Monday, April 8, 2013

Make-Up Monday: Teal Nail Polish

Hey Y'all!! Happy Monday Friends!
This weekend was exhausting, as usual. it was different though - we were busy and all over the state but I am feeling emotionally exhausted from the weekend.  BUUUUTTTT we will get to that later.

Today is the 2nd edition of Make-up Monday
I am going to be trying a couple new products in the not so distant future (read: buying today)
so it won't always be nail polish =)
It will, however, be able nail polish today.

I said last week, I paint my nails at least once a week.
I will be painting them twice this week though, since my birthday is at the end of the week!
EEEE!!! So excited to be celebrating this year - I can't wait to party it up with friends and family.

anywho - my friend was telling me that she was looking for a nail polish in a teal color...but it needed to be more blue than green teal. I was picking up some polish for my sister and looking for one for myself when I stumbled upon this beauty...

Flower - Good Bud-dy

You can read about the Flower Beauty product line by Drew Barrymore here
I think I took about 20 pictures of the polish over the course of a week.  The best picture I found that had the best representation of the color was taken on the lake Sunday,  oops!
 photo P1010044-a_zps55c87352.jpeg
I can tell you that after a week of wear, the polish hadn't chipped.  I used the same top coat that I discussed last week. It stayed very shiny! The best part, besides the color, was the formula.  Honestly, at this point, when I try a new polish, I assume it is going to take at LEAST three coats. I was pleasantly surprised with this polish and only needed 2 coats.

I will definitely be picking this color up for myself!

Have you tried any new makeup products lately?
Do you 'wing it' when it comes to new products/nail polish?


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Faith said...

I love the color! I always wing it.

Everyone raves about Essie but I think it chips quickly.