Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Oh, How Pinteresting!

Wooo!! Halfway to the weekend! who's excited!? THIS GIRL!!! 

Great news though - we worked on my craft room this past weekend.  we didn't get it completed which means I haven't started moving my stuff back in or organizing.  BUT I have been paying a lot of attention to storage ideas for all my crafting goodies.  My biggest problem is that I want to be organized which means I want everything to LOOK organized.  If you Google craft rooms, you will see a lot of open shelving - which I love and is part of what we (read The Husband) built but now I want to make sure the storage is cute and not too cluttered.  

We did however, complete the laundry room!!! yay!!! Now I just need a little decor here and/or there and we are finito!!!  I just have to decide what kind of decor I want on the walls, because that is basically where there is room for it.  I was THINKING about getting those paper mache/cardboard letters and spraying them with silver metallic paint and spelling out "laundry" but there is a vinyl that I found that I love that states "laundry today or naked tomorrow".  It is so funny but I don't know if it will work in the room.  

Otherwise, I didn't finish the curtains for the bedroom - no surprise there.  That's about it for me right now - I have lots to share but nothing is completely done.  THEREFORE, today I am linking up with Michelle for Oh, How Pinteresting!


Adrienne said...

Omg, the spooning sign? Hahahahaha I love that! And speaking of signs, we have a sign that says, "laundry today, naked tomorrow". We found it at Ross!

My brother took over my craft room but he's moving out so, I, too, will be working on trying to organize the space better. I cannot wait!

Gee said...

hahahah! The spooning sign--love it!