Thursday, May 31, 2012

14 Days

That's how long it has been since I posted last and I bet you're wondering where I've been - yeah? I know! Me too! Well, here I am posting on my phone from my couch, trying to determine if Rango is cute/interesting or not. This debate has me with like 20 minutes left. I'm curious but it really is sort of a train wreck.... The past almost two weeks I have been so busy at work - I can't even think about anything BESIDES work. I'm exhausted when I get home at the end of the day and just can't bring myself to look at another computer screen.

This past weekend was such a relief. Saturday we hopped on our boat and took it to a private island. The girls sat under umbrellas while the boys hung out on the boat - fishing. We took the pup with us and he had such a blast! We wore him out letting him splash through the water and chase the birds.

Sunday morning we made our way out to the sandbar on the lake with The Husband's parents and met up with some friends. We had a nice solid couple hours before the storm set in. It was alright though - we got back to the house, watched a movie and prepped for going back out. Our original plans had been to stop by and see our friends, have a drink and then make our way to a comedy show - supposed to start at 9. Well around 830 we found out that the show wasn't ACTUALLY until 10... So we started playing drinking games... Drinking UNO to be exact! =) we were having so much fun that we forgot to leave to meet up with the brother and his gf and crew for the comedy show - oops! Larry/Anng if you're reading this we love you! =)

Needless to say, our weekend was full of libations lol which made Monday a VERY lazy seriously we watched three movies after running a couple errands which included greasy breakfast food - my favorite hangover 'cure'!

It was so amazing to spend so much time with family and friends. I love the people in my life. I would have loved to spend more time with everyone but there is only one me and the weekends fly by - as I'm sure you know.

So here it is - Thursday already! The Husband took tomorrow off and I have a half day. We are planning a date - dinner and movie, SO EXCITED!!

I miss y'all and my happy little bloggy; here's hoping I find the energy to make more time to post! Happy almost Friday already!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

We Went to the Keys Last Friday Night

Happy Friday Eve!!! Ugh I am so happy it is almost the weekend!
My weeks are flying by at work but that doesn't mean the stress isn't there.

Last Friday, The Husband, my dad, Marc, Drew, and I all took the day off of work to go off-shore fishing. We generally charter a boat for 6 and use the same captain over and over.  He has always helped us catch quality fish and we ALWAYS have an awesome time.

So we made the 2 hour trek to his boat - this means we got up at 4:30 so we had time to load up, drive there, and load the boat by 7. yes we were up REALLY early but hey - that's all part of the game! We get there and it is looking like it is going to be ROUGH off-shore. I mean we are bouncing pretty good inside the inlet! sheesh! good thing I bought Wal-Dram II the night before...

SIDE NOTE: The Husband kept encouraging me to buy those Sea-bands. After checking them out and their $13 price tag, I decided to talk to the pharmacist. The thing was, these things seem like a mind over matter deal. I'm not buying this whole idea that the pressure of the bands will work - I might as well wear hair ties on my wrists! So I talk to the pharmacist and she recommends this Wal-Dram II (less drowsy). "It is what we recommend to the older people when they cruise because they are a fall hazard" yea - she said in fall of the boat hazard! CRAZY! I confess I laughed a little bit when she told me sounded absurd...

Back to the story - I took the wal-dram on the way so it had time to get in my system.  The men on the boat encouraged me to drink a beer on the way out of the inlet to help with the sloshing of the boat. OK I'm in - we all enjoyed an ice cold beer at 8 am. NICE!

About a mile off shore, we hit a pretty good sized wave. suddenly we are heading back IN shore. What's going on you ask?! The boat CRACKED. Seriously - CRACKED! Unbelievable! AND Frustrating because we were all SO excited! So we all have another beer.

Now this girl is a LIGHT WEIGHT when it comes to drinking so I was feeling PRET-TY good by the time we got back to the dock. We unloaded- all five of us pouting like a bunch of school children and begrudgingly headed back to the interstate. By the time we hit the highway, we had made the decision that we were going to still try to go fishing. we pulled over on the side of the road and started making calls. No one was going and all those who were HAD. BUMMER!!

Then The Husband has a bright idea 'let's go to The Keys! it's only a 4.5 hour drive from here and they are ALWAYS fishing there'.  Now I'm three beers in and from the backseat shout 'hooray! let's go! great idea!' Off we went...

4.5 hours, a stop for lunch, and two wrong turns later we arrived in The Keys! This girl was EXHAUSTED so while the boys got out and looked for a place to charter, I stayed in the truck and slept for 40 minutes. Best decision I made that day haha!

We got on the boat at 4 that afternoon and headed out on the water with a captain and first mate we hadn't gone with but kept getting positive recommendations for.  We told them we all wanted to catch Amber Jacks and some sort of snapper. Amber Jacks are incredibly strong and pretty big fish! and I caught the biggest =) 

OH and the cherry on top  (except not so much) we forgot the memory card for our camera SO all of our pictures are courtesy of camera phones. AWESOME! Regardless it was SO MUCH fun! The drive home at 10 at night wasn't so awesome but we made record time =) and arrived at our house at do the math ;)  I'm so glad I was able to make this super fun memory with my dad, The Husband, and two awesome friends =) 

Have you ever done anything crazy spontaneous?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday

Hiiii!!! Seriously - my life could not be any busier right now!
OK well it probably could be but I don't think I could keep anything else balanced!
I have definitely missed blogging these last couple months!
although I have been keeping up with you, I haven't been able to comment much =(
I'm hoping that all changes soon!!

Today I am linking up for WILW. You know the drill...
Go Link up =)

I'm Lovin' that this past Sunday was Mother's Day
I'm Lovin' that we made a SUPER DELICIOUS breakfast with my mommy
and then had a fun and yummy dinner with The Husband's mommy!

I'm loving the trip we took last Friday!
it was insane and I can't wait to share it with you tomorrow!

I'm loving that yesterday was National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
Chick-fil-a gave our free cookies!
They were delicious!

I'm loving that we have a three day weekend coming up!
We are planning a day at the beach AND
a day on the lake!!! I'm super excited!
I love being outside!

I'm loving that we are already halfway through the week!

I'm loving that we are going to the beach this summer with The Husband's family again!
We did a couple years ago but had to miss out last year.
this year we. are. GOING.
I can't wait!

I'm Loving my super awesome wonderful husband!

What are you loving??

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DIY Window Frosting

We have these small windows that run the height of the front door.
I love it during the day when all the light can stream in.
At night, however, I'm mildly creeped out because you can see RIGHT in the house.
PLUS when we aren't home, I don't people peeking in! 
So I got this grand idea to frost the windows!

I didn't want to ETCH them because seriously that's intense!
so to Google search I went!
I found this happy little spray paint that mimics window frost.
YAY! This was hopefully going to be awesome!
I didn't want to just frost the entire windows,
I wanted a design so it looked 'fancy'!
I had no clue how to attain this...then I thought of my amazing Cricut!
Seriously - if you craft at all, this should definitely be in your arsenal!
I use mine ALL the time!! 
Anyhow, I started looking through my images and found one that we both liked.

First things first - I CLEANED the windows.
I had severe puppy nose art on the bottom two.
see how clearly you can see RIGHT to the street. 
Well at night people can see RIGHT in the house.
Not OK!

I cut out the image on scrap paper to make sure I had the proper size.
THEN I cut it out on my vinyl - you can get this stuff at most craft stores.
After cutting it out, we had to remove all the extra vinyl that wouldn't be used.

I didn't take a picture of this because I couldn't get a good one
We went to the window and marked where each decal should go.
If you ever need to mark measurements on a window, use crayola markers.
They wipe RIGHT off with your finger - like a dry erase board =)

Once the measurements were marked, I used transfer paper on the design.
Side Note: I didn't use transfer paper until like 5 months ago.  
This is something you should use - seriously! 
It makes messing with the sticky vinyl so much easier!

Once the decal is in the right place, I rubbed it down so there weren't bubbles.
I peeled off the transfer paper; it comes off pretty easily.
Ta-da! Vinyl on the window successfully! =) 

Next step - SPRAY the frost on the windows
while it is wet, it seems like you will still be able to see through the window.
This is quite the illusion, because i ASSURE you when it dries, you can't!

The stuff dries in about 5-10 minutes. 
We sprayed 2 coats on the windows just to make sure there was good coverage.
Once it completely dried, we removed the vinyl.

And that is how it is done! 
This was pretty easy and made a HUGE difference!
I'm still getting use to not being able to see out the windows.
I LOVE it though =) 
AND since the bottom pane has the design - the pup can still peek out! yay!

Have you done any DIY lately??
Where do you get your ideas?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Favorite Color Swap

Last night I received my swap package from my partner Colletta.  
She blogs over at Colletta's Kitchen Sink 

In case you are new-ish here, I LOVE the color pink! 
I have a TON of pink in my wardrobe and accessories. I LOVE it! 
So naturally when the favorite color swap came up I HAD to join!!
What isn't more fun than a happy package filled with your fave color?!
That's what I thought - NOTHING.


This is what I saw when I opened the box:
I LITERALLY squealed!!! =)

Colletta wrapped everything in pretty pretty pink paper =) 

and HERE is the content!!! Seriously LOVED participating in this swap!
1.pretty pink rubber gloves for cleaning! 
2. a pink manicure kit that went RIGHT into my purse
3. pink ribbon soap - smells so yummy
4. SUPER sparkly pink notebook
5. classic bubble gum
6. pink nail polish
7. loofah with soap in it - so cute!
8. body spray
9. Bliss Hershey's raspberry - DELICIOUS!
10. Hibiscus candle 
11. funny flamingo towel/chair clips - perfect for the beach!
12. Hello Kitty! beach towel! - come on summer!!

I hope Colletta loved her package as much as I did! 


Monday, May 7, 2012

The Time I Took The Husband to the ER

Good Monday to ya!
I was going to post about some DIY projects The Husband and I did this weekend...
It was all scheduled and everything...

That was before our trip to the ER last night.
Don't worry - we are all fine and dandy...
The Husband's face on the other hand is a little worse for wear....

This is the story of the time I took The Husband to the ER:
We currently have a normal run-of-the-mill water heater.
Well at the old house, we had a very nice tank-less water heater.
So when we left, that water heater went with us.

Yesterday, The Husband starting installing the tank-less at the new house.
We were trying to drain the old water heater so we could move it.
As he was trying to wrench free a bolt, the wrench slipped and BAM!
Right in the face with the open end of a giant wrench!

He handled it very well - went into the bathroom, asked for a towel.
washed it out a little and started applying pressure.
We added a little ice to help with the swelling.
He asked me to call my parents to come check it out to see if he needed stitches.
They said definitely - so off the ER we went.

Let me be clear - my husband is TOUGH. No tears, no wincing - NADA!
Here I am, completely unscathed and ready to burst into tears at any moment.
He was more upset about not being able to have fresh dinner.
Seriously - can we gain a LITTLE perspective?! haha!

We were in and out of the ER in about an hour - not bad by ER standards.
The only time he flinched even a little was the THIRD shot of Lidocaine.
The Husband is pretty hard core. He didn't even cry when the initial injury happened!

One hour and four stitches later, we went home. 
He was fine; the swelling was so much better 
the wound isn't as bad as it seemed.

I on the other hand, was not. 
Once everyone left, I had a moment of crying.
Whatever - no judging. I was sad for The Husband! 
He was hurt and I couldn't help. 
Most annoying feeling EVER.

The lady that stitched him up did an amazing job.
They are teeny tiny stitches and will come out in 5 days. 
I'm sure in the next 5 days The Husband will be tired of me asking if he is OK. 
Maybe I will switch it up and ask "How are you doing".

Certainly NOT my idea of a good weekend wind-down. 
Oh and the hot water heater is still not properly installed...lovely haha!

How was your Sunday evening?


Friday, May 4, 2012

Random Music and Lack of Production...
or Friday Confessions


I Confess
I absolutely ADORED shopping for the favorite color swap I'm participating in - seriously it was so much fun! 

I Confess -

I have the most bizarre assortment of music on my iPod. 
I put it on random in my car and this is what may come up:

Reel Big Fish
Bowling for Soup
Dixie Chicks
Lil Wayne
Maroon 5
Darius Rucker
Black Stone Cherry
Seriously - it is so weird. I catch myself giggling about my iPod music assortment.

I Confess - 
I am finding it hard to motivate myself to be productive. I NEED to be but I'm ready for the weekend.

I Confess - 
Last night The Husband and I got in bed around 7:30!! We laid there and talked about our day and then watched a movie. it was SO relaxing!

I Confess
I could watch The Pirates of the Caribbean movies once a week and still love them

I Confess - 
I don't give myself enough credit for the things I make.
I receive compliments ALL. THE. TIME. 
Still - I don't give myself enough credit.

I Confess - 
I am so happy it is Friday!
I want to go out on the boat tomorrow =) 
But maybe we will just watch movies =) 

Happy Friday!! 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sunshine for My Soul

Do you ever wished you blogged 100% anonymously??
no? I'm the only one??

Sometimes I need an outlet just to vent.
I don't feel like I can really let loose because EVERYONE I know reads my little blog. Trust me - I LOVE keeping friends and family in the loop
and I love that I have met so many wonderful people in blog-land.

I have to keep telling myself that if I would have blogged anonymously, I wouldn't have created relationships with some of you wonderfuls! That would truly be a travesty!  I can't help but WANT to have somewhere to have some sort of anonymity BUT then I wouldn't have anyone to share it with; I wouldn't have comments or 'fans' or people to give me a different perspective. I would just be venting into nothingness - which is helpful if you just need to scream.

But sometimes people are mean/rude/spiteful and I want to talk about it.
I'm really sensitive about people - when I react to something, it is usually me thinking about whether it could be offensive or hurt someone in the group I am with. my feelings don't necessarily get hurt easily - unless we are close friends or you are family. I completely let my guard down around friends and family...mostly. 

Over the past couple weeks there have been people in my life who have hurt me.
Nothing MAJOR - but things were said or done and it didn't really fly with me.
Something about this girl here is that I didn't always have friends - for real. 

if you have been around these parts for any length of time, you know I'm SUPER close with my family. So I take any and all friendships to heart. 
BECAUSE of this, I don't always say when something has hurt me.

It is just so much easier to avoid that sort of conflict ....
that AND most of the people in my life are 'new' to it...
as in the last 2-7 years. Sometimes I'm not sure how they will react to my blunt honesty.  The Husband and I don't have this issue -so don't worry about my happy little marriage =) 

Anyhow - I'm rambling but I think these are the reasons that this place, this blog, hasn't been filled with all sorts of randoms and ramblings and stories - I guess I am struggling internally with other things that I feel are probably inconsequential; they just rubbed me the wrong way. 

In light of this epiphany - I started making a list.  
I've deemed it:


when I made it this morning, it was a terrible poem haha!
it has since been shortened to a list of happies

Saying a prayer and instantly feeling better
Going for a Run
Loving my Life
Pretty high heels
Nail Polish
Cupcakes and Frosting
My Husbands Eyes and Smile
The Sun in the Sky
My wedding rings and what they Represent
The color Pink
Romantic movies with Happily Ever Afters
Wearing Sunnies (sunglasses)
Sitting in the same side of the Booth
Cuddling on the Couch
Salty air in my hair and off shore fishing
My family and friends from all mediums in my life
The way my Husband loves Me
Meeting new people
The Husband texting me "haters gonna hate"

seriously - it rhymed at one point and it was seriously I laughed while I rhymed it!  but hey I'm a crafter NOT a writer! I had to stop because I was crying from laughing!

So what is your sunshine for YOUR soul?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Little Bit of Life

First things first -- I can NOT believe that it is already Wednesday!! Where has this week gone?! I have seriously had SO much going on at work and then the nights are lazy, hanging out/watching movies and it is time for bed. Wake up and repeat. 

Last Friday night, I participated in Relay for Life.  
My mom was a team captain and my sister was the chair person for the entire event.

The above picture was taken during the luminaria walk.It was incredible.
The event was a huge success and I clocked 4.5 miles while I was there.

Other than that - I worked on Saturday....I know! BOO!!!
I sound like a broken record "I'm SO busy"
it is true though - I think there is finally an end in sight!

Sunday The Husband and I spent the day watching movies and doing house chores.
We watched Unkown with Liam Neeson.  Definitely didn't see that one coming! 
We watched Friends with Benefits.  I normally don't like Mila Kunis...
mostly because she was SO obnoxious in That 70's Show.  
I LOVED her in this movie. Very funny!
The next movie we were going to watch is part of the Twilight saga.
It was the wrong movie =/ SO we have to wait to get the right one from Netflix.
In the meantime, we have Black Swan and Changeling to watch. 

Last night, I hand crafted a couple items for the swap in which I am participating. I'm so so excited about the swap - a package filled with items of my favorite color?!  YES PLEASE!!! 
I am just so excited! I liked the items I am sending my partner Colletta so much that I made some for myself!  I can't share here because I haven't sent out the package yet...AND she hasn't received it.

I would really like to go to the beach soon. 
I want to fall asleep in the sun - I love napping outside!
Maybe I can talk The Husband into taking me out to the beach.
He can shore fish and I can nap or read a book =) 
Sounds like the perfect day to me!

I think that catches you up on my week =)
Nothing overly exciting which is fine - sometimes we need to slow down!
I'm really looking forward to getting into the summer months 
and planning outdoor excursions!

What is your favorite thing to do in the summer??