Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Sister and a Little Random

Today is my baby sister's birthday!! Happy Birthday Little Seeeester!!!
It has been so much fun growing up with you and watching you become a beautiful woman! I love you so much and I hope your first married birthday is amazing!!

This past week I was home alone! I must say I am pretty proud of myself =) When we lived at the other house, I wouldn't stay overnight by myself.  The Hubster was out of town a lot and I really didn't like staying there alone. I don't know what it was - but I was always creeped out being at that house by myself. I am pleased to announce that I felt so safe while he was hunting in MS. He did get a nice 8 pt but I will spare y'all the picture. It isn't a scary picture, but I don't want to be insensitive =)
He came home on Tuesday night and, for real, it was kind of strange not being in the house alone. I LOVE that he is back and we have our time together and I KNOW It was ONLY a week but it was the first time I had been alone at the house for more than a few hours. On the one hand I felt like it was a while that he was away but then again I can't believe it has already been a week! Does anyone get what I'm saying?! no? Alrighty! Moving on =)

I have come up with some new ideas for the home improvement. gosh that stuff is NEVER ENDING! I'm loving it though! Want to hear the ideas?! OF COURSE you do!!

-closet makeover!!-
The closet is decently sized but the space isn't used well. There is only one rack all the way around it. I was thinking the other morning as I was getting ready for work - there HAS to be a better way! Right now, everything is kinda scrunched together! SOOO we are going to move the one rack UP and add another below it! =) That will give us TONS of room and our clothes won't be all smooshed together! Oh and, we hang ALL our clothes...well almost all. We don't hang our work out clothes or under garments/socks. Everything else gets a hanger =)

-Tile Backsplash-
Yes the kitchen looks wonderful - I agree BUT I really LOVE the way a tile backsplash looks.  I didn't think I cared so much and then my sister and her husband did one in their kitchen! WOW - what a DIFFERENCE that makes! Now I REALLY want one in our kitchen.

-Craft Room-
Yes I know, I know - I STILL have not gotten any closer to being finished with this room. In fact it is actually worse because I have crafted and sewed in it in the past couple weeks. it is sort of a disaster =/ We REALLY need to get that room built so I can FINALLY unpack - then no more ugly boxes stacked any where in the house!

-jewelry storage-
I have outgrown my pretty wall hanging jewelry box. A few years ago when I bought it, I wasn't into jewelry but no I'm finding that i want that extra accessory. SO I no longer have room and find myself throwing it in my makeup drawer in the bathroom when I get home. SO now my makeup drawer is half jewelry and cluttered! =( DISLIKE since previously I had been keeping it pretty organized!  I have found some inspiration/ideas for what to do - I definitely want it to hang - it just helps keeps everything from getting all tangled together.

I think that is all for the moment. I am looking forward to this weekend - tomorrow night we are celebrating my sister's birthday and then going on a date this weekend. I am THRILLED about the date =) I love me some alone time with my Husband!

I hope you have a wonderful almost Friday!
What are your weekend plans???


Shannon said...

You have to share the jewelry storage ASAP! I have gone through 2 of those hanging separators, with the little slots for everything, but with all my big chunky jewelry, it has gotten SO heavy! I found a belt hanger at Target in the $1 section and used it to hang some bigger necklaces, but it gets all lopsided if there isn't equal distribution of weight! GAH! I am at my wits end for organizing my jewlery! Next stop is a big bulky jewelry dresser that I DON'T need!

Post what you find! :)

Faith said...

happy birthday to you sister!

i love how you have all these amazing ideas for your home! can't wait to see them all come together :)