Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Christmas Celebrations via Instagram

Happy Last Thursday of 2012!!!
I still haven't uploaded any pictures that have been taken over the past month.  I JUST put them on my computer last night.  Between how busy we have been (like you didn't know lol) and being sick for the past week, I just haven't gotten to it.  SO I have graciously (haha JK!) decided to share via phone pictures.  Yes - those are always the highest of quality.  Don't hate! =) You'll get these and like it! Ok just joking for real - sorry, I am feeling a little saucy today!

Anyhow - Here we go!

Christmas Cookie Party - I only decorated three cookies...that is why they look so great haha! The trick is to have a big party where everyone only needs to decorate a couple cookies each - that way you can take your time and when you lose interest after three cookies, you can be done!
0b560ed247ec11e2959322000a1f9d56_7_zpsce352fa2 0b560ed247ec11e2959322000a1f9d56_7_zpsce352fa2-1_zps7cf4e244.jpg 

Christmas with my grandparents -- we spent the night with my grandparents and had a BLAST! She gave me the most ridiculous flamingo pitcher ever but I am IN LOVE! She thinks it is absurd and when I squealed   exclaimed my excitement, she handed it over =) 

2e1255204b9811e2af5a22000a9f18fb_7_zpsc98c0c63 2e1255204b9811e2af5a22000a9f18fb_7_zpsc98c0c63.jpg

I ate approximately 1 yard of pull-n-peel and was thrilled =) 
 1d13a8884b0611e29bea22000a1f90d2_7_zpsfcee9ff1 1d13a8884b0611e29bea22000a1f90d2_7_zpsfcee9ff1.jpg 
The next morning I had A.B.C. (Amaretto, Bailey's, and Creme de Cacoa) coffee.  it was very strong - thankfully The Husband drove home =) 
aa41637a4bac11e29f3f22000a1f978e_7_zps785a7a42 aa41637a4bac11e29f3f22000a1f978e_7_zps785a7a42.jpg
The Husband's family watched Ruger while we were gone and this is the photo she sent me =) 
d477b29e4b1511e2a47b22000a1f99e6_7_zpsdf0dc395 d477b29e4b1511e2a47b22000a1f99e6_7_zpsdf0dc395.jpg 

Christmas Eve -- we went to candlelight services and then back to my parent's for desserts, wine, photos and gifts, where I received the most obnoxious slippers ever! I could not love them more! 

1ae07a544e3b11e29a6422000a9e06c4_7_zps78498118 1ae07a544e3b11e29a6422000a9e06c4_7_zps78498118.jpg 
IMG_3678_zpsd7cb6f90 IMG_3678_zpsd7cb6f90-1_zps6a007a21.jpg 
220fd7d24fc811e28c8722000a1f90f9_7_zps7284e7a1 220fd7d24fc811e28c8722000a1f90f9_7_zps7284e7a1.jpg 

This certainly does not fully recap our Christmas festivities - it is just what I have on my phone.  Assuming I get the pictures uploaded tonight I will let ya in on more of the details =) 

I hope you had an amazing Christmas with your family!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Family Christmas Poem

Well Hello Y'all!!!! These last few weeks really flew by in a flash! Unfortunately I am working today - boooo! I guess it works out since The Husband is also working so it isn't like he is at home waiting for me. Still...I am having a really hard time getting into the groove this morning. AND I think I am getting sicker =( whoa is me! I thought I had beaten it since I felt so much better Christmas Eve and was still feeling good until last night. Today I'm a mess.  I'm really looking forward to my 4 day weekend coming up - so that is something!

Today I am sharing the Christmas poem that was sent out with my parent's Christmas card. My dad writes one every year - check out the past two years: 2011 and 2010
ENJOY! PS: it is much longer this year than it has been!

Oh no!!!  What happened?  How did Christmas get so near?
It should not be surprising---it’s this time every year! 
So once again I sit, with my Christmas pen in hand,
To write about our year and share it ‘cross the land.

My favorite part of writing, remembering people and places,
Sharing our past year and putting smiles on faces;
So once again I’ll try, to highlight this year’s stuff,
Enjoying it all with family, I just can’t get enough.

Living in Orlando, we’ve finally found our groove,
Though after 3 short years, we feel like we should move!
But those moving days are over, in Orlando we will stay,
And someday soon (we hope), with grandkids we will play!

Our life has settled down, compared to recent years,
But we really do not mind, as the holiday season nears;
Some new things on the docket, of which you now will read,
To the heart of this year’s prose, this verse will now lead.

Phil had a quite a year, his dreams he finally did reach,
He’s now at UCF, where they hired him to teach!
He survived his first semester; he has earned his Christmas break,
4 months with all those students, is all that one can take!

He fills the role out nicely, the students think he’s awesome,
Into a dynamic professor, we’re sure that he will blossom;
The classes he is teaching, are healthcare field related,
He has found a job he LOVES, and we are all elated!

Donna, still our rock, keeps us sane through all these things,
In the middle of the chaos, some normalcy she brings;
Still employed by Homeland, she’s due for a promotion,
She takes it all in stride, but I cause a big commotion!

She too will reach a goal; she’s in her own career,
A senior contract specialist, something that we cheer;
For Donna and for Phil, came that dreaded age Five Oh…
But we’re not concerned, it’s just a number, you know?

John began the year, in a job he didn’t like much;
He was working in a warehouse, stocking shelves and such;
So a plan he put together, to change his working life,
A plan that was supported, by his ever loving wife.

So one day in September, he took off with his plan,
Got all his things in order, he’s now a self-employed man;
Some day he will reflect, that he finally came to his senses,
He’s now doing his own thing, landscaping and silt fences.

Ashley has become, a true redneck at heart,
Her love of fishing and hunting, help make up that part;
But at first glance you’d think, that she was quite a yuppie,
And oh, no baby news yet, just her and John and puppy!

She continues to enjoy, her blog and D-I-Y,
Her and John, so creative, there’s nothing they won’t try;
Around the Home Depot, together they will roam,
To find the next big project to make their house a home.

Jessica’s still teaching, but this year things have changed,
She redefined her goals so, her schedule rearranged;
She decreased her commitments; put some things upon the shelf,
She decided it was time, to take care of herself.

She started back to college, a goal that she had set,
So in a few short years, a Masters she will get.
She is quite the teacher, East River’s shining star,
Recently she rewarded herself, and bought her first new car!

Doug too has entered school, a Masters he is seeking;
His courses are so tough, I get lost when he’s speaking!
Still writing software code, his job is so intriguing,
Trying to understand it, I find it quite fatiguing,

When not at work or school, we try to go out fishing,
To catch that monster fish, is what we both are wishing.
With Doug and Jess in school, this break will be a breather,
And just so you know, no baby news there either!

Our life is still near perfect, with all the kids so near,
We really do enjoy the time, we get with them each year!
So there you have it all, our Christmas Rhyme this season,
Remembering that HE…yes HE is still the Reason!!!
664353_502602016427312_322522618_o1_zpsbcb4e208 664353_502602016427312_322522618_o1_zpsbcb4e208.jpg

I hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas!!!!
This year is rapidly coming to a close - I can't wait to do my annual recap =)

How was your Christmas?
Did you send out Christmas cards?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Is it Friday YET?!

Ughhhh this week has been so long AND I have been working my tail off!
Somehow that has not made the days fly by.
I swear I am working away thinking it HAS to be close to lunch.
Alas, I check the clock and I've only been at work an hour!
Yep. That's how this week has been!

Last night was super fun though! I think our office Christmas party gets better every year.
I haven't uploaded pictures yet - heck I haven't even LOOKED at the pictures from last night yet!

There is still so much to do before this weekend! ...

Oh gosh! I was going to tell you about something, but it is a surprise.
Then I just started having a little panic attack because I was worried I had posted about it yesterday.
I don't think I did....NO, someone would have called me about it.
WHEW! That's a relief!

OK so we have been with this cell carrier for less than two years...
to say I am unsatisfied is a gross understatement but that's for another day.
I have had problem after problem with my phone. I have gone through warranty and gotten three of the exact same phones. I have continued to have the same problems.  They sent me two new batteries.  Still having the same problems.  they gave me a new sim card - still the same issues. Needless to say, I have deduced that the phone is just a PIECE!

One night in November, The Husband and I went out with friends and had a few drinks...
73838_368186803271724_462078812_n 73838_368186803271724_462078812_n.jpg
before the end of the night (ie 7:00 PM!) I may or may not have dropped my phone in the toilet...OOPS!
At an Applebee's...ick!

Let me just tell you that was NOT the really - it wasn't!
So we go to the phone store and tell them I need to get another one using my insurance.
Oh - BTW - this was my first time having to use my phone insurance...EVER!
So the lady says that I probably won't get the same phone because they don't produce those any more.
Well a few days go by and I got the SAME. PHONE! I knew I would be the only person to get that phone again even after they stopped manufacturing them!

Fast forward to this past it hadn't been 30 days and I was still having the SAME EXACT issues! sooo annoyingg!

I got with the insurance peeps and told them what was going on. They decide to send me and new phone and said you probably won't get the same phone blah, blah, blah...
The phone arrived yesterday...and guess what!?

I finally got another phone! WOOO!!
I feel so high tech and fancy now because it has a flash AND I can take self pictures. 
 Now you'll have to put up with seeing how cute I am at all times! holla!!! Ok not really but i'm pretty excited about this new phone.  We are still going to switch back to our other provider because the service we have had isn't good. 

Anyways - that is my exciting news for the day =) 
I hope you had a wonderful Thursday! 

HOORAY for Friday! 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Time is Near!!!!

Hey Y'all!!!! Sheesh! I can't believe we are ALREADY almost halfway through December!!! Where did November go?! To be honest, November was a pretty hectic month for me and mine. I am really in the Christmas spirit this year.  We have our tree up - and I want to share it.  BTW - you can check out the last two trees: 2010 and 2011

Two things:
1. I definitely need to take a better lit picture of our tree because these phone pictures below just DO NOT cut it! 
2. this tree this year is SO much bigger! haha but no seriously - they are terrible!

We have finished all our Christmas shopping - that's right, we finished this past weekend.  TWO WHOLE WEEKS before Christmas! I couldn't believe it! I am usually running around the week/weekend before to grab stuff last minute. Not this year! This girl has it all wrapped up (pun intended)
Today starts the season of gift giving in my life.  I am SO amped! WOO!

Ok but for realsies, I HAD to have my gift shopping done by this past weekend. Here is why:

December 12 - Office Christmas Party
December 15 - gift exchange with sister and bro-in-law
December 16 - 3rd annual Christmas cookie exchange
December 19 - gift exchange with The Husband's grandma
December 19 - Christmas Party
December 21 - Gift exchange with my grandparents
December 24 - CHRISTMAS EVE!
December 25 - CHRISTMAS DAY!

We have started our decorating - OBVIOUSLY, but I am not completely finished. I know I know - There are only two more weeks left of Christmas!

Here is our tree before decorations PLUS a new tree skirt:

2012-12-06180059 2012-12-06180059.jpg.

2012-12-09190908 2012-12-09190908.jpg

Now I am SURE you are thinking that there are a couple dark spots in the tree...yeah. I know.  Here's the thing, we buy a real tree every year....OK for the past three years. but this is part of our tradition and because all tree are not created equal, we ran into the problem this year that the tree is fluffier than last year's lol whatever - it smells pretty and makes me happy =) 

2012-12-10201620 2012-12-10201620.jpg

other than that - we have been busy every weekend and week days...this weekend won't be any different. I'm trying to keep up with things but this definitely takes a backseat to me enjoying life with my family and amazing husband!

Have you finished your Christmas shopping?
What are some of your traditions?

PS: stay tuned for pictures from my mom's birthday, recap of our office party, DIY projects, and of course - the long awaited Christmas poem =) It's about to get crazy in this mug! ;)


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

Hey Y'all!!
Happy Halloween!! and more importantly happy halfway through this week!!
I am glad October is over though - it has been kind of a rough month.

So ONE YEAR AGO TODAY, we closed on our house! 
I can't believe we have already owned that house 365 days - time sure does fly!
You can read the post I did right around that time last year here
The whole process was SO exhausting! 
Immediately after closing, The Husband went back to work and I went to shopping.
I bought all the flooring for the main part of the house and that night we unloaded it into the garage.
 And so the exhaustion began! We worked our tails off for about 10 days to get the house completely finished -...well we with the help of some dedicated friends and family! 

We have done so much to the house and recently we have started again! 
Tomorrow I will share the valances I made and then Friday the sofa table we built together. 

This year, we hadn't been prepared to go to any sort of Halloween bash so I hadn't planned out an outfit to dress up at work this year.  A couple years ago, I was a witch, and low and behold, the dress still fits =) So again, i am a witch - my shoes are better this year! AND when I did this at work three years ago, there were only 3 of us in the office and we have more than doubled in size since then sooo they should see the cuteness!.
2012-10-31084344 2012-10-31084344.jpg

Oh and the jacket isn't part of the original costume but it is 55* here this morning! brrrr for this Florida girl! Don't get me wrong, I am LOVING the weather, however, it is a little chilly for what I am wearing sans jacket.

Happy Wednesday y'all!

What are you dressed as for Halloween?
Do you have big plans for tonight?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

Hey hey! 
For those curious, I did in fact find an outfit to wear for this weekend's pictures =) YAY! I'm so excited about it! I will be wearing blue - I should own more blue.  There was a point when all I owned was blue and now it seems I only own a lot of pink! Not that I think there is anything wrong with that, I just really like how I looked in this blue shirt - DUH that's why I bought it!!!!

I am going to try to talk The Husband and family into taking some outdoor pictures after the studio shots since we will all already be dressed to impress...we'll see how that goes! My thinking is that it will probably be easier to convince The Husband to take additional pictures on Saturday than to dress up again for another couple house of pictures on a different day....I'll let you know how that goes next week.

Today I am linking up with The Vintage Apple for Oh, How Pinteresting!  
I adore this link-up!!!

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

AND this is our next project: 

Go link-up! and browse other pinboards for ideas =)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Picking Out The Perfect Outfit....

Happy Monday! 
welll....maybe happy Monday.  it IS still Monday after all! 
My weekend was good - BUSY which means it FLEW by and I didn't get a whole lot of time to relax. BUT it was a good weekend spent with The Husband, which is always a plus =) 

I find that I am more sore today from my 9 mile run on Saturday than I was yesterday but that may be because we were doing so much yesterday? Regardless, I'm tired and sore and have a lot on my mind - the biggest (probably not more important) is finding a blue or purple shirt to wear for family pictures on Saturday. Every year, my parents, sister, and I always take a family photo (see here from 2010) apparently I didn't share last year's photo (which was awesome)...shame on me! This family photo is sent out with our Christmas poem every year. It is usually a lot of fun doing the pictures.  Last year was the first time we did a pro picture and it turned out beautifully! So this year we are going with a different studio.  I don't know if I love that it will be in a studio; i prefer outdoor shoots.  All I can envision is ending up on  or that episode of Friends where Chandler can't take a good picture for his and Monica's engagement announcement. 

Anyhow - my mother just scheduled a photo session for this coming Saturday.  So naturally this PAST Saturday was spent trying to find outfits. EVERYONE found an outfit EXCEPT for me! Of course! So now I am trying to figure out where I want to go to look for something. That my friends, is my deep thinking so far today lol =) 

Alright - time to get to work but FIRST, here is a picture from work last Friday.  We all wore pink for National Breast Cancer Awareness Day:

DSC_1694_zps0135ce60 DSC_1694_zps0135ce60.jpg 
Aren't we so pretty?!

AND here is one of my favorite shirts I have seen so far this year for Breast Cancer Awareness/Find a Cure:

Posted by a friend on InstaGram.

Did you show your support on Friday?
What are your go-to stores for new clothes?


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday

Hey Y'all!!! I've got stuff to love today! 
Not that it is any different than any other day but TODAY has been a really great day =) 
and week for that matter!

I'm Loving....

That the Tigers are up 3-0 in the ALCS games

This buffet from Target
Accent Cabinet Collections
still trying to decide on color for the living room...I'm really leaning towards red!

These tables for our living room - I think we can build them cheaper than buying:

That I will be running 9 miles this weekend! I'm so excited about that!! It will be the longest run in almost two years! woooo!!!  AND tonight we do our interval training; my mom and seeester do those with us =) 

That we don't have a whole lot of plans for the weekend 

That it is already the end of the day on Wednesday

That Jackie will be back tomorrow at work! She arrives tonight and I can't wait to hear all about their trip =) 

Game 4 is on tonight at 7:30 - so you know where I'll be with some pizza and a beer =) 
What are you loving?

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Water Heater...

Or do you call it your hot water heater? 
Is this a trick?!
Or do you feel hot water heater is like saying PIN/VIN number?
Regardless OURS decided to stop working on Saturday.  BUMMERS!!!
Yes it is horrible to not have hot water BUT it was even worse because my hair kinda smelled like an ashtray.... I blame Anngela! HAH! no just kidding - I can't blame her she doesn't smoke!  Her birthday was last Friday and we went out and had a party! YAY! 
46516_10101519497202272_2016654861_n_zpscaca2e20 46516_10101519497202272_2016654861_n_zpscaca2e20.jpg

at Cowboys (woot!) and danced the night away (holla!) and while restaurants here in the sunshine state are smoke free, the bars are NOT. So when it came time to shower and the water never got cold....I hesitated.  I know - for shame! 
Nothing a little dry shampoo and hair 'fabreeze' can't help =) SOOO that is what I did for parts of my Saturday. .. thankfully I didn't leave the house at all on Saturday.   

When I did finally bite the proverbial bullet, it was THE most ridiculous thing. I stood as FAR away from the shower head as possible and only stuck my HAIR under the water.  I stepped away from the water, hastily washed my hair and did the same lean way back move to get the soapies out of my hair.
To wash the rest of me was even more pitiful and FREEZING! I practically just splashed water on myself from afar.

Needless to say, after getting out of the shower, I put on my slippers and a sweatshirt. I'm not joking - i was FREEZING! I even cuddled up under a blanket.   And let's be real, it was 85+ outside, so it isn't like we are dealing with cool Autumn temperatures or anything!

Thankfully, I have learned how to deal with one day worn hair and didn't have to suffer through another freezing cold shower this morning! Cold showers AND Monday morning work would DEFINITELY equal one unhappy Ashley and that is NEVER good for anyone.

The Husband did go out and find another tank-less water heater for a decent price and scooped that baby up.  Ideally, by the time I get home from my run tonight it will be all hooked up! Fingers Crossed!!  One thing is for sure though, had we forgone a water heater we would DEFINITELY save on our water bill and of course our electric bill.  This girl is NOT prepared to make that kind of sacrifice lol - it makes me grumpy to stand in cold water!!! Can anyone say first world problems???!!?

Could you go without hot water for any length of time?
Do cold showers make you cranky?

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Kennedy Wedding Extravaganza

We had SUCH an amazing time at their wedding this weekend! 
SHE was absolutely breathtaking! and he was so excited. 
There are so many moments that I loved.  
I can't wait to see the pictures their photographers took!

598830_10101508771940782_318071226_n 404727_10101508773996662_791925539_n  253036_10101508777399842_2094912609_n 

After the ceremony, we had about two hours of nothingness while the bridal party did their pictures.  The bride and groom wanted to be a part of the cocktail hour, sooooo we went to check into our hotel.  I would have never thought I would stay in a hotel IN the city where I live, BUT our thinking was that if we stayed at the hotel, we could shuttle back and forth to the reception and not have to worry about driving. It was nice - the room was cute and we had a nice view. 

On the way to check in, we stopped for some adult beverages and some Wendy's. Somehow, we had managed to skip lunch and dinner wasn't going to be for another few hours. oops! Good planning lol =) After eating and re-energizing, we opted for a mini photoshoot before finishing our drinks and heading to the reception. 

314106_10101508778797042_978136046_n 527280_10101508779051532_959150046_n1 

The cocktail hour centerpieces were so cute!


Reception Room

552438_10101508779949732_1880886698_n 58776_10101508780204222_914325397_n 

Right after the bridal party entrance =) Loved this moment <3 p="p">

Me and the stunning bride =)


They had a photobooth as one of the 'favors'.  Two were printed for the guests to keep and then one will be put in a book for the bride and groom.  I bet they are going to have some fun ones to look at! =) 


The DJ didn't play a single slow song and the dance floor was packed the ENTIRE night. I was so honored to be such a big part of helping make their day so perfect.  We were definitely the people who knew them the least amount of time but it was so fun to meet the people behind stories that we had heard. 

I can't wait for her to get back and hear all about their honeymoon! AND of course see all the amazing pictures and see their pro photos...which their photog told them would be done by the end of next week!!! eeeeek!! Hopefully he got a bunch of the detail shots of the projects I did/helped with so I can share =) 

Alright lovelies - I am partying tonight for my girl's birthday. So excited! Yay Friday! 

What are you getting into?