Friday, April 5, 2013

Do NOT Be Hot Mess Barbie

As I sat at work today, I realized I couldn't sit still. Am I anxious for the weekend? Yes! Are there things I would rather be doing than sitting at a desk doing work?  DEFINITELY!  But it wasn't only that. It was the caffeine. I'm such a victim to coffee especially when I don't drink it for a while.

I apologized to the girl I was training and explained I have had coffee today. That is my way of excusing and self diagnosing intermittent ADD.

This got me thinking that they should make more realistic barbies.  I give you Hot Mess Barbie (found via Google). and you're welcome for this!

She even comes with slutty evening attire!!!
I also suggested Too-Much-Caffeine Barbie and How-I-Really-Look-In-The-Morning Barbie.  I'm thinking those won't be flying off the shelves!

Happy Friday Y'all!
Have fun this weekend but don't be Hot-Mess-Barbie...
and if you must be, keep it on the DL and tell no one! ;)


1 comment:

AiringMyLaundry said...

Ha, hilarious Barbie.

I hope you enjoy your weekend!