Friday, February 21, 2014

Former & Current Women of Alpha

Last Wednesday I met a big group of women at a German restaurant North of home for a Paint Nite. This group of women has seen it all - and I mean that in a very good way.  We have all supported each other during one time or another, both through good and bad.  Some of us got out and moved on to new jobs (read happier places) but we have managed to stay in touch. 

This night of painting was the first time all of us have been together again since the end of April.  Let me just tell you that planning something during which you are supposed to listen and pay attention was probably not our best decision/option.  ESPECIALLY since it had been so long since seeing one another.  We were that really loud group who all kind of squealed any time someone from the group showed up.  It was amazing but probably really irritating (based on the snarky looks we were getting from the 'pro painters' and by 'pro' i don't mean the artists leading the shindig) Gimme a break - if you are taking this that seriously, go home and paint alone!
If absolutely nothing else, we had a fantastic time.  I will say this. if you want to do a girl's night with women who you haven't seen in a couple months, this is not the activity for you.  Doing it with a couple close girlfriends, your mom, sister, etc - great idea!

This is not the kind of group you want to be with if you are sensitive, BTW.  A lot of the ladies made fun of one another (in friendly fashion mind you) and a LOT of people in the session had problems with our rowdiness.  This is not Ladies Tea Time here people! It's Paint Nite!

Of the two paintings I have done, I definitely preferred the Eiffel Tower scape and I am really looking forward to the painting my mom, sister, and I have planned for the end of March.  I may need (really, I need???!!) to do another before the end of March!! Hmmm....I have the second week in March available....

But seriously - if you can have a group of women like this in your life...well, you will find yourself to be incredibly blessed...

and exhausted because let's be honest - it takes a lot of energy to keep up with this many rambunctious personalities!
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