 

You will remember this storage from last summer:

Yeah - also completely full.  and a couple of colors have been tossed - two on the far left top shelf, two on the bottom shelf, and I think one of the reds from the middle shelf.  No seriously - this thing is FULL!  Now you may not think this is a whole lot and comparatively it isn't, but for me - it has grown leaps and bounds in just a few short months!

Anyhow if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have MORE nail polish that was delivered to me via UPS yesterday!
Yes - FIVE more - but four of them are minis...that makes it better right? RIGHT! haha! Anyhow because of the persistent rain, I will likely be spending my lunch painting my nails.  Oh and the color I have on in the picture above is Essie - The Girls are Out from the Summer 2013 collection.  The four colors in the top half of the above picture are from the same collection so I hope the formula is just as good - I know Essie's can sometimes be iffy but I was really pleased with The Girls are Out.  =)

Oh and I may or may not have bought a neon from Walgreens yesterday. It is from Sinful Color's Poolside Collection: 24/7 and is apparently a dupe for China Glaze Pool Party.  I couldn't pass it up - I have been looking for a great lighter pink neon and I instantly fell in love.  The formula seems good so I can't wait to try that one out! Probably for one of our upcoming beach trips =)

So new rule - i'm sharing it with you so I can be held accountable -
No More New Polish Until I Use Everything I Have Once
The Husband will appreciate that rule

OH and I asked The Husband to text me pictures of my collection so I can update you and you can see just how much of a problem this has become in such a short time haha!

What do you love to buy?
Are you a polish-aholic?



J and A said...

I love your holder!!! Such a fun idea and look at you all crafty all on your own! :)

Gee said...

Such a great holder! Good job for working it all by yourself Ashley.

Faith said...

I need a holder just like that. And I'm with you. Completely obsessed with nail polish!