Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What I Do and Don't Love Today

Hey Y'all!!!
Happy halfway through the week! This coming weekend is either going to be filled to the brim with plans...ORRRRRR we aren't going to do anything.  The Husband and I can't decide.  I know I haven't been sleeping very well the last couple nights so the last thing I want to be doing is anything!

I was considering linking up for What I'm Loving Wednesday but there are things I am NOT loving...think that counts?

First and foremost, I am NOT loving that the overall trend is happening again.  it just isn't an attractive piece of clothing to me.  I have yet to see someone wear them and actually look good.  The 90's were COVERED in overalls. I saw a quote on yahoo today that said for overalls 'the uglier the better'. Ew!

I'm not loving my lack of sleep lately.  I have a lot going on at work and it is starting to effect my personal life.  That is so not cool. The worst part is that because so much of my brain and time are dedicated to work, I am losing track of things at home.  Last night, for example, I was just about to dose off and suddenly remembered a bill I needed to pay! ugh! Then I was awake for a while because I literally jumped out of bed to go pay it.

I'm not loving that I won't be able to run the Mutt Strutt 5k.  I JUST found out about this race and this year is the 3rd year.  It is a run/walk on the beach with your pup! How fun! I will definitely be marking my calendar for that next year!

OK so that was pretty short....on to what I AM loving!!!!

I'm loving that this weekend is going to be a do-it-all kind of weekend or we won't do anything.  One thing for sure is that we are spending tons of time together and Husband/Wife time is my favorite.

I'm obsessed with loving this style necklace -
found here. is this style 'out'? I know I am SO late to this train but my entrance into accessory-dom has been slow.  I'm happy to say it is in FULL FORCE! I think The Husband is getting a little annoyed with it but at least I am not ONLY buying earrings like I was at one point =)  The necklace is a little more than I like to spend on my accessories BUT my birthday is coming up...seester?! if you are reading this, you could make this part of the b-day gift ;)

I'm LOVING this article on yahoo sports...this woman is so bad A! I am excited to see how her career blossoms.  For those who don't care to read the whole thing, Chr!stm@s Abbot is set to be the first female in a NASCAR pit crew. 

I'm Loving Justin Timberl@ke...I know, i know. There are some of you out there who can't stand him. I will admit that I didn't love him in N* seriously he was NOT my favorite.  I have really liked all his solo work though.  I LOVED him on The Grammy's...he has lost that baby look but I really enjoyed the new music.  can't wait to hear more.

I'm loving that it is going to be in the 80's this weekend! Boat time, says I!

What are you loving?
Where do you get your accessories?



Kristen said...

I have been obsessed with buying accessories lately. It's ridiculous. I love that necklace!

Adrienne said...

I've, too, been obsessed with buying statement necklaces :) I am IN LOVE with that style and I think, THINK I saw some like this at Charlotte Russe for $12 and under. WOOT!

I'm trying to get more statement necklaces in my life.

But I'm still obsessed with my scarves.

I'm jealous over your 80 degree highlight!

It's 20 here. Brrrrrr....

It was high 40's on Monday and I was HAPPY. LOL!

Come on, spring!

Emily said...

Overalls are trying to make a comeback? I feel so out of the loop! That makes me super grossed out though, yuck!

Faith said...

The necklace is def in and even if it wasn't I would still buy it, so cute!

I buy most of my statement necklace at F21.

Enjoiy your nice weather, I'm super jealous as it is 28 degrees today and will remain like that for the wknd :(

Jennie said...

I love the necklace!


BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

You definitely won't be finding me in overalls! Haha!