Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Christmas Celebrations via Instagram

Happy Last Thursday of 2012!!!
I still haven't uploaded any pictures that have been taken over the past month.  I JUST put them on my computer last night.  Between how busy we have been (like you didn't know lol) and being sick for the past week, I just haven't gotten to it.  SO I have graciously (haha JK!) decided to share via phone pictures.  Yes - those are always the highest of quality.  Don't hate! =) You'll get these and like it! Ok just joking for real - sorry, I am feeling a little saucy today!

Anyhow - Here we go!

Christmas Cookie Party - I only decorated three cookies...that is why they look so great haha! The trick is to have a big party where everyone only needs to decorate a couple cookies each - that way you can take your time and when you lose interest after three cookies, you can be done!
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Christmas with my grandparents -- we spent the night with my grandparents and had a BLAST! She gave me the most ridiculous flamingo pitcher ever but I am IN LOVE! She thinks it is absurd and when I squealed   exclaimed my excitement, she handed it over =) 

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I ate approximately 1 yard of pull-n-peel and was thrilled =) 
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The next morning I had A.B.C. (Amaretto, Bailey's, and Creme de Cacoa) coffee.  it was very strong - thankfully The Husband drove home =) 
aa41637a4bac11e29f3f22000a1f978e_7_zps785a7a42 aa41637a4bac11e29f3f22000a1f978e_7_zps785a7a42.jpg
The Husband's family watched Ruger while we were gone and this is the photo she sent me =) 
d477b29e4b1511e2a47b22000a1f99e6_7_zpsdf0dc395 d477b29e4b1511e2a47b22000a1f99e6_7_zpsdf0dc395.jpg 

Christmas Eve -- we went to candlelight services and then back to my parent's for desserts, wine, photos and gifts, where I received the most obnoxious slippers ever! I could not love them more! 

1ae07a544e3b11e29a6422000a9e06c4_7_zps78498118 1ae07a544e3b11e29a6422000a9e06c4_7_zps78498118.jpg 
IMG_3678_zpsd7cb6f90 IMG_3678_zpsd7cb6f90-1_zps6a007a21.jpg 
220fd7d24fc811e28c8722000a1f90f9_7_zps7284e7a1 220fd7d24fc811e28c8722000a1f90f9_7_zps7284e7a1.jpg 

This certainly does not fully recap our Christmas festivities - it is just what I have on my phone.  Assuming I get the pictures uploaded tonight I will let ya in on more of the details =) 

I hope you had an amazing Christmas with your family!

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Faith said...

Haha you are too cute!

Sounds like you had a great Christmas!!