Thursday, February 27, 2014

Is It Friday Yet?!

Seriously I needed a fast-forward by the time I stepped out the door this morning.  Can it just be mid day Friday already?! One thing I have to look forward to for today is lunch with a girlfriend...too bad that isn't for another hour.  I text her and asked if we could just have like a 7 hour lunch.  She agreed.

How does this happen?  I have days and days of happy and positive attitude and then today - not so much! Which brings me to my next thing.  When you argue with your significant other/spouse, do you still say “I love you”??  Sometimes The Husband and I get into it (usually about something incredibly stupid) before one of us has to leave or get off the phone.  When this is going on and nothing more needs to or can be said, do you still kiss them and say you love them?

 We do, and sometimes that breaks the tension because our tone is still hurt/upset but we are saying something meaningful.  The reality is that just because we are fighting, arguing, disagreeing, or annoyed with one another doesn’t mean we love each other less.  We don’t just love when it is easy, we said that in our vows.   Sometimes the I love you sounds so pitiful that we kind of laugh about things and get over it. 

How do you get over it?  Sometimes for me to fully let go of anything, the person I’m arguing with and I HAVE to apologize to one another. It has to happen.  I can’t feel comfortable about moving on until apologies are made.  If they aren’t, it remains an open ticket in my mind. It doesn’t matter who apologizes first, it matters that there is something that ends the awkwardness.

This married stuff isn’t for the faint of heart, you know. It also isn’t easyl. Ideally you get married and live happily ever after but it isn’t all happy.  It can’t be.  This isn’t some fairytale where love triumphs over all. Marriage, relationships, it all takes more than that.  I believe that Love isn’t the end all, be all, magic potion and sometimes, just SOMETIMES love isn't enough.   Now, I love my husband with all my being and I LIKE my husband. We are friends and companions in life, this relationship, and his company.  

Some days I want to just cuddle up with him and never leave the house.  Other days I want to pull my hair out.  We are such different people – our minds function so opposite on so many things.  That’s why I’m a self-proclaimed communication freak.  I will talk things to death but I want to make sure we see eye to eye and are all on the same page. Sometimes things get convoluted into a giant, confusing mess but hey, happens to the best of us right?!

This weekend is full of friendly gatherings that we are really looking forward to –  one is this girl’s wedding and apparently The Husband doesn’t love weddings – weird I know!  But we will be together and I have an amazing dress that will be arriving tomorrow.  So what does he have to complain about? Celebrating a new marriage of really sweet people, free party, food, and drinks whilst I am in a hot dress and heels? Nothing. That’s right.  Men are weird.

And to end my super randoms – I met my girlfriend yesterday for lunch and she brought her adorable 9 month old daughter.  I’m so glad her husband was promoted and they were able to return to Florida! I missed her terribly while they were living in NC!

Alright beauties, that's all I have for now - Just lunch dates and arguments over really dumb stuff.
Oh! and tomorrow's Friday! YIPPEEE!!
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Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

Thank you for being so honest and real in this post. My husband and I are quite different too and that's what drew me to him-he's stable and I'm emotional. But when it comes to arguing that means we have different styles too. We also take a breather during a fight and then come back within an hour to talk it out, say I'm sorry and then we end with a promise that we will try to do better at X, Y, or Z. It's not perfect, but it works for us. And yes, we always say I love you too.