Thursday, December 13, 2012

Is it Friday YET?!

Ughhhh this week has been so long AND I have been working my tail off!
Somehow that has not made the days fly by.
I swear I am working away thinking it HAS to be close to lunch.
Alas, I check the clock and I've only been at work an hour!
Yep. That's how this week has been!

Last night was super fun though! I think our office Christmas party gets better every year.
I haven't uploaded pictures yet - heck I haven't even LOOKED at the pictures from last night yet!

There is still so much to do before this weekend! ...

Oh gosh! I was going to tell you about something, but it is a surprise.
Then I just started having a little panic attack because I was worried I had posted about it yesterday.
I don't think I did....NO, someone would have called me about it.
WHEW! That's a relief!

OK so we have been with this cell carrier for less than two years...
to say I am unsatisfied is a gross understatement but that's for another day.
I have had problem after problem with my phone. I have gone through warranty and gotten three of the exact same phones. I have continued to have the same problems.  They sent me two new batteries.  Still having the same problems.  they gave me a new sim card - still the same issues. Needless to say, I have deduced that the phone is just a PIECE!

One night in November, The Husband and I went out with friends and had a few drinks...
73838_368186803271724_462078812_n 73838_368186803271724_462078812_n.jpg
before the end of the night (ie 7:00 PM!) I may or may not have dropped my phone in the toilet...OOPS!
At an Applebee's...ick!

Let me just tell you that was NOT the really - it wasn't!
So we go to the phone store and tell them I need to get another one using my insurance.
Oh - BTW - this was my first time having to use my phone insurance...EVER!
So the lady says that I probably won't get the same phone because they don't produce those any more.
Well a few days go by and I got the SAME. PHONE! I knew I would be the only person to get that phone again even after they stopped manufacturing them!

Fast forward to this past it hadn't been 30 days and I was still having the SAME EXACT issues! sooo annoyingg!

I got with the insurance peeps and told them what was going on. They decide to send me and new phone and said you probably won't get the same phone blah, blah, blah...
The phone arrived yesterday...and guess what!?

I finally got another phone! WOOO!!
I feel so high tech and fancy now because it has a flash AND I can take self pictures. 
 Now you'll have to put up with seeing how cute I am at all times! holla!!! Ok not really but i'm pretty excited about this new phone.  We are still going to switch back to our other provider because the service we have had isn't good. 

Anyways - that is my exciting news for the day =) 
I hope you had a wonderful Thursday! 

HOORAY for Friday! 

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