Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Oh The Places We Go

It is so strange where The Husband has lead my family and I; Of course my life would be very different had I made the decision to join the Navy like I had been planning...

Sorry if you already know this little story lol!!!
I was accepted and working on all the application stuff.  I had been dating The Husband for MAAAYYYBEE two months when I found out that my application was being accepted.  We were visiting my parents in Georgia and he had been really REALLY quiet.  I finally asked him what was going on and he told me he was sad that I would be leaving.  My mom pulled me aside and told me 'The Navy will be there if this doesn't work out; finding someone who loves you and makes you happy is not an every day thing'  I told The Husband if he wanted me to stay to see where the relationship went, he had to ask me.  He did and that was it.  The day my life completely changed course. Some of you may be thinking it is ridiculous, if he loved me he would have waited.  That is probably true, but I'm glad I didn't make him =)  It wasn't like I had always dreamed of joining the Navy my entire life - so it isn't like I gave up my childhood dream. 

I was talking about this with my dad on our run this past Saturday.  I have absolutely no regrets and zero thoughts about 'what if'.  However, it is CRAZY the things I do now that I would have NEVER thought I would have gotten into - and I know I have said that before lol =) 

First - I hunt and go shooting; he even successfully taught me to shoot clays.  I'm actually pretty good if I say so myself =) 

Second - I am a BIIIIGGGG fan of fishing; shockingly so! I love going off shore, catching big fish, and eating it at home.  I haven't cleaned a fish yet...that's gross! So that part of my remains super girlie...I have a feeling I'm going to need to learn how at some point. BUT I am able to bait my own hook and all that goes with that.   In the respect, I am mildly self-sufficient on a boat =) 

This past Friday, a group of us took the day off of work and went off-shore fishing.  They briefly opened red snapper season for the first time in a couple years for the entire Southeast coast of the country.  we left the house by 4 am and were on the boat, in the dark by 530! I almost immediately laid down and took a nap.  It was definitely the best decision I made for myself because I didn't sleep well the night before. I woke up to the sun rising and it was gorgeous!

At the end of the day, we were all exhausted from fighting big fish and lots of them. Remember this trip when we went to the Keys? Yeah THOSE big fish...except on Friday I LITERALLY almost went overboard holding onto the rod trying to bring the fish in - I was SCAAAARED!!!! I yelled at someone to hold onto me lol...but seriously, scared! Thankfully I didn't go over, I didn't lose the rod, reel, OR the fish.  That thing was a BEAST!! Oh and I was SORE until .... yep, my arm is STILL sore today from trying to horse that silly thing in. 

Oh and this little beauty is a Trigger fish...and the one I am holding is considered a big one! They are SOOO yummy!!! 
Oh that would be a third thing, I eat a LOT of fish now because of The Husband =)  My life has been so very different - I was a CITY girl to the max and The Husband has added a little bit of country.  I like it! 

How would your life be different? Is there a hobby you have that you probably wouldn't have picked up without your significant other?


Michelle (michabella) said...

That is AWESOME!!! How fun! I've always wanted to do that! One day.

& I never thought I'd be married to someone in the military AND be living in HAWAII!

Nicole said...

Looks like a blast, although I think I might be considered a girly girl (shocker b/c that doesn't really fit me) when it comes to fishing. Fish freak me out :) Although get this, someday I want to go off shore fishing. I know, totally contradicting!

Donna said...

I grew up fishing with my Dad but I've NEVER caught anything as impressive as that haul :) I love that first picture you posted, it's awesome.

Betty said...

Love this post! And look at you miss fisherwoman! ;) I probably would never have gotten into skiing without the push from my husband...but I'm so glad I know how now!