Thursday, July 25, 2013

Curtain Update and My Next Project

Y'all are going to be SO PROUD!! I cut out ALL the gray material for the curtains for our bedroom windows and slider.  Now all I have to do is cut out the gold.  I should be able to get that finished by tomorrow and maybe even start sewing!! WHAAAAA?! i know I'm pretty excited and impressed too =)

I posted this picture last night to FB and Instagram:
I wanted to know which gold fabric to go with - I had asked The Husband and he preferred A over B.  The majority of people also preferred A over B.  I didn't realize until someone else mentioned something about the pattern that it kind of looks like two DIFFERENT fabrics.  They aren't.  It is two different sides of the SAME fabric...a heads and tails.  Same exact pattern.  

As for my upcoming weekend - the plan is to get these curtains finished and hung.  And finish the craft there an echo in here?! I know, I know - same sad song.  Seriously though we have been talking about it for the past week that I would like to get it done.  He is frustrated because all my craft room stuff is in totes in the office and blocking the closet in there. The Husband is not thrilled with that - nor was I this morning when I had to move a bunch of totes of the way to get a jacket since it was actually storming out! Legit - thunder and lightning style...before work...before 8!! ridiculous!

If we get that finished on Saturday, I am leaving towards gel staining our bathroom vanity.  I'm so scared to do it but I want to so badly!!! I don't love the color of the vanity in relation to the color of the walls. It just doesn't work for me.  I found a tutorial on Pinterest (anyone surprised? no? ok, moving on).  I want to go from this to this - pretty much just like One Good Thing by Jillee did:
Wow! Use gel stain to color builder's grade oak. 
 Seriously - I can't wait to have this completed.  It will look so much better with the deep gray I painted the walls in the master bath. Unfortunately, I have to order the gel stain because apparently it isn't sold in stores.  booo!!! I am going to trek to some of the local hardware stores and see if I can't find some of the stain recommended in her post.  It is sold through Sears online but not available in stores.  Why must they do this to me?!  Well since that won't get done this weekend, maybe we will finish my plans for the spare bathroom or the laundry room...yeeessssss!!! =)

As always, I am definitely being ambitious in what we will accomplish this weekend.  I know I can do the gel stain on my own while The Husband does something else. The craft room would be a much bigger challenge so I'm going to go ahead and let him take care of it =) 

If absolutely nothing else I am finishing those silly curtains....hopefully.... ;)

Woo - it is almost Friday!!!


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Gee said...

Yay you! Craft on and congrats on progress! And wow to that before and after picture...I need skills like that!