Thursday, June 6, 2013

"It's Just My Collection" - Ariel

Sad news for me, I didn't get my National Running Day run in after all.  I was disappointed but the reality is that it is trying to hurricane around here lol! OK maybe it isn't THAT severe but there is a tropical storm that has been named...and if you look at the weather radar, it looks like Andrea is trying to form an eye.
 photo 018e071e-e2e1-4940-9687-6c9bf4015119_zps055fcbe5.jpg
I also had plans with my girlfriends to have dinner.  So I wasn't going to run around in the rain and then try to make it to dinner.  Thankfully we have already set up a run for Friday.  YAY!

In other news, I bought more nail polish.  *hangs head* I know I don't NEED any more! But there are always so many great colors.  It is really amazing that manufacturers continue to not DUPLICATE a color. In my defense, I did go through all my polish this weekend and the ones I didn't like, I threw out.  Most of them were top/base coats I have tried and not liked. There were a couple colors where I didn't LOVE the color and the formula wasn't great and I hadn't used it in over a buh-bye!

So this is NOT a good representation of my nail polish collection:
 photo IMG_20130120_202748_zpsf37c43b4.jpg

I made this storage thing ALL BY MYSELF - no for real. The Husband only supervised, and by that I mean checked on it periodically to tell me to do something different.  He even made me hang it with anchors and hole drilling and everything on my own! so proud =) 

This shelf is at least half full already, if not more.  I have a problem.  The Husband laughed at me last night when I had this realization but it's all good! He doesn't mind =) It is part of me taking care of myself and LOOKING/SEEMING put together all the time...or the majority of the time lol. 

You will remember this storage from last summer:

Yeah - also completely full.  and a couple of colors have been tossed - two on the far left top shelf, two on the bottom shelf, and I think one of the reds from the middle shelf.  No seriously - this thing is FULL!  Now you may not think this is a whole lot and comparatively it isn't, but for me - it has grown leaps and bounds in just a few short months!

Anyhow if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have MORE nail polish that was delivered to me via UPS yesterday!
Yes - FIVE more - but four of them are minis...that makes it better right? RIGHT! haha! Anyhow because of the persistent rain, I will likely be spending my lunch painting my nails.  Oh and the color I have on in the picture above is Essie - The Girls are Out from the Summer 2013 collection.  The four colors in the top half of the above picture are from the same collection so I hope the formula is just as good - I know Essie's can sometimes be iffy but I was really pleased with The Girls are Out.  =)

Oh and I may or may not have bought a neon from Walgreens yesterday. It is from Sinful Color's Poolside Collection: 24/7 and is apparently a dupe for China Glaze Pool Party.  I couldn't pass it up - I have been looking for a great lighter pink neon and I instantly fell in love.  The formula seems good so I can't wait to try that one out! Probably for one of our upcoming beach trips =)

So new rule - i'm sharing it with you so I can be held accountable -
No More New Polish Until I Use Everything I Have Once
The Husband will appreciate that rule

OH and I asked The Husband to text me pictures of my collection so I can update you and you can see just how much of a problem this has become in such a short time haha!

What do you love to buy?
Are you a polish-aholic?


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Hardest Step For a Runner to Take is the First One Out the Door

Today is National Running Day!!! Happy NRD to you =)
I love to run - alone, with the dog, with a friend.  It is therapeutic and helps clear my thoughts and emotions.   Last summer, I started running with my dad.  I had this crazy idea that I wanted to run my second half marathon.  So we started training.

It was HARD.  Especially because - super smart us - decided to start training in JULY! JULY People!! Here in July it is 85* on a COOL NIGHT! To say it was hot and muggy and 'heavy' is an understatement.  My dad likes to tell people that on our first two mile run together it was like trying to run in wet jeans and combat boots.  Yeah, it was tough.

By December we were ready though and I PR-ed =) YAY me! Although it was a hard run...about 10 days before the race, I started experiencing discomfort in my left knee.  Me and my imagination were mentally prepping for the worst. As in a small tear in the tendon or something that would need surgery and/or prevent me from running for an extended amount of time.

I finally went to the doctor in January and she told me I had to actually invest in for real shoes - not just whatever was on sale at Kohl's like I had been.  So new shoes and inserts were purchased.  Since that day in late January I have had no pain while running.  You read that right - NONE!!!

My dad and I started training again and are only up to about 6 miles for our 'long' runs.  We are really wanting to get back to where we are running 8-9 miles on Saturday mornings.  For now, we are happy with averaging anywhere between 10 - 15 miles a week.

Today we are planning on running - if the weather holds out for us.  and I am really hoping it isn't hurricane-ing since, after all, it's National Running Day!

Do you have a running buddy?
Are you planning a run for today?