Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Bowl Su...um Tuesday...
Mini Recap

Happy Tuesday ALREADY!!! These days are just flying by! The crazy thing is how much I look forward to my weekends, starting on Monday morning during my drive to work.  Sad huh?  I just love doing things that are NOT me working haha! I’m sure that would be so much different if I absolutely loved what I did or had my own company of something cute, fun, and girlie.  Until that day, I shall continue to look forward to my weekends =)

You may or may not have heard that Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday.  My team didn’t make it to the playoff, let alone the Big Game.  That’s alright – they didn’t have a stellar season and they ended with a few too many injuries.  Then the team I wanted to cheer for in the playoffs, didn’t make it to the Super Bowl. SAD!  SO I had to pick my ‘favorite’ of the two competitors.  I went with the 49ers.  Who didn’t win but DID make an exquisite attempt during the second half. I ended up getting pretty caught up in things this year…I made themed cupcakes and even a BANNER! WHAT?! I know crazy!
I saw a picture of these SUPER cute cupcakes that had two colors of frosting on them…SO cute! I hit the Google search to see if I could find some sort of problem free tutorial on how to achieve the look.  The best one I found was here, at Grin and Bake It.  I ended up using a home-made disposable icing bag with our vacuum sealer and then a disposable icing bag I had in my baking cabinet.  I filled one with the red frosting and one bag with the yellow frosting.  When I put those both in the large icing bag, only the red was coming out.  After a couple attempts (and fails to combine the colors) I stuck my hand in the piping bag and forced out some yellow.  From there, it was perfect and worked really well.  At the end of it all, I said “well I won’t do that again….who am I kidding?! They are so cute this way!”  The Husband promptly rolled his eyes at me but agreed they were super cute!
For the ‘tags’ I found a logo for SF via Google and pasted 16 in a word document.  I then cut them out by hand and taped them to a toothpick.  A LITTLE time consuming but they were the perfect cupcake topper!!! 
For the banner, I used my cricut for the letters/numbers and then ‘hand-cut’ the pennant out.  I punched little holes in the corners using my crop-a-dile and then found some gold ribbon to attach it all together.  It was super easy and fun to make.
The party was hosted at my parent’s house, which is always so much fun!  I was thinking the other night about whether or not it is ‘weird’ that our friends are also friends with my parents. It is totally the norm for me but I was wondering if anyone else is like that??  I’m not talking like we all just hang out and my parents join in.  I mean a couple that The Husband and I are friends with went on a trip with just my parents.  I think it is awesome because our friends end up being a major extension of our family and not just on mine and The Husband’s level, but my extended-immediate family.  

So let’s take a second to discuss the halftime show.  You may love Beyonce.  You may despise her.  But you can’t deny the girl has incredible breath support and she can dance.  You don’t have to like her dance style – heck she may not but that’s what the choreographer went with – but you can’t deny her talent.  I know what your argument is – she lip synched the National Anthem at the inauguration this past January.  Let’s take a moment here and remember that she was probably nervous – the National Anthem has been botched on more than one occasion and truth-be-told, it isn’t an easy song to sing. Anyone who has paid any attention to her career knows that if you don’t include that ONE time, I have a hard time recalling any other lip-sync scandal that included Beyonce =) Just saying!  
Oh and I saw an article on Yahoo! – well I saw the title and little blip , I didn’t actually read the article lol – but it stated that people were upset about Alicia Keys’ rendition.  I’m not going to lie, I loved it…though she was a little slow and had excessive breaks in the music/vocals, I was moved by her rendition.  I thought she did it justice. 

How was your Super Bowl?
Did you enjoy halftime?
How about the National Anthem?



Emily said...

I said it on Instagram and I'll say it again - those ucpcakes totally look professional!! Good job :)

http://sweetcanadian.blogspot.com/ said...

Super cute decor.

I think Alicia Keys has some amazing vocals but i will always believe any anthem needs to be sung the way it is meant to be sung by the person who wrote it. How can people sing along if someone just randomly changes the tempo??? You could see it on a lot of faces, they were confused.

As for beyonce she may have moves & no she didn't lip sync but she sure as heck didn't sing either. I expected song & dance and really all we got was dance with a few breathy words. Not really much to go on.......