Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Quick DIY - Refashioned Earrings to Necklace

Hiiii!!! Ok so I have only 3 more full work days left with my current company.
I am starting to feel some sadness - I'll miss the people in the office.
I will miss the familiarity of it all; I mean what if the people at the new office don't like me?!
Psh - yeah right!! haha OK I am NOT that confident but I have to keep smiling and laughing.

A couple weeks ago I ordered a jewelry grab bag from Sassy Steals
I was SO happy with the loot I received yesterday...
except for the bubble earrings.  I think they are darling but the reality is that they are pretty big.
And heavy - I knew I wasn't going to wear them.
As I looked at them, I realized that I could remove one of the dangles, and combine them to make a necklace!!! you know, one of the short bubble necklaces that are floating around the Internet.
I removed one of the bigger dangle pieces, took the main piece off the earring and combined them

TaDaa!!!  Seriously -this took all of 2 minutes before heading out for work this morning.
I try to always look at something for its possibilities rather than the face value.

Have you ever done a refashion DIY?

Friday, April 26, 2013

Closing A Chapter in This Crazy Thing Called Life

If you count today, I am only going to be working in my current position for another 6 days -....counting today.  I can't believe it.  After nearly five years with this company, I have decided to move on. I'm closing one chapter on my life and starting with another.

To be honest, it is so surreal.  I have wanted to find something that I would feel was my calling.  I really think this new opportunity is it. I am excited to get started; to learn something new; to be doing something in my 'field of study'; set up a career.

On the other hand, I can't believe I will only be working here for another 5 full work days. Five. that's it. I can count that on one hand.  Nearly five years of 8 - 5, late nights, some weekends. Some people have been here as long (a handful longer) than I have.  I have watched employees come and go.  This has kind of been my family.  The people I have worked with in this office have been a unique group - a wildly eclectic group - but somehow, amid all the diversity, it worked for us.

I was blessed to have worked with such an incredible team.
Were there bad days? absolutely! There were days that when I left, I didn't know how I would convince myself to get in my car and drive back to work the next morning. But even on the worst days, I always had the women i worked with to vent to, cry with, be mad with. It helped get through the really bad days. The 'them' versus 'us' days. Have you ever watched Lost? Yeah we had 'the others'. that was a running joke for a little while. I hated that over time, as the company has grown, the them versus us mentality has gotten so much worse.  it was office versus field. Managers versus billing.

It was stressful.
It was hard.
it was miserable at times.

And you know, I really am so much better for it. Having to overcome huge obstacles. Learn how to stand up for myself. I have learned my limits. I know exactly what are my strengths and weaknesses. I know what I don't like about a job. I know the things I love. I have certainly grown professionally.  My experiences have helped me to also grow on a personal level.

Everyone told me that after putting in my notice, I would only be able to think about the good things; the good times; all the things I will miss. I couldn't disagree more! All I keep thinking about are all the things that I WON'T miss. That's when I realize it is definitely time for me to move on. For me and for the company.

The other indicator is all my negativity towards a lot of the people who are still working for the company, toward the work; just the general resentment.  I found that I was able to train myself to stop thinking about work once I was in my car on the way home - completely block it from my thoughts.  I didn't think about it again until I got to work the next morning.  Does that mean I was a bad employee?  I don't know.  this was just a necessary mechanism to save me and my sanity.

I know it sounds life a horrible place and situation - it wasn't...not all the time. Not in the beginning.  So much has changed.  the company itself has boomed; profited when no one else could.  it got away from everyone, I think.  We couldn't keep up.  We were trying to continue to function as a small company, even though, we are for all intents and purposes, bigger than a small company.  The thing is we are smaller than a big company.  Sheesh - goldilocks complex or what?!  it just got out of hand - the work load kept growing but we couldn't find the right people to help out.

When I leave next Friday, there will be a lot of people in the company that I probably won't ever speak to again, for various reasons.  There are some women here who I will continue to talk to on a regular basis.  Not working together will probably help some of the friendships that have been made. I am so thankful for these women.  We have celebrated and laughed together, rejoiced in each others successes and accomplishments. some were at my wedding.  I went to Jackie's wedding in October.  These friendships will continue to flourish.

I'm actually having a hard time wrapping this post up because it felt so negative.  But honestly, as I feel this chapter coming to a close, it is as if a weight has been lifted.  I feel happier. I feel more positive again. I'm excited about the future but I am thankful for the opportunity I was given to grow professionally and personally with the employer I am leaving.

I'm happy.  I'm moving on to take care of me and my goals. I'm motivated.  I feel like I may be walking into my 'calling' my niche.  And that is exciting!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

If You Really Knew

If you really knew me, you would know that I am ultra protective of those who are close to me. When someone speaks ill of me, I move on and let it go.   Granted, we won’t be friends and I probably won’t speak to you but I can move on.  If you do something to someone I care about or speak poorly of them, beware! Because mama bear is coming out!  When someone I care about is done wrong, I have a very hard time letting go.  Especially when the person who has been wronged is an important person in my life.  It is hard for me to come back around and get on board.

If you really knew me, you would know that generally when I go shopping and see something I like but can't justify the purchase, I will leave it at the store.  I will go back and buy it if I have thought about it a couple times since the shopping trip.  If I forget about it, then I didn't really want it.  The flaw to this plan is  sometimes when I go back to buy it, someone else has and there aren't any more to be had.  Something I should probably do is buy it and then if I decide I don’t like it/don’t want it, I can always return it.  But if you really knew me, you know that I am terrible about returning things!

If you really knew me, you would know that I have a really good memory; especially with details that most people would miss.  Have you seen this ecard:
Yeah, that’s me.  I have found that a lot of people aren’t really so observant. To prove the point, at lunch one day I bought a different outfit and wore it in to work after lunch.  NO ONE noticed that I had changed. Make sure you take the time to look at people and see them. Don’t just glance their way, see them, notice things. It makes a huge impact for people.

If you really knew me, you would know that I quote and reference the most obscure moments in movies. There was an employee we hired and his last name was Nesbit….I referenced Toy Story

This is my life people...and now I will go home and watch this movie today haha! Oh and don’t try to tell me my Disney quote is wrong, I am pretty sure I could be a one-woman wonder and recite almost any of the Disney classics.

Happy Halfway Through the Week!!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Make-Up Monday: Eyeliners and Mascaras

Hey Y’all!!! Sooooo about the lack of posting last week….
I was still pretty sick.  Last weekend was my birthday – I had to cancel parts of the going out because I was sick! =( BOOO!!! But I am back to like 98%; still struggling a little with my workouts but feeling loads better.  Bonus: I am not coughing all night any more! Weeeeee!!

We are back to another Monday – that’s right: Make-Up Monday!

About a week ago, I was leaving for work and realized that I hadn't put on mascara or eyeliner! EEK! I was already a good distance from home.  I decided I would just hit up a drug store and pick up something that was on sale. If I didn't like it, I could always take it back.  **Oh and FYI – if you try makeup and have a reaction to it/don’t like it, LOTS of stores will accept a return of the used product.**

I was getting ready to check out with a BOGO half off when I saw an automatic eye liner pencil and mascara at the makeup counter.  They were much cheaper than the BOGO makeup I had in my hand.  I picked it up and decided, eh why not!?
Here’s the thing – I have been a Maybelline Lash Stiletto girl for as long as the product has been out.  I have ‘converted’ my fair share of makeup users.  To this point, I haven’t found another mascara that provides me the same satisfaction.    Enter Jordana Best Last Extreme Volumizing mascara.
 photo 04bf8d24-4a84-4f33-b39d-4c583e054bd2_zpsa2f5e5a0.jpg

My girl Corin introduced me to Essence automatic eye pencil. It is really inexpensive and you can pick it up at any ulta. Well I don't really live close to an ulta.  So it is super inconvenient when I run out of eyeliner. I have tried several other types but it just doesn't go on as smooth.  While picking up the mascara, I found an auto eye pencil next to the mascara I picked up and decided to try it.  LOVE it!

Close this window
The eye liner does smudge sort of easy; I definitely recommend an eye primer when using it but I LOVE the mascara and don't have any complaints about it.  The best part is the price!!  $2.99 for the mascara and $1.99 for the eye liner!  If you try it out, I would love to hear what you think!

Have you tried any new makeup lately?
Do you take risks with inexpensive makeup?

*All opinions expressed herein are solely my own.  I was not approached to do a review or post on the product.


Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Shenanigans

wooo!! Happy Friday y'all!!!
My birthday is TOMORROW!! But we celebrated it at work today

Yes, this is what I came to work and found.
These women are SO. SWEET!!!

THANKFULLY I have been feeling SOOOOOO much better this week. I was mega sick on Monday and did everything I could think to try to get better faster.  Today, my upper register is gone in my voice.... mehhh =/ that means no excited high pitched squeaky coming from this girl this weekend!
BUT I am well enough to go play! Can't wait!!! annnnddd it starts in T-minus 37 minutes!!

Gotta share my groove today
Go shorty, It's your birthday by 50 Cent on Grooveshark

it was on the radio at lunch and made me super happy!

Have a wonderful weekend! can't wait to share how mine ends up!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The One With a Little Drama and Some Emotion

So as I mentioned -briefly- last night in my post, I had quite the emotional and exhausting weekend. The hardest day this weekend was Saturday. Geez it sounds SO dramatic doesn't it?! Well it isn't for a lot of society but it was for me.

I was able to see my best friend - in fact she was my first friend when I left for college. We met at band camp. There are TONS of pictures of us together, at rehearsals, hanging out before the game, in uniform in the stands.  Later we reconnected and she was one of my bridesmaids.  We have spent countless hours talking, shopping, working out.

Two years ago her husband was presented with a wonderful career opportunity. I was very happy for him...except that meant Krissy would be whisked away to North Carolina. They have been there for about two years and I hadn't seen her in just over a year.

A couple months ago, she called me with very exciting news...
She was expecting a little bundle of joy - a baby girl.  I was so thrilled and a tiny bit disappointed that we had to share the excitement over the phone, but she told me that the baby shower would be a baby party and the best part?! It was going to be held a mere two hours from where we live! I told her I wouldn't miss it for anything.

This past Saturday was that day. My parents, The Husband, and I all loaded up for the baby party. Krissy has to be one of THE CUTEST pregnant people EVER.  She is only pregnant in her belly! I couldn't stand how wonderful and happy she looked. I spent a few hours socializing with her and her husband.
 photo SAM_0391_zpsc95b1b35.jpg
My mom and I both handmade her some gifts for their little bundle. Krissy and all the other guests loved the personalized gifts. I took some pictures of the beginning of the project - I made a diaper bag.  When I posted pictures on Instagram, it was mostly finished.  In addition, I also made pacifier clips - they were so adorable! The thing is, I didn't finish the projects until the drive up because I had to do a lot of hand sewing. Since I didn't finish, I also didn't remember to take pictures. Then we got to the party and I was so excited to see Krissy the last thing I thought of was to take pictures of the gifts.

It was time to leave and I was incredibly sad. I miss my friend.  We talk on the phone but it isn't the same. We used to run together and bond; shop together; spend tons of lunches together. We are both pretty busy people so our schedules usually don't line up for long phone calls.

 photo SAM_0392_zps54e2f951.jpg

I'm not going to lie, I cried a bit walking out to the truck to leave on Saturday. I hugged her a million times. I even wrote on the 'advice for mommy' cards to move back here.  I know I know - so selfish.  They are planning on coming back; Her entire family lives within two hours from one another. it really does make more sense for them to live here.

Until then, I will cherish my phone calls with her and the time I do get to spend with her.  I'm hoping after the baby arrives, The Husband and I are able to make a trip to visit.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Make-Up Monday: Teal Nail Polish

Hey Y'all!! Happy Monday Friends!
This weekend was exhausting, as usual. it was different though - we were busy and all over the state but I am feeling emotionally exhausted from the weekend.  BUUUUTTTT we will get to that later.

Today is the 2nd edition of Make-up Monday
I am going to be trying a couple new products in the not so distant future (read: buying today)
so it won't always be nail polish =)
It will, however, be able nail polish today.

I said last week, I paint my nails at least once a week.
I will be painting them twice this week though, since my birthday is at the end of the week!
EEEE!!! So excited to be celebrating this year - I can't wait to party it up with friends and family.

anywho - my friend was telling me that she was looking for a nail polish in a teal color...but it needed to be more blue than green teal. I was picking up some polish for my sister and looking for one for myself when I stumbled upon this beauty...

Flower - Good Bud-dy

You can read about the Flower Beauty product line by Drew Barrymore here
I think I took about 20 pictures of the polish over the course of a week.  The best picture I found that had the best representation of the color was taken on the lake Sunday,  oops!
 photo P1010044-a_zps55c87352.jpeg
I can tell you that after a week of wear, the polish hadn't chipped.  I used the same top coat that I discussed last week. It stayed very shiny! The best part, besides the color, was the formula.  Honestly, at this point, when I try a new polish, I assume it is going to take at LEAST three coats. I was pleasantly surprised with this polish and only needed 2 coats.

I will definitely be picking this color up for myself!

Have you tried any new makeup products lately?
Do you 'wing it' when it comes to new products/nail polish?


Friday, April 5, 2013

Do NOT Be Hot Mess Barbie

As I sat at work today, I realized I couldn't sit still. Am I anxious for the weekend? Yes! Are there things I would rather be doing than sitting at a desk doing work?  DEFINITELY!  But it wasn't only that. It was the caffeine. I'm such a victim to coffee especially when I don't drink it for a while.

I apologized to the girl I was training and explained I have had coffee today. That is my way of excusing and self diagnosing intermittent ADD.

This got me thinking that they should make more realistic barbies.  I give you Hot Mess Barbie (found via Google). and you're welcome for this!

She even comes with slutty evening attire!!!
I also suggested Too-Much-Caffeine Barbie and How-I-Really-Look-In-The-Morning Barbie.  I'm thinking those won't be flying off the shelves!

Happy Friday Y'all!
Have fun this weekend but don't be Hot-Mess-Barbie...
and if you must be, keep it on the DL and tell no one! ;)


Monday, April 1, 2013

Make-Up Monday: Mega Shine Top Coat

Hey y'all!! I hope you had amazing weekend with friends and family!
I'll get to ours a little later.

I decided this weekend that I want to do a 'makeup monday'
I try all sorts of makeup products - including different toothpastes/shampoo/etc every time we run out.  I don't know WHY I do this but I have for as long as I can remember.  Thankfully The Husband doesn't mind. =)

If absolutely nothing else, I paint my nails at LEAST once a week.
I was a chronic nail biter - like big time.  If I wasn't biting them, I was picking at them.
It was gross and I didn't like that my hands never really looked feminine.
one day I decided to paint them and see if that helped. For whatever reason, that made me stop biting!

Today's Make-up Monday item is a top coat.
In my trial and errors of nail painting I found that a base coat and top coat are extremely important.
I think a top coat is more vital to me than a base coat.
My friend recently introduced me to an amazing top coat.
Sally Hansen Mega Shine
It is VERY thick and has a strong scent.  One coat and your nails have a salon shine and I swear it extends the life of my manicure! I paint my nails and 7 days later, the polish is still pretty shiny and it hasn't chipped!
For real - this picture was taken today.  I painted my nails last Wednesday.  so it hasn't QUITE been a week but 5 days later and the polish is only wearing from my typing?! 
 It isn't like I pay mega bucks for manicures OR nail polish.  the last two colors I have worn have been Sinful Colors.  You can pick them up at Walgreens, Target, Walmart, etc for $2!!! We aren't talking designer here!

you can get the top coat at CVS for sure.  I'm sure it is sold wherever Sally Hansen is sold. Oh and for your reference, it is hanging on a merchandise hanger in a BOX.  Looks like this:

Do you use a top coat?
what is your favorite?

If you decide to try out this top coat, I would LOVE to hear your feedback on it.  I hope you love it as much as I do.

*All opinions expressed herein are solely my own.  I was not approached to do a review or post on the product.