Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Last Night I Dreamnt of Paint...

Oh my gosh!!! it has been a LONG week!!!
I am a homeowner! yay me!!!
My husband was convinced we could get every wall in the house painted, all the baseboards pulled up and painted, rip all the carpet and linoleum out and refloor the entire house in less than a week.
We tried REALLY hard....let me just tell you that we didn't succeed. I'm not surprised I definitely did NOT have my heart set on moving in by yesterday.
So we have made MAJOR progress -- all the walls have been painted and all the flooring has been ripped out. We installed the wood flooring and over half the tile has been installed. The other half should get done tonight and tomorrow; grout will go in on Thursday and we can OFFICIALLY  start moving on Friday(ok we could have officially moved on Halloween but there was a lot of work to do)!!! HOORAY!! I am so so excited!!!
I have been taking progress pictures throughout this whole thing that I really want to share with everyone. For now - I will just share some 'teaser' pictures that I have been taking on my phone:

See -- told ya they were quick cell pictures =)
I am hoping that we can move the couple things we have been storing at my parents house into the new house on Friday after work. That way we can take the dog over and he can kind of get use to the whole idea of living in a new place. Saturday morning, the plan is to get up and move all our stuff to the new house. The rest of the day Saturday and Sunday will be dedicated to unpacking and making it our home!! =)
I am so incredibly excited!! Please prepare yourself for many posts about the house and lots of pictures showing our day to day progress. 
I would LOVE to start those posts tomorrow BUT our internet provider turned off our services at the old house and hasn't made it back to turn it back on. I had forgotten I made an appointment to transfer the services for this past Saturday so they turned the cable and internet off at our current home and tried to turn it on at the new house. We weren't there for it SO we have no internet or cable at home which means the shows we would normally have recorded last night didn't happen =( BOOO!!!  I called first thing this morning -- literally on my drive to work -- and told them we still did not have services so SUPPOSEDLY they are going to take care of it today. Somehow I think we are still going to have a problem.
So that has been my life lately -- work, get home and change, go to the new house, bust my butt until we just can't any more, sleep, wake up and do it all over. It is going to be 100% worth the exhaustion but right now I have to replenish my caffeine supply.
I hope you are having a great week!!


J and A said...

So exciting it will all be worth it in the end! :)

Kym @ Travel Babbles said...

Wow! I love the colors you picked!! Especially that muave color! Perfection!

Just a Jersey Girl said...

So exciting! Can't wait to see pics!

Café Moka said...

This is so exciting!

http://sweetcanadian.blogspot.com/ said...

I have missed you posting, congrats on finally having the keys & all the work you got done, i know all about it, i did it in july even though this place was all redone there was still some stuff to do. I can't wait to see the pics

Elizabeth said...

Soo exciting! I can't wait to see more pictures!!!

Shannon said...

Congrats Ashley & J!!! I can't wait to live vicariously thru your homeowning! ;)

The floors look AMAZING!!

Nikki said...

How exciting!!!! Congrats!!


Katie said...

Congrats! I totally remember the feeling of being exhausted--mentally and physically. It will feel so nice once your all moved in knowing that you and John (+ family and friends) helped make your house a home!