Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oh Wednesdays - I Really Adore You

I love Wednesdays here in the blog-o-sphere.  It has become my favorite (sort of my only) day of blogging.  I really enjoy the WILW link up.

My mom told me a long time ago that she can tell when something is amiss.  I quit talking about that area of my life. When it was relationships, I would avoid the subject altogether...sometimes I just wouldn't call home for days. Then something would change and I would be back to right. 

Once she told me about this little habit, I have been very aware of know the 'break-the-glass' metaphor? How I Met Your Mother dedicated an entire episode to this concept. Well it has come to my attention that in addition to not calling home or talking about the issue underneath, I have also avoided my happy little blog. That realization made me sad!! I have LOVED blogging and the entire blogging community.  Looking back, I kind of let it slip all of November and then I was better for a little bit...I think it was because of the holiday season. It always makes me so happy!

So here it is Wednesday - the day I look forward to posting.  I link-up and talk about all the things that I love.  It is anything from a new piece of jewelry to some candy I just had to my amazing husband and wonderful family.  It always makes me happy and puts me in a better place when I link-up. 

I thought about this over the weekend and Monday I started a new habit.  Whenever I can, I think about the things I am loving that day.  It has for the most part helped my mood outside of The Issue that I don't want to talk about. I am so happy that Jamie started this link-up and that I found it one December day back in 2010 =)

So without further adieu - I am linking up!

I'm Loving that I cut my bangs yesterday.  No seriously I LOVE it!
 photo 20a0dd69-a6f2-4a76-be05-a1b01a428b90_zps32abce18.jpg

I'm Loving that we are halfway through the week

I'm Loving Grumpy Cat!  The Husband and I were looking at various pictures and really having a good laugh about them.  This one is SOOOO my husband. 
This is my husband haha
I'm laughing at this again! I can't help myself.

I'm loving that last week, I was able to run 12.6 miles throughout the week. The shoes and inserts I have are incredible.  I have felt absolutely NO discomfort since investing in them! I'm really blown away by this.  I think getting back into my routine of running and starting to see results already are helping push past things.

I'm Loving the amazing people in my life who support me and pick me up when I am down. I'm so blessed with amazing family. My extended is included in this - some of you have been especially supportive and loving recently.  You'll never know how much that means to me. Family - you are the absolute greatest!

I'm loving that today my sister and I were total twinsies!
We even wore the same colored pants today! I'm so blessed to have an awesome sister. I can't wait to shop with her again - that may have to be a recurring thing!!

I'm loving my husband. He works so hard for us - to give me everything I could ever want.
He does everything he can to give us the life we have and to reach the goals we have set for ourselves.  It isn't always easy - after nearly three years of marriage, we are still learning about one another, ourselves, and our relationship. I love every moment, all of them, the good, the silly, the serious, and the occasional fight.  There is no one else with whom I would rather fight.

What are you loving?
Be sure to link-up!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What I Do and Don't Love Today

Hey Y'all!!!
Happy halfway through the week! This coming weekend is either going to be filled to the brim with plans...ORRRRRR we aren't going to do anything.  The Husband and I can't decide.  I know I haven't been sleeping very well the last couple nights so the last thing I want to be doing is anything!

I was considering linking up for What I'm Loving Wednesday but there are things I am NOT loving...think that counts?

First and foremost, I am NOT loving that the overall trend is happening again.  it just isn't an attractive piece of clothing to me.  I have yet to see someone wear them and actually look good.  The 90's were COVERED in overalls. I saw a quote on yahoo today that said for overalls 'the uglier the better'. Ew!

I'm not loving my lack of sleep lately.  I have a lot going on at work and it is starting to effect my personal life.  That is so not cool. The worst part is that because so much of my brain and time are dedicated to work, I am losing track of things at home.  Last night, for example, I was just about to dose off and suddenly remembered a bill I needed to pay! ugh! Then I was awake for a while because I literally jumped out of bed to go pay it.

I'm not loving that I won't be able to run the Mutt Strutt 5k.  I JUST found out about this race and this year is the 3rd year.  It is a run/walk on the beach with your pup! How fun! I will definitely be marking my calendar for that next year!

OK so that was pretty short....on to what I AM loving!!!!

I'm loving that this weekend is going to be a do-it-all kind of weekend or we won't do anything.  One thing for sure is that we are spending tons of time together and Husband/Wife time is my favorite.

I'm obsessed with loving this style necklace -
found here. is this style 'out'? I know I am SO late to this train but my entrance into accessory-dom has been slow.  I'm happy to say it is in FULL FORCE! I think The Husband is getting a little annoyed with it but at least I am not ONLY buying earrings like I was at one point =)  The necklace is a little more than I like to spend on my accessories BUT my birthday is coming up...seester?! if you are reading this, you could make this part of the b-day gift ;)

I'm LOVING this article on yahoo sports...this woman is so bad A! I am excited to see how her career blossoms.  For those who don't care to read the whole thing, Chr!stm@s Abbot is set to be the first female in a NASCAR pit crew. 

I'm Loving Justin Timberl@ke...I know, i know. There are some of you out there who can't stand him. I will admit that I didn't love him in N* seriously he was NOT my favorite.  I have really liked all his solo work though.  I LOVED him on The Grammy's...he has lost that baby look but I really enjoyed the new music.  can't wait to hear more.

I'm loving that it is going to be in the 80's this weekend! Boat time, says I!

What are you loving?
Where do you get your accessories?


Thursday, February 7, 2013

SPD {Hanging Ironing Board}

Like many of you, we stored our ironing board leaning against a wall, behind a door, next to the doesn't look great and honestly it was kind of a pain no matter where we put it. I was fed up with it last week and remembered a pin I saw on Pinterest.  I knew it was time to make some sort of rack for the ironing board - something to get it out of the way, but still have easy access to it, AND something bordering on cute.

Here is the orginal picture for my inspiration from Blissfully Ever After
Her laundry room makeover is just beautiful! I love it!

My ironing board holder isn't quite as fancy as hers....I haven't decided if I want to add a saying to it or now. For now, it is cute and simple and to the point.

Your supplies list:
hooks of some sort (big enough to fit your ironing board)
something to hang it from the wall
tools - drill, screw driver (or screw bit), sander

We had the wood and some saw-toothed hanging hardward leftover from a previous project.  I ended up buying a paint that I isn't just plain ol' white - it is iced arctic or something....basically it is a very muted ice blue color.
I also had to buy some hooks.  I tried cutesie hooks like Jennifer used for her stand but i must have a strange sized ironing board because those were too small for the 'feet' of my board.  I went back and bought this:
We took it apart and actually had to cut up the over-the-door part to make the hooks sit flush again the wood. That was a pain but thankfully The Husband is super handy! =)

The Husband routed the edges of the board and I spray painted the pieces for the hooks. I had to paint them because they were a little dinged up from the husband making all the adjustments for them to lay flat on the board.

He drilled out some holes for the screws and I sanded the board.
***oh and in this photo, you can see where he wood-filled the holes he drilled because we couldn't find screws small enough and long enough so we thought we were going to have to liquid nail the hooks to the board.  thankfully I found some screws that we could use later that day!

After I finished sanding the board, it was time to paint! Then we put it all together - adding the mounting brackets to the back of the board.  We used two mounting brackets clost to the hooks since that is where most of the weight would be distributed.

Time to hang! I love it! It makes me feel more organized.


Now we need to build a cabinet for over the washer and dryer and mayber a clothes rod to hang the clothes that must be line dried.

PS: sorry about the filters on these two pictures I just couldn't help myself - I had to make my phone pictures looke better haha!!! My SD card quit working in my computer so I haven't been able to recover the pictures =(

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What I'm Loving!!!

There are so many things to love – even on a glooming day like today.  I’m linking up with This Kind of Love for What I’m Loving Wednesday.  You should go link up and share everything you are loving =)

I’m loving that I was able to talk to my best friend today at lunch.  I lost all my contact numbers when I dropped my phone in a toilet a few months ago.  This included her number.  She was one of my bridesmaids and I consider her probably my closest friend.  She moved to NC about two years ago so I don’t get to see her often.  So after I received my new phone, I had to find all my contacts again…thankfully (or not so thankfully depending on your stance) a LOT of my FB friends have their phone number linked to their FB profile.  When I linked my FB account with my phone, BAM! I imported EVERYONE to my phone…funny side bar – I accidentally butt dialed a girl from high school a couple weeks ago and I haven’t talked to her SINCE high school!!!  Anyhow, she does not have her number on her account.  So today I finally used my brain and googled her because I knew she was a realtor and had a website.  There was her number! Oh! Happy day!!!!! So I called her earlier today and was so happy she answered ESPECIALLY after she told me that her and her husband are expecting their first child at the end of MAY!!!!!!! I am so glad I was able to reconnect with her after my phone incident. Her baby party (not shower!) is in two months and I wouldn’t miss it for anything! I can’t wait to see her!
I’m loving my new running shoes – I was fit for new shows last Friday after going to the doctor who recommended I invest in some good shoes and inserts. 
 It was a bit more money than I would normally spend BUT I went on my first two mile run on Monday!  I haven’t been able to go that far since the beginning of December!!! I still felt some pressure/slight discomfort, but I made it and that was huge! Tonight I am going to tackle another two MAYBE three depending on how I’m feeling.
I’m loving that my father-in-law bought me this tool box..
And then The Husband painted it for me yesterday while I was at work to girl it up!!!
The box is going to be used for jewelry making supplies storage.  I LOVE it and can’t wait to fill it up with all my supplies.  I opt for tool boxes because they are SO much cheaper than buying a ‘jewelry’ storage box…they are the SAME thing but more expensive…actually I have more options taking this route.
I’m loving my order from The Container Store! I can’t wait to get the ‘office station’ set up and in working order! 

I’m loving the teardrop bib necklace I ordered for a STEAL from Very Jane – Thanks Adrienne for telling me about that little gem of a site!
I was toying with the idea of DIY-ing it because I knew it was possible but when I found it for $4.99 I could NOT pass it up and it would have cost more to DIY! I won’t get it until the end of next week or the beginning of the following week.  I’m so amped about it!

I’m loving The Husband – he is so amazing and I love that he embraces my antics/silliness 

What are you loving today?!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Bowl Tuesday...
Mini Recap

Happy Tuesday ALREADY!!! These days are just flying by! The crazy thing is how much I look forward to my weekends, starting on Monday morning during my drive to work.  Sad huh?  I just love doing things that are NOT me working haha! I’m sure that would be so much different if I absolutely loved what I did or had my own company of something cute, fun, and girlie.  Until that day, I shall continue to look forward to my weekends =)

You may or may not have heard that Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday.  My team didn’t make it to the playoff, let alone the Big Game.  That’s alright – they didn’t have a stellar season and they ended with a few too many injuries.  Then the team I wanted to cheer for in the playoffs, didn’t make it to the Super Bowl. SAD!  SO I had to pick my ‘favorite’ of the two competitors.  I went with the 49ers.  Who didn’t win but DID make an exquisite attempt during the second half. I ended up getting pretty caught up in things this year…I made themed cupcakes and even a BANNER! WHAT?! I know crazy!
I saw a picture of these SUPER cute cupcakes that had two colors of frosting on them…SO cute! I hit the Google search to see if I could find some sort of problem free tutorial on how to achieve the look.  The best one I found was here, at Grin and Bake It.  I ended up using a home-made disposable icing bag with our vacuum sealer and then a disposable icing bag I had in my baking cabinet.  I filled one with the red frosting and one bag with the yellow frosting.  When I put those both in the large icing bag, only the red was coming out.  After a couple attempts (and fails to combine the colors) I stuck my hand in the piping bag and forced out some yellow.  From there, it was perfect and worked really well.  At the end of it all, I said “well I won’t do that again….who am I kidding?! They are so cute this way!”  The Husband promptly rolled his eyes at me but agreed they were super cute!
For the ‘tags’ I found a logo for SF via Google and pasted 16 in a word document.  I then cut them out by hand and taped them to a toothpick.  A LITTLE time consuming but they were the perfect cupcake topper!!! 
For the banner, I used my cricut for the letters/numbers and then ‘hand-cut’ the pennant out.  I punched little holes in the corners using my crop-a-dile and then found some gold ribbon to attach it all together.  It was super easy and fun to make.
The party was hosted at my parent’s house, which is always so much fun!  I was thinking the other night about whether or not it is ‘weird’ that our friends are also friends with my parents. It is totally the norm for me but I was wondering if anyone else is like that??  I’m not talking like we all just hang out and my parents join in.  I mean a couple that The Husband and I are friends with went on a trip with just my parents.  I think it is awesome because our friends end up being a major extension of our family and not just on mine and The Husband’s level, but my extended-immediate family.  

So let’s take a second to discuss the halftime show.  You may love Beyonce.  You may despise her.  But you can’t deny the girl has incredible breath support and she can dance.  You don’t have to like her dance style – heck she may not but that’s what the choreographer went with – but you can’t deny her talent.  I know what your argument is – she lip synched the National Anthem at the inauguration this past January.  Let’s take a moment here and remember that she was probably nervous – the National Anthem has been botched on more than one occasion and truth-be-told, it isn’t an easy song to sing. Anyone who has paid any attention to her career knows that if you don’t include that ONE time, I have a hard time recalling any other lip-sync scandal that included Beyonce =) Just saying!  
Oh and I saw an article on Yahoo! – well I saw the title and little blip , I didn’t actually read the article lol – but it stated that people were upset about Alicia Keys’ rendition.  I’m not going to lie, I loved it…though she was a little slow and had excessive breaks in the music/vocals, I was moved by her rendition.  I thought she did it justice. 

How was your Super Bowl?
Did you enjoy halftime?
How about the National Anthem?