Thursday, February 13, 2014

5th Annual Chili Cook-Off w/ I-nita Chili

For the past three years, Christy’s mom has been participating in the Annual Chili Cookoff.  Each year the weather has been questionable.  The past two years it was pretty windy.  This year it was cold and rainy.  VERY cold and annoyingly rainy. 

This year as a special treat, Christy decided to make shirts for the ‘staff’/volunteers…aka those who have faithfully shown their support and helped give chili away!  I went to a baby shower a couple weeks ago where the mom-to-be cut out some sayings with her cricut in iron-on vinyl and had all her guests put together a onsie with one of the sayings.  I told Christy about it and she decided she wanted to make some shirts.  She bought the materials and I brought over a few of my cartridges.  This process definitely had some trial and error.  We figured it out but not before destroying TWO sheets of the iron-on vinyl – mostly due to not reversing/mirroring the image…that is a VERY important step.

Anyway, after NEARLY giving up because it had been a long day at work and crafting was just not going as planned, we FINALLY got it! Her mom loved them!

We spent the day cooking chili, handing out little cups of chili,  and yelling at the people walking by about chili…this was a chili cook off mind you! We always have such a great time out there no matter the weather. 

She didn’t win this year but we didn’t run out for the first time since she started competing.  We are convinced it was because weather kept people away. 
Anita - our Chef - with a local news anchor.
Anita with Johnny Magic of 106.7

Oh and this is the kind of event that draws vendors who hand out all sorts of goodies.  I left The Husband to wander on his own with Marc…not such a great idea.  This is the pile of ‘loot’ he collected that day! 

I don’t know why anyone would need 50 koozies for one household! We are NOT a fraternity here! Oh and as a side note, the 50 koozies mentioned doesn't even count our already ridiculous collection!
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