Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What I'm Loving!

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I'm Loving Jason Bateman!
The Husband and I watched Horrible Bosses the other night after work. We laughed a lot - I found the movie a little disturbing but it was very funny =) My favorite part I have seen Jason Bateman in so far has to be in Dodgeball as Pepper Brooks...AMAZING

I did also enjoy him in The Change-up  =)

I'm Loving Jennifer Aniston in Horrible was WAY out of character for her to play the role she did. She was dirty sexy - it was weird lol. I love me some Aniston though =) I can't wait to watch these to together in The Switch =)

I'm Loving the project J and I worked on last night! we are going to finish it tonight and I can't wait to share it!! =) It looks so great already and we aren't even finished!!

I'm Loving these accessories from Forever 21

I'm Loving that it is already Wednesday!

I'm Loving that The Husband and I are working out together and eating better =) We started this about a week ago and we are both feeling great! =)

I'm Loving what J and I are planning for Valentine's and our 2nd anniversary!

I'm Loving that we cuddle most every night. =)

I'm Loving the new Kelly Clarkson cd
I know she isn't everyone's fave but girl is TALENTED and her hit songs are always catchy. I have to tell you that the songs that don't make the radio are some of the best songs she does =) I also love that she is a normal size and owns it - not everyone is built to be teeny tiny. This cd is currently on repeat on my iPod in my car =)

I'm loving my wonderful friends and family!

I'm loving the power of prayer and the calm I feel when I commune with The Lord.
I know some people in my life who could use the prayers for a variety of reasons- some for fellow bloggers, some for special friends and family, some of them are for me. I know it is hard to pray for those that remain unnamed, but every prayer counts.

I'm Loving my super amazing husband

What are you loving?



Jessica said...

I also love Jason Bateman - you'll like The Switch, it was a pretty funny movie and he was great in it. Have you seen "Extract"? That's another funny Jason Bateman movie, but I think it's lesser known.

And Kelly Clarkson ROCKED the Star Spangled Banner at the Superbowl :)

I found your blog through the WILW link-up comments, and I'm a new follower!

-Jessica @

Meg {henninglove} said...

i'm loving those accessories from F21 too, they really have cute stuff and the prices you can't argue with them. cuddling is one of my most favorite things and i am loving it is wednesday already too

Fash Boulevard said...

i totally agree. LOVING the Kelly CD. She never lets me down. obsessed. adore this post, love. thanks for sharing. if you get a sec, I'd love to hear what you think of my latest. xo
Don't forget to "Like" the fanpage for personal pictures and exciting announcements. <3

Jessica and Stephan said...

Love love LOVE Kelly Clarkson! She is definitely talented, and I also love that she has some curves and is a normal girl :) She's gorgeous.

Courtney B said...

I am loving YOUR BLOG! :) So happy I found it!
Forever 21 has the cutest dang accessories and for such a good price, too!
In the past 2 weeks the hubs and I have only spent 3 nights together :( I'm so ready to be home with him again, I miss the night cuddling! Love that you and your hubs do the night cuddle.

Courtney B said...

And by found I really mean that for the last 7 days I've been babysitting 5 boys and I have lost my mind. Ha! I was already following your blog! Ah!