Monday, August 12, 2013

Parlor Night

This weekend was loaded with family time. I spent most of Saturday shopping with my mom and sister.  My sister was looking for wall/classroom decor.  At the beginning of the summer, she was offered a position at a different high school that she decided to take.  She will be teaching AP 11th graders instead of 9th grade English.  We literally spent 8 hours - EIGHT HOURS - shopping.  I picked up some workout gear, nail polish (like I needed more), and a couple other things.

Saturday night, my parents hosted dinner and Parlor Night.
 photo 52a62041-e08c-4ea5-ba97-5b1e17273c56_zps0e6ec0a6.jpg
BTW - everything about that first photo is typical - typical Husband acting like a Bad A and typical sister sticking her finger in the frame at the last second! =)  photo IMG_9981_zps7fb2b1e9.jpg 
 photo 8e8cffd1-a0f5-4dbe-9c10-299b60a28d03_zps171c10a6.jpg 
 photo 95efe267-fa51-494a-bde9-adcba5f7ac0a_zpsee97f06b.jpg 
Yes - I really am as uncoordinated playing pool as it seems in the above photo! I was also laughing pretty hysterically when I FINALLY hit the cue ball!!
 photo 8d95de77-a2c2-4660-a0dc-081ceeb9406a_zpsf1d9136a.jpg 
 Dad gets FIERCE when he plays - he is very competitive...think I should be the pot or the kettle today???  oh well - at least I get it honestly!
 photo IMG_0014_zps54241dcc.jpg 
 photo IMG_9992_zps72c83324.jpg   photo 1cfa785b-00c6-4ecc-8079-2dd33cbe4c99_zpsc9226697.jpg  photo IMG_0023_zpsad349b78.jpg  photo fd818035-0b4f-4d61-8235-bcbcce59a92a_zps7edf2379.jpg 
BTW - see the dart flying through the air up there?! yeah I was excited about that ha - and it only took ONE photo attempt =)
  photo e42d4555-2245-447e-9fd7-876ae3d5fff3_zpsb9e20f42.jpg   photo 12b59d42-04c6-48df-8057-e3cc0b373ffa_zps6dd696e1.jpg   photo IMG_0020_zps6f135ce5.jpg 
I made everyone get together for a family shot.  The men on the ends complained but this is honestly one of the more believable shots of the two of them lol!  
 photo 2fa1ee6a-373d-435a-9f84-0b83d04064a8_zps18cc7b55.jpg

I am so glad that we live so close to one another.  The night wasn't wild or crazy; the cops weren't called and we didn't go streaking; it was a lot of fun though and I'm very fortunate to have such a fun group of people to call my family.

What do you like to do when you get together with your family?
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♥ Marcy ♥ said...

I love your outfit!!!!!

Jessica and Stephan said...

great dart photo!!! Sometimes the lucky random shots are the best ones! And I really like the family shot you did :) A real nice one to frame!

Kristen said...

So fun! :)

Printed Bonnet by AyoBE said...

I love seeing family pics. You all look so happy together!