Monday, July 22, 2013

My Life As a Procrastinating Crafter

That should PROBABLY be the title of this blog.  Let's face it, I am the world's best procrastinator.  If there was an Olympic sport devoted to it, I would win the gold.  Not only do I procrastinate beautifully, but I STILL manage to meet every deadline.  My procrastination of projects, crafts, and DIYs definitely deserves its own post. 

I did finally start cutting the material for the curtains I want to make in our master bedroom.  There has been something NOT quite right about our master.  I couldn't figure out what it I thought I was going to paint.  The Husband said there HAS to be something I can do differently.  So I thought and thought and thought some more and determined i REALLY hate the curtains.  They are very cheap - and I bought them because we needed something to shut out the world.  Well the time has come to make it better! 

So I started searching for what I could possibly want.  I couldn't think of anything at first because our comforter is very ... ornate?  it is beautiful and I LOVE it. the problem is finding something that is complimentary but not boring.  Here is our set:
Its from Kohl's - my parents bought it for us for our second anniversary.  It is a lot more gray than blue like it sort of looks.  so I needed something that would compliment it without fighting against it.  Our bedroom furniture is black and the walls are's a refresher:
This picture was taken like a month after moving in.  A lot has changed.  anyhow - I decided I really hate the curtains; and with how much the temperature differs in our bedroom versus the rest of the house, we knew we needed blackout curtains.  

Off to JoAnns I went with my mom and sister.  This is what I found on clearance:

 photo null_zps22ff2c2c.jpg
GORGEOUS! I hesitated .... and carried the material around with me for a good half hour.  I finally decided to bite the proverbial bullet and buy it.  I needed 12 yards....I walked up to the counter and sadly, it was all they had left and there MAY have been 8 yards.  Well that wasn't going to be enough for the two windows and the slider.  So I pouted, and then I carried the material around with me.  There HAD to be another option.  I found the PERFECT contrasting gray material (also on clearance).  It isn't dark gray and actually has a blue/purple undertone to it.  

At that moment I remembered that I saw paneled curtains on Pinterest....but could never find the ones I loved again.  After DAYS and countless hours of searching online, I finally found what I had been looking for - and I will never forget the title - Pimp My Curtains.  This would be my inspiration from The Design Pages:
So I bought all the material I could possibly need - plus a little more.  And hey, it was on sale for something like $4 a yard AND my sister used her teacher discount.  WHOOOO!!! 

I was so excited, I took the material in and laid it across the comforter to make sure it would look perfect.  It does. It is going to be problem is that I have been too scared to cut the fabric.  Then I had a mini panic attack because I was worried that maybe I didn't buy enough material.  So after a month - seriously, I bought it Father's Day weekend - and three different counts of the yardage and three different diagrams, with associating math. I finally cut out material for the FIRST slider panel.  That's as far as I got last night but now I am ready to go.  

As you can guess, I don't have pictures of the finished product. Not even close. I didn't even take pictures of me cutting up the fabric - which I totally should have done; a little celebratory or mischievous picture because let's face it, I'm proud of myself.

With The Husband's birthday quickly approaching, I am looking over my to-do/project list and marking the ones that NEED to be done.  It is quite the impressive list. I may be a little over ambitious...don't touch that dial, let's see if I can get it all done! =)



Gee said...

Love this. It's good that you always meet your deadlines even with all those procrastination. lol...not everyone can pull that off.

Kristen said...

Oh I love the new bedroom set! We need a new one (even though it's a year and a half old!!!) since Sammy tore through it by jumping on the bed.

That dog.

Can't wait to see the finished curtains!