Thursday, February 27, 2014

Is It Friday Yet?!

Seriously I needed a fast-forward by the time I stepped out the door this morning.  Can it just be mid day Friday already?! One thing I have to look forward to for today is lunch with a girlfriend...too bad that isn't for another hour.  I text her and asked if we could just have like a 7 hour lunch.  She agreed.

How does this happen?  I have days and days of happy and positive attitude and then today - not so much! Which brings me to my next thing.  When you argue with your significant other/spouse, do you still say “I love you”??  Sometimes The Husband and I get into it (usually about something incredibly stupid) before one of us has to leave or get off the phone.  When this is going on and nothing more needs to or can be said, do you still kiss them and say you love them?

 We do, and sometimes that breaks the tension because our tone is still hurt/upset but we are saying something meaningful.  The reality is that just because we are fighting, arguing, disagreeing, or annoyed with one another doesn’t mean we love each other less.  We don’t just love when it is easy, we said that in our vows.   Sometimes the I love you sounds so pitiful that we kind of laugh about things and get over it. 

How do you get over it?  Sometimes for me to fully let go of anything, the person I’m arguing with and I HAVE to apologize to one another. It has to happen.  I can’t feel comfortable about moving on until apologies are made.  If they aren’t, it remains an open ticket in my mind. It doesn’t matter who apologizes first, it matters that there is something that ends the awkwardness.

This married stuff isn’t for the faint of heart, you know. It also isn’t easyl. Ideally you get married and live happily ever after but it isn’t all happy.  It can’t be.  This isn’t some fairytale where love triumphs over all. Marriage, relationships, it all takes more than that.  I believe that Love isn’t the end all, be all, magic potion and sometimes, just SOMETIMES love isn't enough.   Now, I love my husband with all my being and I LIKE my husband. We are friends and companions in life, this relationship, and his company.  

Some days I want to just cuddle up with him and never leave the house.  Other days I want to pull my hair out.  We are such different people – our minds function so opposite on so many things.  That’s why I’m a self-proclaimed communication freak.  I will talk things to death but I want to make sure we see eye to eye and are all on the same page. Sometimes things get convoluted into a giant, confusing mess but hey, happens to the best of us right?!

This weekend is full of friendly gatherings that we are really looking forward to –  one is this girl’s wedding and apparently The Husband doesn’t love weddings – weird I know!  But we will be together and I have an amazing dress that will be arriving tomorrow.  So what does he have to complain about? Celebrating a new marriage of really sweet people, free party, food, and drinks whilst I am in a hot dress and heels? Nothing. That’s right.  Men are weird.

And to end my super randoms – I met my girlfriend yesterday for lunch and she brought her adorable 9 month old daughter.  I’m so glad her husband was promoted and they were able to return to Florida! I missed her terribly while they were living in NC!

Alright beauties, that's all I have for now - Just lunch dates and arguments over really dumb stuff.
Oh! and tomorrow's Friday! YIPPEEE!!
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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dreaming of Being on the Lake Again

My weeks and weekends blend together and we have been insanely busy...that is starting to sound like a broken record.  No, seriously - we are non-stop all the time.  These are exciting times though so I am definitely not complaining, even in my sleep depravity.

I did manage to get a nice hot sunburn - just in time to go to a wedding this weekend. BLEH! =/ These lines (thanks to my racer back tank) make it insanely difficult to find a dress that isn't intensely matronly but I do believe I found one that will be arriving by Friday.  Here's hoping (fingers are crossed too)!

Where did I obtain these gorgeous lines you ask? On the lake. It was sunny and beautiful (albeit hot - but I will take hot over snow basically any day ever). It made me realize how much I miss going out on the lake or on the water at all.  I told The Husband we need more of this.


Is it the weekend yet?!
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Friday, February 21, 2014

Former & Current Women of Alpha

Last Wednesday I met a big group of women at a German restaurant North of home for a Paint Nite. This group of women has seen it all - and I mean that in a very good way.  We have all supported each other during one time or another, both through good and bad.  Some of us got out and moved on to new jobs (read happier places) but we have managed to stay in touch. 

This night of painting was the first time all of us have been together again since the end of April.  Let me just tell you that planning something during which you are supposed to listen and pay attention was probably not our best decision/option.  ESPECIALLY since it had been so long since seeing one another.  We were that really loud group who all kind of squealed any time someone from the group showed up.  It was amazing but probably really irritating (based on the snarky looks we were getting from the 'pro painters' and by 'pro' i don't mean the artists leading the shindig) Gimme a break - if you are taking this that seriously, go home and paint alone!
If absolutely nothing else, we had a fantastic time.  I will say this. if you want to do a girl's night with women who you haven't seen in a couple months, this is not the activity for you.  Doing it with a couple close girlfriends, your mom, sister, etc - great idea!

This is not the kind of group you want to be with if you are sensitive, BTW.  A lot of the ladies made fun of one another (in friendly fashion mind you) and a LOT of people in the session had problems with our rowdiness.  This is not Ladies Tea Time here people! It's Paint Nite!

Of the two paintings I have done, I definitely preferred the Eiffel Tower scape and I am really looking forward to the painting my mom, sister, and I have planned for the end of March.  I may need (really, I need???!!) to do another before the end of March!! Hmmm....I have the second week in March available....

But seriously - if you can have a group of women like this in your life...well, you will find yourself to be incredibly blessed...

and exhausted because let's be honest - it takes a lot of energy to keep up with this many rambunctious personalities!
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Boy or Girl?!

Two weeks ago I was part of a true gender reveal.  My super sweet and beautiful friend, Liz, and her hubby are expecting their second bundle of joy.  For those who follow me on IG, you have seen that Liz and I do Friday lunches and her adorable little one always sleeps through lunch! Seriously I just adore this little family and I am so excited for their new addition!
This was the first gender reveal I had attended where no one attending knew.  It was SO cute!  Liz called me in a panic about 15 minutes before the party started saying that the decorations weren’t happening and she wasn’t ready.  Luckily I was already 5 minutes from her house.  When I arrived Andy was making dinner and she was getting ready.  I volunteered to take the decorations she had already purchased and make it happen. 
If you thought the couple was having a boy, you wore blue, and if you thought they were having a girl, you wore pink.  Clearly more people expected her to be carrying a boy than a girl.
I thought she was having a girl – honestly until I got to her house that night.  So I was dressed for girl but changed my mind (not my clothes) when I got to her house.
Now the moment of truth – Andy’s parent's live in Peru so they set up Skype to see the reveal.  It was really awesome that his mom was able to experience this even from such a distance.  I volunteered to take photos and there are a couple videos out there floating around that are AMAZING!

I'm so happy for them and can't wait to meet their sweet baby boy in just a few more months!
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Successful {Part II}

The other piece to my/our successful weekend was FINALLY completing a half marathon and feeling good the entire run.  I know that sounds ridiculous but the first two I ever ran I was exhausted the whole race AND fighting injury.

My first race ended up being partially enjoyable because I ran with a friend.   My second race was awful - horrible, terrible, no good at. ALL. I know my dad tried SO hard to make it better and keep me motivated but to no avail.  I honestly believe it was the nature of my potential injury (knee) and I thought it was going to be bad so I was freaking out, tired, hungry, scared, upset...gosh all of the 'bad' emotions.

I am happy to report that Sunday's Half in Daytona was AMAZING!

The Husband and I met my parents in Daytona on Saturday night so that we wouldn't have to get up at some annoyingly early time to make the long drive out there.  We had a high protein, high carb dinner and went to bed relatively early.  I slept with earplugs in to try and keep from waking up a million times.  I wake up a lot when I sleep in hotels – new noises and what not.  I slept surprisingly well.  I woke up feeling rejuvenated.  The Husband on the other hand fought with the too firm and too fluffy pillows.  He was not thrilled about being up at 4:30.  Breakfast consisted of eggs and a protein drink.  I was ready.

I knew the weather was going to be chilly (for the area) so I was stressed about what to wear running.  Saturday morning The Husband and I bought me a new running shirt that was long sleeved but wasn't made for either warm or cool weather; I only wanted the dry-fit material.  We found something that I felt confident would meet my needs.  I had been hoping for a brighter and more fun color but when last minute shopping, I was just happy to find something that was lightweight and long sleeved.

This race set up was pretty amazing.  You drive down through the Daytona International Speedway tunnel and across the track to park on the grass in the center of the course.  The starting line was on pit row of the speedway. It was so cool!
Bring it on Daytona! 
I’ll save you the details on how each mile progressed.  We ran the speedway and then made the trek out to International Speedway Blvd.  The course takes you up and over the most treacherous bridge I could have dreamt of running across in the area!! It was very steep and took a lot of steps and energy out of us.   You run out to the beach and a quarter mile on the beach.  I was concerned about the sand situation but it was packed very well.  The view was gorgeous – tide was high so you ran right there at the water’s edge.  
The course took us back to International Speedway Blvd and up over the bridge again, through a side neighborhood and the finish was AT the finish line for the speedway. 
That's us up front, getting ready to leave the Speedway Track
It was hard – there was a lot of elevation change and not a bunch of recovery time in between the major changes (like the bridge).   My dad and I discussed running it again next year so that we can gauge our progress.   Whether or not you are getting better is hard to determine when constantly running different courses/races.

The best part about this race was I was able to finish with a smile.  Literally I was smiling as I crossed the finish line.
Almost to the finish and this is when I pass as many people as possible
I didn't PR but I was close to my time from the half last year.  I felt great! One thing though, I think when they hand out water at the finish line, they should also give you a banana.  By the time I finish 13.1 miles I am OUT of energy and the crash off the adrenaline happens very quickly for me. 
So Proud of us! And I LOVE the medals!
After the race, we changed and headed to breakfast where I enjoyed a cranberry mimosa. Um pretty much one of the most delicious things ever.
I slept most of the way home – thank goodness The Husband drove.  The rest of our Sunday was extremely low key which didn't hurt my feelings at all!

Last night after work I ran a little over 4 miles.  It is the soonest I have run after a half marathon.  I felt so exhilarated! I hope to remain injury free because there are a slew of races I want to participate in this year =)  Oh and here is a picture from my run last night….

AND btw – for those who may be a little lost and confused this week also, it is Wednesday, not Tuesday. 

You’re welcome! 

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Successful {Part I}

That is definitely the word I would use to describe this past weekend. I would love to have used a term like ‘relaxing’ or ‘rejuvenating’ but alas, it was neither - we did have a wonderful few days together.

To start, The Husband really went overboard for Valentine’s Day.  We normally don’t go all out – we will do something small and go to dinner (which is how we spent last year) or spend more on the gift and have dinner at home (2011).  This year we discussed not doing gifts and then probably not going to dinner because The Husband has been so busy with his company.  Wednesday (Feb 12!) he informs me that he has bought me something.  Thursday he tells me that we have dinner reservations for Friday.  The news of the gift left me scrambling to figure something out for him before Friday morning.  I wanted to do a bunch of fishing stuff but it stressed me out so much that I went a different route.

To recap – The Husband is an AVID fisherman and is incredibly picky about the equipment he uses.  I honestly can’t keep up with it all because by the time I figure out what he likes to use, he discovers a product he likes even better.  It is overwhelming! AND have you ever BEEN to the fishing section of a sports store?! Bass Pro is like a million times worse!  I start to wonder what could possibly be the difference but then I remind myself how picky I am about mascara and hair products. Same but different. =)

Friday morning we exchanged gifts – I made up a ‘Man Basket’ for him and he loved it =) He is honestly kind of hard to buy for which is frustrating because I am generally a pretty good gift giver! I pay attention to what people say they like/want/need all year so for occasions where gifts are given, it is usually pretty easy for me to pick something out.  The Husband, on the other hand, doesn't say specifics OR he wants a new scope/ammo/fishing rod…things that I can’t pick out for him.  I know he ALWAYS needs new shirts because he is the type of guy who does some quick repair on a truck or tractor thinking he won’t get anything on the shirt and BOOM! Oil leaks on him or snags it or SOMETHING happens and now he has a new fishing shirt.  Anyhow this was his happy little gift!
He totally blew me away with the gift he decided to pick up for me.  I really didn't see this coming.  I had showed him an initial necklace (J&A) a couple months ago that I really liked.  It was simple and cheap and I figured if he didn't get it for me eventually then the next time it went on sale I would order it. 

Well he remembered that and expanded on it.  He believes that if I like a piece of jewelry a lot then I should figure out a way to get the same thing or idea in a nicer form/piece.  Don’t get me wrong, it is an awesome idea, but I like my fun, loud, costume jewelry.  Anyhow, I did not see this coming:
That’s right, a little blue box.  I was absolutely floored! I was shaking a little tiny bit.  I have never received anything from Tiffany & Co.  That Husband of mine. He is pretty amazing. The gift was even more awesome because he had our initials engraved on the charm.  I love it!

We had dinner reservations for 9:00 pm....NINE people! That's pretty late but hey, that's what happens when you have to make 'last minute' (although Sunday isn't completely last minute in my mind) reservations.  We sat at the bar for about 30 minutes with a TON of other people.  I guess everyone in the first slot of reservations was a good twenty minutes late making every other reservation late AND the normal walk-in wait time was over an hour and a half! We didn't mind waiting for our table to be ready since thankfully we had an actual reservation; we had a drink and just talked with one another and the random people at the bar and bartenders.

Dinner ended up becoming an event: drinks, appetizers, bread, soup…I couldn't decide what I wanted (typical).   Dessert was not in the cards even though we both wanted to order it.  The chophouse we went to is mostly a la carte.  I LOVE that because you can actually pick and choose exactly what you want to eat.  I ended up opting for add-on crab stuffed shrimp and lobster bisque! YUM! After all the extras we had before the actual meal, there was no way I would be able to consume a full plate of food. We had a wonderful night out just the two of us. It was about midnight before we got in.  

I love making our dates an event; something that just takes time where we are out and can’t really do anything but talk to one another and just reconnect.  But then again, I love dating The Husband so any chance I have to cook or go on a date with him, I take it on. 

How was your Valentine's Day?

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