Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Day Happily Ever After Began

And just like that it has been 4 years.  I have made it a habit to discuss what I have learned about being married, being a team, and a wife.  The biggest thing is this takes work - I knew that going in but my parents always made it look so easy to like one another and stay in love and be happy.  Well, it isn't.  It takes time, attention, dedication, and a certain amount of selflessness.

As I was getting ready for work this morning, I started thinking about the past four years and the year and the two and a half leading up to this moment.  We have accomplished so many things.  We have solidified our relationships with our family, who have been nothing shy of supportive.  We have strengthened the relationships we had with our friends.  Yet, there are people who attended (or were invited) with whom we no longer speak or socialize for one reason or another. We have met new friends.  We bought a house, The Husband went back to his business full time, we bought a new-to-me car, Lexi the Lexus, who hasn't been shared with social media to this day, even though her family debut was way back in September.

Before starting my usual routine this morning, I found myself sitting at our computer, looking through pictures.  There are TONS of photos from our photographers but also from all our guests who graciously shared with me or posted to social media.  I wanted to highlight some of my favorites that held me over until getting the photographer's photos back.  There were so many options but these really jumped out at me.


He is my redneck, my bug squisher; my hand warmer, and cuddler.  He makes me laugh and comforts me when I cry.  He's my best friend and I am so lucky to call him My Husband.  We have been through a lot and have so much more to go; I can't wait to see what year 5 has in store!
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Faith said...

Seriously this post gave me goose bumps. Completely agree with everything you said!

I can't believe it has already been 4 years ... I still remember our wedding planning days, so crazy how quickly time has flown!

Katie said...

Happy Anniversary!! Your wedding photos are beautiful

Anonymous said...

pretty nice blog, following :)