Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Quickie at Lunch

-I'm pretty busy today =/ BOO....actually it isn't necessarily a bad thing.  We are attempting to revamp things within our office operationally and I am a part of that so yay me!

-I am getting my hair cut after work -- I am SO excited!! It has been since RIGHT before Christmas and it has officially lost the style. Now it is blah and boring.

-I mentioned yesterday that I am returning the beautiful shoes that my husband bought me because they are too small.  WELL they are OUT OF STOCK on the shoe entirely at DSW so it looks like I will have to keep waiting for it to come back. ANYWAY -- have you ever ordered from DSW? I had a free shipping coupon so yay for that. BUT when you order from them, they also mail with your package a pre-paid printed return label!! WOO! So I get my money back and don't have to come out of pocket for shipping! YAY! =)

-My cold sore is already almost gone -- thank you Abreva! This stuff is seriously amazing if you use it like it is Oxygen haha!

-I will share pictures of the hair later -- it isn't going to be a HUGE difference but it will be enough that you'll think 'oh yeah, much better'!

-I'll be catching up on all your beautiful words tonight while watching Grey's reruns -- I can't get enough of that show =)

-Oh AND Christina is getting married in FOUR day!!! yep -- today is her last day at work and we are off to the beach on Friday for girl/nail day with all the bridesmaids before the rehearsal! I am having dinner with her tomorrow night = so excited and I have lots to do in preparation for this weekend.  I am so excited for my beautiful friend!!!


Katie said...

This title was WAY deceiving! hahahaha

Scientific Housewife said...

Exciting about your hair, remember to post a pic! That stinks about the shoes, hopefully they'll come back!

Young and Fabulous said...

not gonna lie. I laughed at your post title and obv my mind went to the gutter hahah!

I cant wait to see your hair! glad you are feeling better...perfect timing for your friends wedding!!


Sam W. said...

i loooove getting haircuts! so fun :)

Brandi said...

Like the title! Lol! Thanks for the update! Can't wait to see the haircut :)

Faith said...

hope the shoes go back in stock ... can't wait to see your new hair style!

how cute are you to be doing the countdown with your friend! great bridesmaid!

Anonymous said...

Have fun at your hair appointment! I need a haircut soon too! Sorry about the shoes :(

Michelle said...

Haha love the title ;) Can't wait to see your haircut! :)

Ashley said...

Can't wait to see pics of your new hair!!!

Pop over to my blog to enter my give away (a necklace my sister makes) - very simple to enter, great odds at winning!!

kitkat said...

goodluck with the haircut and i cnt wait to see the pics :)
i'm a grey's anatomy addict, jst cnt get enough of it lol
new follower here :) plz drop by my blog n' follow bck.. thnks! <3