Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Day Happily Ever After Began

And just like that it has been 4 years.  I have made it a habit to discuss what I have learned about being married, being a team, and a wife.  The biggest thing is this takes work - I knew that going in but my parents always made it look so easy to like one another and stay in love and be happy.  Well, it isn't.  It takes time, attention, dedication, and a certain amount of selflessness.

As I was getting ready for work this morning, I started thinking about the past four years and the year and the two and a half leading up to this moment.  We have accomplished so many things.  We have solidified our relationships with our family, who have been nothing shy of supportive.  We have strengthened the relationships we had with our friends.  Yet, there are people who attended (or were invited) with whom we no longer speak or socialize for one reason or another. We have met new friends.  We bought a house, The Husband went back to his business full time, we bought a new-to-me car, Lexi the Lexus, who hasn't been shared with social media to this day, even though her family debut was way back in September.

Before starting my usual routine this morning, I found myself sitting at our computer, looking through pictures.  There are TONS of photos from our photographers but also from all our guests who graciously shared with me or posted to social media.  I wanted to highlight some of my favorites that held me over until getting the photographer's photos back.  There were so many options but these really jumped out at me.


He is my redneck, my bug squisher; my hand warmer, and cuddler.  He makes me laugh and comforts me when I cry.  He's my best friend and I am so lucky to call him My Husband.  We have been through a lot and have so much more to go; I can't wait to see what year 5 has in store!
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wicked Tuna

Last Friday, The Husband and I took the day off and rode down to The Keys with a friend and his dad to pick up their boat.  We planned on being there all weekend and so decided to charter a boat.  While it has been mostly warm the past couple weeks, we have still experienced a dip in temperatures every week – for instance the high for Thursday is only 60 and the low is 40!!! Bbbrrrrr!! That’s cold for our part of the world!
It was WINDY all day on Friday and stayed fairly breezy and cool on Saturday, that is not to say the sun wasn’t out and we didn’t all get too much sun!
Some of our friends made the drive down late Friday night to meet up with us on Saturday morning and get on board for the trip. 
Our target was Blackfin Tuna.  The captain knew exactly where to take us and luckily they were biting. I was excited to catch my first tuna ever! And for as small as they are, that fish puts up a surprisingly good fight!  
The water was a bit rougher than I prefer but thanks to some good ol' Dramamine, I felt fantastic! While I do believe part of being sea sick is a little mind over matter (meaning you can talk yourself into feeling worse/getting sea sick), I have been once in pretty rough conditions and let me just tell you, it is one of the worst sick I have been.  Mostly because I couldn't do anything about it and had to endure it for 8 hours. I was able to fall asleep (thanks for shutting down body) and only had to push through it while we were stopped on a fishing spot.  
I am so glad I didn't have that problem and since then, no matter what the sea state, I make sure to take some Dramamine or some sort of motion sickness something to keep from ever feeling that bad.
We had such a great time that we are already planning another trip back, hopefully in the next few weeks!  If nothing else I am looking forward to the warmer weather, sunshine, and being outside!
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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Filling the Space With Paint

Well people - it is official....I'm addicted to these paint classes.  I have now been to THREE since the first one I went to with my  mom and my sister.  Last night was my third and in three weeks I am going to my 4th! MEANWHILE we are already planning on for April. Yes, I have a problem lol!

But I have a plan!!! Here it is!! - we have this long narrow hallway in our house
and I have tried to come up with something to put in there. I have perused Pinterest and the Internet to no avail.  About halfway through the first painting, I realized that I wanted to hang it in the hallway and if I still enjoyed myself, I could do at least one a month and hang them in there! WOO! what a great idea and fun way to decorate!


At the end of the evening, you look around and you will find that EVERYONE's painting looks so different! we all had the same brushes and canvas, access to paint, same instructor and amount of time, and STILL everyone produces something that is not like another.  I love it! I already can't wait for the next one!!! 
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mr. & Mrs. ~ March 1, 2014

**Be forewarned that this post will be filled with TONS of photos!**
This past weekend we celebrated the marriage of my super sweet friend.  I love this girl to pieces and I seriously cried when I found out her now-husband proposed to her! I knew the wedding would be beautiful and she would be gorgeous. 

Like I said last week, The Husband doesn't love weddings.  I don’t know why that is, especially for reasons mentioned here.  But he’s a crazy person ;) 
We met up with some friends of mine and their spouses before the wedding to have a drink.  Oh and might I mention, The Husband packed a cooler/bar in the truck! We all shared a drink and then dashed to the ceremony.  When we pulled into the parking lot, shots were taken and we went to find seats. 
The ENTIRE wedding and reception were outside.  It was the most beautiful day for a wedding!
The ceremony was to the point, which is my favorite kinds of ceremony – hence, ours was a total of 18 minutes I think. 
After the ceremony, we were all herded to the back of the house for cocktail hour.  I feel like they weren’t ready to accommodate all 300 people who were in attendance so it was cramped back there.  I snapped some pictures for the bride since her photographers were otherwise occupied with her, the groom, and their wedding party.  
BTW - champagne with rock candy is fantastic! 
I saw the bride before the reception and it made my heart so happy! oh and let me make note of her "mrs" necklace - so jeals of this thing! Note to self - tell Husband I love it! and I just realized you can't see it in this photo haha! ooops! 
A group of us made our way back to the parking lot – and by parking lot I mean open field – for more drinks.  I stopped at the reception site to take pictures of everything before anyone arrived, again I knew these would be the only detail shots of the reception and the only shots she would have before anyone arrived.  
By the time I was finished the “Trunk Bar” was in full swing!

Everyone had enough to drink that entertaining ourselves and partying it up with hot dance moves was NOT a problem at the reception.  
And a photo of The Husband breaking it down with my friend Fabia, who I am pretty sure thought it was me or Kristen shaking their booty all up on her! 

I’m so glad so many of these ladies were able to be a part of this day for our sweet friend.  Oh and you better believe a large order of greasy Waffle House hash browns were on the menu Sunday morning! 
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