Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Puppy Love & Excellent Customer Service

The other night, I took out our DSLR.  I am so tired of looking at phone pictures. I KNOW that they are a lot better than they use to be but I love pictures from an actual camera.  The Husband wanted nothing to do with having his picture taken, so I played with the pup. 
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At first he was being all GQ and pensive.... but I got him excited about pictures by playing with his squeaky crown.
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Almost a year ago (to the day!) I told you about my new favorite kitchen thing.
We used that thing several times a week.  I went to use it one day and it slipped out of the cupboard where it was balancing precariously - I blame The Husband but he said he would have never put it away like that.  Anyhow - this was the result. 
 photo IMG_9957_zps723556e8.jpg
It happened AT LEAST a month ago - probably longer. I was really sad.  I just kept it on the counter pushed together as if the magic dish fairies would come and make it all better.  Finally I decided to contact our rep from whom I bought it.  She said that this stoneware has a THREE YEAR WARRANTY!! All I had to do was send a PIECE back and they would send me a brand new one.

About ten days ago, I sent the piece to the address my rep gave me and waved good-bye, thinking there was no possible way they would send me another, at zero cost, in any decent amount of time.  That was a Friday.  On THURSDAY of the next week I came home to this:
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This is brand spankin' new people!!! I was really really stunned.  The turnaround was SO fast and I didn't pay anything except shipping for a tiny piece of ceramic.   If nothing else, I fully expected some sort of inquiry because let's be honest, the thing didn't break because of a defect, I literally dropped it (albeit not far) on our kitchen floors which are tile.  OF COURSE it was going to probably chip, if not break. 

I just love when a company backs it's product.  I'm sure if it happens again, there will probably be more of an inquiry.  BUT my fingers are crossed that it doesn't, I was very sad the day it broke!  I will say that I am thrilled that there are still companies who care about their customer satisfaction for real and not just on paper!

Have you had an excellent customer service experience?
Do you share it as often as possible?
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Taren said...

That is so awesome they sent you a brand new one! I hate when my favourite stuff gets broken it's heartbreaking!


Gee said...

Awwwww! That os pretty awesome Customer service! Happy for you Ashley!

Jessica and Stephan said...

I had a problem with my camera, and I got dirt on the sensor inside, and to get it cleaned costs a couple hundred dollars. I dug up my receipt (with the help of the store I purchased it at, as I lost my original), and even though I was 6 days PAST my warrenty, they told me I had a one month Le-way and that the cost to get it cleaned would still be covered, they would even cover the shipping charges.

Its panasonic, by the way. I was super happy, as I use my camera constantly :)

Faith said...

I love great customer service. So hard to come by nowadays.

Printed Bonnet by AyoBE said...

Great customer service is hard to find so I really appreciate it when I experience it.
Glad you were able to get a new one so quickly!