Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Holy Crow! It is already Wednesday! Who's excited?! THIS GIRL! I'm linking up again this week for WILW =) Here we go!!!!!  I'm Loving...

How hard The Husband has been working.  He has started up his company again and is so much happier.  I even get to see him now!  Ok, ok, so it has ONLY been three days of working for himself BUT it has been successful already and he is for realsies SOOOOO much happier! I am so proud of him =) PLUS we have the WHOLE weekend together!

That it is candy corn season!!!! Hello Brach's Candy Corn!!!! Here is my dilemma this year...the packaging is completely different than in previous years and it says 'made with real honey'....i don't like the made with real honey or the new packaging.
I don't trust it =/  I guess I am going to have to bite the bullet if I want candy corn this year...

The first day of Autumn is Saturday September 22!!!! YAY!!! Too bad yesterday I wore short sleeves, capris and cute backless is SO not Autumn weather here!

The Kennedy's are getting married in two and a half weeks!!! I have been hard at work helping them with planning/decorating/DIY-ing so I am excited to see it all come see them exchange vows =) OH and I went with her to see her dress and holy cow - she is going to be so so beautiful! I can't wait!!! OH ANNNNNDDD there is going to be a s'mores roasting station outside at the reception! how amazing is that?!

I get to buy a new dress and shoes for the event!!! YAY!!! Here are my faves that I have found so far:
both are from F21..I haven't looked a TON but I am really sold on the right dress =) I LOVE the little ruffle! BUT I love the lace on the left I may order both and send one back lol!

My dad and I are training for a half together - last weekend we ran 8 miles! it was tough...we started a little later than we should have because it got hot FAST! so this weekend we are going to do 8 again and start a little earlier.  Hopefully that will keep us feeling like we did when we ran 7; which was AMAZING! 

That I am getting so into the Autumn/Halloween/Thanksgiving 'spirit'! I can't wait to share some of the cute projects I have been working on!

What are you loving?

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Leah @ Everyday Love said...

I can't wait to see the cute projects you're working on!

Kristen said...

I say order both dresses and decide then. ;)

Faith said...

Pink dress!!

So happy to read that hubby is so happy :)

S'mores station is incredible! I want to go to that wedding!

We finally are getting cooler weather, so exciting!!

Can't wait to see the projects you are working on! :)

ty said...

Ok, so I love me some candy corn, but I like the candy pumpkins even better :))

Erin said...

What is with that tacky 80s packaging on the new bags? It's funny you mention candy corn b/c I just posted about it on someone else's blog earlier today. Candy corn is one of those things that when I eat it, I realize that I don't like it. Unfortunately, that memory lasts only 364 days before I eat it again and am again disgusted. Not to fear, you and my mom can eat candy corn all day long.