Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nothing Is What It Seems

Facebook is a funny thing...especially for those of us who moved during grade school. I wasn't huge into FB when it started with college students only. I had an account and I wasn't hugely active. It wasn't really my thing.
Later in college, I started to find the value in it - especially in sharing with my out of town family. I got sucked in and friended all sorts of people from grade school -- seriously from like elementary. So weird! As my college chapter came to a close, I started accepting friend requests (and making my own) from people I went to high school with. I liked high school OK but I didn't make friends that I have stayed in contact with over the last - sheesh...I hate to even say this....9 years! OH MY GOSH!!! How did THAT happen?! I have been out of high school almost TEN YEARS?! Somehow that makes me feel strangely old. =/
Anyway, all the ideas of who you were or who someone else was, fades. You talk to people who thought you were a somebody - that freaked me out the first time. I would NEVER say I was popular. I played sports and knew a lot of people but I didn't have a crowd. It seriously changed every year. So for a "popular" kid to tell me I was popular - weird.

Yesterday I was surfing around and looking at different pictures and I stumbled upon a guy I had a little crush on my freshman year of high school when I lived in Texas. I never told him - he was older and I thought WAY out of my league. Ha that is so funny to think now...I mean come on - really?! a LEAGUE?! We were 13-17 for crying out loud!! So I ended up clicking on his profile. He is a good looking MAN - also weird to think. He will always be the 16 year old I knew and hung out with  =) So I checked what he is up to now; you know where he works, married, kids, etc.  It is always so interesting to me to see where people end up. He isn't where I thought he would be but I only knew him for a year and I was a kid =)

So here I am thinking about being 14 and what I thought I would be doing 10+ years later. I'm no where near where I thought I would be -- and not because I had serious expectations about my life, but I thought I would always move somewhere that ACTUALLY had seasons; or live a glamorous life; or have 3 dogs; the ideas I had about my older self were strange lol.

I knew at the end of my freshman year that my family would be moving to Florida and I would start my new life in high school there. But I had no idea I would end up being a stationary individual. I always thought I would move every few years. I guess I have TECHNICALLY but I haven't left the city I came to for college.

I always thought I would live near my parents - which I do.

I thought when I was 22-23 I would have my first kid. Thank goodness THAT didn't happen - I wasn't quite with the man I call my husband until I was halfway into my 23rd year but prior to officially dating him, I had a couple terrible boyfriends.

I thought I would be a stay at home mom - Heaven knows that would kill me. I would NOT be productive if I stayed home all day all the time.

I never EVER would have thought I would have married such a Southern boy with redneck tendencies. Let's face it - my man is a hunting-fish catching-meat eating-camo wearing- SOUTHERN man! I guess I always thought I would end up with someone that had an office job as opposed to the man I have married, self-employed (until this year) and just all around different than I would have ever imagined.

I got excited about a giant turkey I saw when I was driving around with my mom for crying out loud!
If you would have told me that even when I was 20 I would have laughed in your face.

Life is so funny the way it works out.  I know I have said this in the past, but there is not a SINGLE thing I would change, I wouldn't reverse a decision or go right instead of left. I'm exactly where I want to be. =)  And it isn't to say my life isn't glamorous - but to you, it probably isn't. My most cherished moments of my recent past, are the hours I am snuggled in bed with The Husband talking and laughing about our every day love and life. I say my life is glamorous; maybe not in the traditional sense but to me, it is. =)

It is so fun to see where people have ended up...it is also LOADS of fun to look up boys I had crushes on in jr. high and see what they are doing now and what they look like =) Yes in a very FB stalking manner - whatever! don't judge - I know you do it too =)

Are you where you thought you would be?
What is surprising about where you have ended up?

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Dreaded Vet Visit

Our dog is tough. He runs blindly into the brush. He doesn't hesitate to jump into a body of water. He barks at anyone who comes to the door. He protects. He is alert.
That is until Mommy has to take him to the vet.... I don't know what it is but he is SUCH a ninny when I take him! The vet keeps telling me that when The Husband takes ruger to the vet that a completely different dog comes in the door. I'm not sure what the deal is but it is pathetic. I laugh about it because it is just so silly. Our 61 LB dog crawls under the chair and curls into a little ball. I have to sit on the ground with the vet tech to get him to come out. He has never had anything major happen and it isn't the same vet where he was fixed so i'm not sure what the deal is here...but I captured some of his pouting and hiding today because I just couldn't resist.

Yes my tough dog that leaps into bodies of water and bails off our boat, is a big baby when Mommy takes him to the doctors. Once the exam part was over, he was completely fine! Oh well - I guess it is my fault for spoiling him and making him into a little love dog =) At least he doesn't mind being on the boat with us =)

I love being able to spend days together as a happy little family out on the lake the way we did yesterday =) As you can see - we had a fun and relaxing two days =) Oh weekend you leave us too quickly!

Does your furchild act different at the vet when you are with him vs your significant other?
How was your weekend?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

All Address Changes are Final

Well it is official! After nearly three months, everyone has made the address change. I know I know EVERYONE?! Ok so that definitely makes it sound like a lot of people but in reality it is two people and the pup =)

The Hubs and I made the change a couple weeks ago when we played hookie from work and saw Sherlock Holmes 2 - which I totally recommend that y'all go see it! ESPECIALLY if you really enjoyed the first one! I just huge pink puffy heart Robert Downey Jr. I love this side of his story/career =)

The pup still 'resided' at the old house! That would simply NOT do! So yesterday while taking my lunch break, I popped into PetSmart and had a new one made =) That laser engraving machine is pretty amazing! OK so when I got home, I put the new tag on him and tried to get a good shot of him wearing it.  Yeah - he thought I had a treat and got really really excited...it was very entertaining...
Yeah - he was tired of being my model lol so I sat on the floor with him =)


and we FINALLY got a good shot of him AND the tag =)
Yay for a new tag! Obviously I can't show you the back - I love you all BUT I don't need to get random creepers calling me or knocking on my door! =) So you get a front view =)

So after almost three months of owning a home, all the address changes have FINALLY been made...That is really impressive considering after nearly two years of wedded bliss I think I still have some stuff that is addressed to my maiden name! WHOOPSIE!!! =)

Happy Halfway Through The Week!!

How long does it take you to make all your address changes?
If you are married, did it take FOREVER to make all the name changes?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Saddest Day of the Year?!

Did you know that?? Yep - yesterday was the saddest day of the year...some experts somewhere determined that. weird right - our money is paying for THAT research/development? So how was your yesterday? Was it really sad? Was it sad because you knew it was supposed to be?? Mine wasn't - mine was actually a pretty great day =)

If yesterday was the saddest - today should be deemed the most frustrating. Across the board today I have experienced frustration. Ok Ok - let us not get TOO dramatic. It hasn't been THAT bad but I have experienced frustration on some level since I woke up this morning. THAT doesn't bode well.

I really want to shop - like some SERIOUS retail shopping. Did you know studies have shown that people are actually happier when they shop? Something about the releasing of endorphins or something or other...and we all know: "...endorphins make you happy; happy people don't shoot their husbands; they just don't"
Ah - good ol' Elle Woods - now I want to go home and watch Legally Blonde!

You know the REALLY annoying thing - I shouldn't shop right now. We are still sorta trying to catch up from Christmas and all the renovations of the house...man that stuff is COSTLY! BUT I cheated =) yep! I did! It made me happy =) so I guess those studies were true!

Yesterday I went to BB&B (Bed, Bath, & Beyond) and bought a couple things for the walls. I will have to show you pictures when we are finished =) Oh I cheated by using a gift card my sweet friend Krissy and her husband gave us as a house warming present. I DID end up spending like $9.50 but for the items I purchased - that was a steal!
THEN today I realized I had reward points for both Amazon AND Best Buy oh AND a Best Buy gift card. So I bought myself some new pressed powder from Amazon for like HALF what it costs in stores. and then on Best Buy I bought The Hubster and I a couple cds and some movies =) all with only the reward points and gift card!

The ONLY thing I don't love about shopping online is that I have to wait for it all to be delivered. I know that sounds silly but I'm a instant gratification kind of girl! When I buy something, I want to immediately put it to use! Seriously - the stuff I bought yesterday, I had The Husband help me put it up last night. The walls aren't completed yet - which is why the picture will have to wait =)

How's your week so far?
Do you like shopping online?
Are you an instant gratification girl like me??

Friday, January 20, 2012

Super Secret Surprise

Happy Friday! I am so happy that we are looking another weekend in the face. I'm seriously ready to take a breather. I'm going to get real here for a second - and maybe a little mushy...bear with me!
I have had a stressful couple weeks - it has been ROUGH up in here! Seriously - last night I kind of just hit the wall on all of it. The stress is from everywhere - professional and personal.

Everyone goes through rough patches, I know this. With the professional stuff -- you muddle through it and come out on the other end going "OK! Glad we are through that" and you move on. I think we are coming to that point for me - some things seem to be making progress and morphing. It is going to get better.

Then there is the personal stuff - it has nothing to do with my husband. Things there are pretty phenomenal from that aspect.  It is other silliness - crap that I don't want to get into because really it is that ridiculous. My close friends and immediate family know or have experienced what is going on. Last night I think everyone saw it just taking its toll on me; weighing me down. I'm always surprised at how sensitive I am because I use to SWEAR I was tough. Nope - not this girl! I'm like...well I don't know what I'm like but it is SEN-SI-TIVE!!!

SOOOOO I tell you that to tell you this:

Today I'm sitting in my office, minding my own business, getting my work done. Then I'm told that there is someone here to see me....My dear sweet friend Jess surprised me with some goodies from her and a couple other girlfriends - Christy and Mel!! I seriously CRIED!! I think I just felt so relieved because all of that other silliness doesn't mean anything and has ZERO effect on the relationship I have with these women. They are incredible, sweet, strong, supportive women. and "they like me! the REALLY like me!!!"

Oh here are the goods:

Yep I'm loved! =) Seriously BEST. FRIDAY. EVER! OK minus the Friday The Husband proposed to me....sorry girls ;)  I love love love the ladies in my life who have been by my side for the happy, silly, giggle fests and then the not so happy times. That is why we have girlfriends, to celebrate the sillies and help through the drama. I love y'all so much!

Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Sister and a Little Random

Today is my baby sister's birthday!! Happy Birthday Little Seeeester!!!
It has been so much fun growing up with you and watching you become a beautiful woman! I love you so much and I hope your first married birthday is amazing!!

This past week I was home alone! I must say I am pretty proud of myself =) When we lived at the other house, I wouldn't stay overnight by myself.  The Hubster was out of town a lot and I really didn't like staying there alone. I don't know what it was - but I was always creeped out being at that house by myself. I am pleased to announce that I felt so safe while he was hunting in MS. He did get a nice 8 pt but I will spare y'all the picture. It isn't a scary picture, but I don't want to be insensitive =)
He came home on Tuesday night and, for real, it was kind of strange not being in the house alone. I LOVE that he is back and we have our time together and I KNOW It was ONLY a week but it was the first time I had been alone at the house for more than a few hours. On the one hand I felt like it was a while that he was away but then again I can't believe it has already been a week! Does anyone get what I'm saying?! no? Alrighty! Moving on =)

I have come up with some new ideas for the home improvement. gosh that stuff is NEVER ENDING! I'm loving it though! Want to hear the ideas?! OF COURSE you do!!

-closet makeover!!-
The closet is decently sized but the space isn't used well. There is only one rack all the way around it. I was thinking the other morning as I was getting ready for work - there HAS to be a better way! Right now, everything is kinda scrunched together! SOOO we are going to move the one rack UP and add another below it! =) That will give us TONS of room and our clothes won't be all smooshed together! Oh and, we hang ALL our clothes...well almost all. We don't hang our work out clothes or under garments/socks. Everything else gets a hanger =)

-Tile Backsplash-
Yes the kitchen looks wonderful - I agree BUT I really LOVE the way a tile backsplash looks.  I didn't think I cared so much and then my sister and her husband did one in their kitchen! WOW - what a DIFFERENCE that makes! Now I REALLY want one in our kitchen.

-Craft Room-
Yes I know, I know - I STILL have not gotten any closer to being finished with this room. In fact it is actually worse because I have crafted and sewed in it in the past couple weeks. it is sort of a disaster =/ We REALLY need to get that room built so I can FINALLY unpack - then no more ugly boxes stacked any where in the house!

-jewelry storage-
I have outgrown my pretty wall hanging jewelry box. A few years ago when I bought it, I wasn't into jewelry but no I'm finding that i want that extra accessory. SO I no longer have room and find myself throwing it in my makeup drawer in the bathroom when I get home. SO now my makeup drawer is half jewelry and cluttered! =( DISLIKE since previously I had been keeping it pretty organized!  I have found some inspiration/ideas for what to do - I definitely want it to hang - it just helps keeps everything from getting all tangled together.

I think that is all for the moment. I am looking forward to this weekend - tomorrow night we are celebrating my sister's birthday and then going on a date this weekend. I am THRILLED about the date =) I love me some alone time with my Husband!

I hope you have a wonderful almost Friday!
What are your weekend plans???

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our Home: Master

Alright - I FINALLY got around to taking pictures of the master. Well I should say I finally got around to digging through some of the boxes in the craft room to find the comforter. I FOUND IT! hooray!! it is a bit wrinkled but whatever -- I'm sure it will work itself out! So without further Adieu...

Master Bathroom

Master Bedroom 

Now, I know that the pillow shams don't match - those are the extra pillows from the spare room. I use them to cuddle up - I like to feel surrounded by blankets and pillows or cuddled up to The Husband when I sleep =)
The last room is the craft room. Unfortunately that room is going to take a bit of work before I share it. I'm REALLY hoping that mid-February that project will be finished.  =)

Monday, January 16, 2012

DIY: New Collar for Ruger

Happy Monday!! I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend! I know this girl did =) I was busy all weekend! I went shopping for my sister's birthday present, celebrated a friend's birthday, crafted some things,....went to work. That was a bummer but I had to get some stuff finished.
One of the things I crafted this weekend was a new collar for our dog! =) I'm so happy with the way it turned out and it was so much more inexpensive than buying one. OH and I could pick any color I wanted. I thought about adding some ribbon to give it a pattern, but I didn't know if Ruger could pull off a pattern ;)
He looks so handsome in his new collar =)

I'm so happy with the way it turned out =) and it was super easy! I'm hoping to find someone at work or a friend that wants a custom collar for their pooch so I can make another with a quick tutorial =) I don't like posting tutorials without a couple pictures of the step by step actions!

Did you get into anything crafty this weekend?

Friday, January 13, 2012

{Recipe} Spiced Pumpkin Cupcakes

Alright y'all - so my girl at work made these UH-MAZING cupcakes and brought them in to share. They were so delicious that I am pretty sure I ate most of them. She didn't have frosting for them, so I ate them with my coffee. DELISH!  I bothered her for the entire day asked her for the recipe and she got it from her mother. 

Spiced Pumpkin Cupcakes
1 pkg yellow cake mix
1 pkg vanilla instant pudding mix
1 cup canned pumpkin
1/2 cup oil
1/2 cup water
3 eggs
1.5 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp ground cloves
1 tsp pure vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 350*.
Beat all ingredients with electric mixer on low speed, just until moistened.  Beat on medium speed 2 minutes.  Spoon batter into 24 paper-lined muffin cups, filling each cup 2/3 full. 
**Note** I did not have ground cloves, so I went without....the recipe is STILL PHENOMENAL!!
Bake for 20 minutes.

To frost, I used store bought cream cheese frosting - DIVINE! Oh my goodness, so yummy! I may have to make more!! I'm craving them now!!

PLEASE let me know what you think should you try the recipe!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

DIY: Front Door Wreath

Happy Thursday! YAY it is almost the weekend already! I'm so happy to be almost through the week...it has been crazy at work and I'm about over it lol!
This weekend, one of the things I did was make a wreath for the front door. J's grandmother made us a really pretty wreath as a housewarming but for me, it SCREAMS Autumn. I left it up for Christmas but I think this year it will make an appearance starting August =)
You may recognize the wreath as the one that has been swirling around Pinterest....

Pinned Image

Yes this was the inspiration. Looking at it now, I'm shocked at how remarkably similar they are - I don't remember pinning it, just thinking it was super cute and would look good on our red front door...


The wreath didn't take long, I even got input from The Husband....it is a LOT bigger than I thought it would be BUT I love it! AND so does he, which is even better =) The part that took the longest was painting the numbers...but that was only because I had to wait for the paint to dry so I can do another coat. Otheriwse, bowdabra and a little hot glue, bada-bing - bada-boom! WREATH! =)

Do you have any kind of decorative something on your door?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Domesitc and Loving It!

Hello!! Sheesh! I can't believe it has been a WEEK already since my last pop in! Work has been pretty hectic and then The Husby and I have been super busy at the house SOOOOO that means SOMETHING has to give and unfortunately that would be the lil' ol' bloggy here =(
This past weekend was VERY full -- I posted on FB about how God made me a girl for a reason because had I been a boy, I would have been a wimp! haha! I did some manual labor with the Hubster this weekend - ripped out some plants, dug a hole, planted a tree...you know the usual ;) I was SO exhausted! Oh and I realized how NOT strong I am! Nonetheless, supposedly, I was helpful =)

We...mostly The Hubs...pulled out some bushes from the front and trimmed back the palms....I realize that I missed the big palm tree with my phone picture but I am just loving how much cleaner the front of the house looks!


The grass is dying a bit but hey, it is winter! Oh that and we haven't watered on account of one of the sprinklers being busted.  We'll fix that eventually =) We are just hoping the grass comes back in the Spring and we won't have to resod! There are plans in the works for decorative curbing at the front of the house but that will probably wait until the Spring. We did this in one afternoon (Saturday). It was nice to have a little gratification. Now if only I could find more motivation to finish up projects INSIDE the house!

We finally hung curtains on the slider in the bedroom last night....truth be told - I LOVED having it open. So I'm thinking some nights we will probably leave them open but then again, it really depends on how The Husband feels about it. I love love LOVE natural lighting so on the weekends, all the windows and blinds are open! I know what you are thinking, I STILL need to share pictures of the master bed and bath with you...those are forthcoming. Honestly, I haven't shown you that room because I still have to find the comforter I made here.  It is still in a box in the craft room...which also hasn't been shown because it isn't completed....UGH! wow that paragraph made me want to go home immediately and get to work =) Oh well!!

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our Home - Living Room

Good morning! BRRRRR it is COLD in Florida right now! I know all you snow birds are rolling your eyes at this chilly Florida girl but really it was 30* this morning!! EEK!
So I am FINALLY almost finished showing you around the house...The craft room will be in a while because we haven't finished putting up the shelves in the closet and I still have to buy a new table top. I'm hoping we can get it finished soon! OK so here is the


I still can't believe how different the house looks now! I know I was part of the whole redesign/re-vamp but wow - it was NOT great when we started lol. oh AND the carpet was dingy and it smelled. GROSS! Because we have a pup, we knew carpet was not an option. I love our flooring! The last room to share (besides the craft room) is the master bed and bath! I am hoping to share those tomorrow =)

Have you done a room makeover recently or in the past?
What pushed you to make a change?