Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Quick DIY - Refashioned Earrings to Necklace

Hiiii!!! Ok so I have only 3 more full work days left with my current company.
I am starting to feel some sadness - I'll miss the people in the office.
I will miss the familiarity of it all; I mean what if the people at the new office don't like me?!
Psh - yeah right!! haha OK I am NOT that confident but I have to keep smiling and laughing.

A couple weeks ago I ordered a jewelry grab bag from Sassy Steals
I was SO happy with the loot I received yesterday...
except for the bubble earrings.  I think they are darling but the reality is that they are pretty big.
And heavy - I knew I wasn't going to wear them.
As I looked at them, I realized that I could remove one of the dangles, and combine them to make a necklace!!! you know, one of the short bubble necklaces that are floating around the Internet.
I removed one of the bigger dangle pieces, took the main piece off the earring and combined them

TaDaa!!!  Seriously -this took all of 2 minutes before heading out for work this morning.
I try to always look at something for its possibilities rather than the face value.

Have you ever done a refashion DIY?


Gee said...

So lovely! I always envy crafty ones like you! Totally love the idea...now I am thinking of those earrings I never wear! Haha!

Adrienne said...

I'm so in love with this!

It's so dainty yet still stands out!

I think it's a great, quick redo!

Good luck with your conversion!

I'm still a bit nervous but I have 7 and a half days.

Not liking what I'm hearing through the grapevines... So glad I'm leaving :D

Although I'm super shy!

You're a sweetheart.. The new company will LOVE you!!!!!!!!!