Thursday, March 31, 2011

{Tutorial} Personalized Tumbler

I found this idea through The Crafting Chicks.  The author is from Running with Glitter -- a super cute life and crafting blog.
Here are her steps and pictures:

First find a good quality travel mug. This one is a Michaels brand mug. It feels nice and heavy and seals up nice and tight. I’m sure you can find these at about any craft supply store.
Unscrew your cup and clean it. Then remove the fake family photo that was in the cup. Trace it on the back side of your paper. I use a pencil so I don’t have any pen marks on my paper.
Slip the paper you just cut out inside the cup and make sure it fits perfect.
This mug would be pretty if I just stopped right here! But decorate and personalize it I must.
I used my Silhouette SD to cut a frame and my name from the coordinating papers. **NOTE: I {Ashley} used my Cricut Expressions to cut out shapes/letter** If you do not have a die cut machine you can always just cut out a shape with scalloped edged scissors and use letter stickers for the name. Have you seen the stickers at Hobby Lobby? SO many possibilities. It will be just as cute, I promise!
Glue your Frame and all your pieces to your main paper directly in the middle.
This is somewhat how your paper should look like too. Easy peasy right? Roll your paper back up inside the cup, slip the cup back together and screw it together. 
Thanks for the Tutorial Kelly!!! I love how simple and inexpensive this super cute project is!

I made one for Christina as part of her wedding gift:
Have fun making your own!! OH! And when you go buy the mug, make sure to have a coupon for like 40% off or better...these puppies were higher in price than expected!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

People -- I Had a Blonde Moment...
or Two

No seriously, I did.  I was SO excited about my invitations that I made for my birthday.  Yes I made invitations. They are simple but totally cute!
I used MS Word because I designed them at work and well, that's really the only program I have access to lol. I found the margarita glass through google images lightened and enlarged the image. I created text boxes in order to properly place and space the words/phrases to my liking. I printed them at home, added some backing and a little bling. Super easy but pretty cute.
So the blonde moment, you ask? Look closely....see anything strange???  My name is not ANYWHERE on the invitation. Good job Ash!! But this was one of the projects I worked on last week that I was very excited about.  Now that they are mailed, I could share! YAY!

My next duh/blonde moment happened on Sunday. For over a WEEK I have been stressed because I couldn't find my cute pink Canon point-and-shoot camera.  It takes pretty good quality pictures and I hadn't realized it until this weekend when I had to use a backup at the wedding.  The last time I saw said camera was Friday the 18th and I had it in my car.  I THOUGHT I remembered wanting to take it to the bachelorette party but it wasn't in my bag...or I couldn't find it. I unloaded the bag from the party and didn't see it. I left my SHOES on the recliner like this:
That was the 20th!!! on the 27th a WEEK later, I finally move the shoes to clean up the house...this is where I found my camera...
No joke! Moral of the story -- put your damn shoes away haha! =)
I can't wait to share another project with y'all tomorrow!
Happy Halfway through the week!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wedding Weekend Extravaganza!

As I mentioned yesterday -- this weekend my very good friend got married.  It was beautiful.  The weather was amazing and everything worked out perfectly for the two of them.  I won't post a hundred pictures but I did want to share some pictures.          
The boys changed into Gator bowties for the reception -- which means someone had to learn how to tie a bowtie real quick.  That someone was me.  I must say, I am very proud with the way they turned out! =)
Hope y'all enjoyed the photos and have a wonderful day!
*all photos taken by J and myself

Monday, March 28, 2011

It Has Been One of Those Days...

for the past 3 weeks. I have found moments where I come up for air and everything is perfect for brief moments...ex: this weekend.  Christina married her best friend.  She was such a stunning bride. I will recap it tonight/tomorrow.  I just wanted to say Hi -- give a sneak peek  
Pictures courtesy of me and J
and tell you about the amazingness I found at Wendy's today!! The Twisted Frosty
Wendys Twisted Frosty.jpg provided by Wendy's Traverse City 49684
Seriously -- you need to try it -- no right now.  Stop what you are doing and go get one.  the cookie dough chunks are UH-MAZING! You won't be sorry you tried it lol
Happy Monday!

Friday, March 25, 2011

J & A Chronicles: Wedding Part VII
Reception: Toasts

My little sister gave the traditional heartfelt speech.  She said some really sweet things to J, welcoming him to the family and telling everyone how perfect he is for me! How freaking sweet is she?!
Larry -- my new brother-in-law, welcomed me to the family.  Then he made an announcement that J was officially off the market so everyone needed to return their 'keys'.
J's grandmother works at Lowe's and had access to the messed up keys that were made and before the reception officially began, they handed out keys to EVERYONE -- there was ZERO discrimination! haha -- SO SO FUNNY!
Men and women received keys -- it was so shocking and hilarious!
My boss even had a key!
Even my Meemaw had a key!!
It was so wonderful hearing such sweet words from both siblings and then ending on a funny note -- one that all enjoyed! We are so lucky to have amazing siblings in our lives and now we are blessed to have amazing sibling-in-laws!
We love you Jess and Larry!