Thursday, June 26, 2014

Life Lately

June is ending like any time! How did that happen you may ask? I have no idea! also it has been TWO WEEKS since I popped by! ughhh crazy!!

Two weeks ago I tried my very first Iced Coffee...have I been living under a rock?!?! it seems like it and how I survived without this deliciousness in my life is beyond me!! I have since discovered the added goodness of whipped cream and extra caramel to accompany this yumminess!

Last Friday night, a group of us went night was a rough trip - 3 to 5 ft seas and 25 mph winds.  NOT ideal conditions but at least it started with a fun and fruity drink and ended with some fish

BUT the highlight of the past two weeks is my beautiful sweet friend giving birth to her healthy sweet baby boy (baby #2)!! 

Today was World Cup Thursday at work.  All employees were granted permission to watch the game, beginning to end, as long as they weren't ignoring clients.  There were treats, pizza, and good times.  Sometimes I sit back and think about how surreal it is to work for such an amazing company.  A company that actually cares about the employees and their success.  it is so refreshing!
This weekend one of my favorite ladies and her husband, and their kids, are going to be staying at our house!!! I am so excited!! I haven't seen her pretty face since our wedding!! There are lots of fun things coming up in the next week and month =) 

Happy ALMOST Friday and World Cup Thursday!!! Go USA!!! 
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