Wednesday, January 8, 2014

80's Themed Birthday Shenanigans

We're going back a few weeks - about four...yes FOUR weeks.  We have just been a whirlwind of activity in our house.  The big event after Thanksgiving was our friend Christy's surprise birthday party.  This was a TOUGH surprise to plan.  AND it was even harder keeping her hot OFF the trail!

I even created a FAKE Christmas party invitation.  You see the only way to get her to our house and keep her from thinking it had anything to do with her birthday, we told her we were having a Christmas party.  What she didn't know is that we (her mom, our friends (Christina & Meghan), and I) planned an 80's themed surprise party. 

We all panicked a little that maybe she was putting the pieces together, so I asked her to bring brownies... the idea being that no gets asked to bring something to their own party right? RIGHT!

when she walked in the house, we all yelled 'SURPRISE' and sang happy birthday.  She was VERY surprised thank goodness!  We had an outfit waiting for her to change in to once she arrived and got over the initial shock.  I could have easily posted all 200 photos that were taken but to save you from being bored, I selected only a handful of fun!

There were parents and friends, family, some people who were expected, some people who weren't.  It was so much fun and the birthday girl was definitely surprised! Meghan took a video of Christy coming in and being surprised.  She posted it to Instagram but her page is private and I can't figure out a way to download it to share here.  I will spend the rest of the day trying to figure it out - if someone knows how please help! Otherwise I hope you enjoyed the crazy bright party pictures =)
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