Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Family Christmas Poem

Well Hello Y'all!!!! These last few weeks really flew by in a flash! Unfortunately I am working today - boooo! I guess it works out since The Husband is also working so it isn't like he is at home waiting for me. Still...I am having a really hard time getting into the groove this morning. AND I think I am getting sicker =( whoa is me! I thought I had beaten it since I felt so much better Christmas Eve and was still feeling good until last night. Today I'm a mess.  I'm really looking forward to my 4 day weekend coming up - so that is something!

Today I am sharing the Christmas poem that was sent out with my parent's Christmas card. My dad writes one every year - check out the past two years: 2011 and 2010
ENJOY! PS: it is much longer this year than it has been!

Oh no!!!  What happened?  How did Christmas get so near?
It should not be surprising---it’s this time every year! 
So once again I sit, with my Christmas pen in hand,
To write about our year and share it ‘cross the land.

My favorite part of writing, remembering people and places,
Sharing our past year and putting smiles on faces;
So once again I’ll try, to highlight this year’s stuff,
Enjoying it all with family, I just can’t get enough.

Living in Orlando, we’ve finally found our groove,
Though after 3 short years, we feel like we should move!
But those moving days are over, in Orlando we will stay,
And someday soon (we hope), with grandkids we will play!

Our life has settled down, compared to recent years,
But we really do not mind, as the holiday season nears;
Some new things on the docket, of which you now will read,
To the heart of this year’s prose, this verse will now lead.

Phil had a quite a year, his dreams he finally did reach,
He’s now at UCF, where they hired him to teach!
He survived his first semester; he has earned his Christmas break,
4 months with all those students, is all that one can take!

He fills the role out nicely, the students think he’s awesome,
Into a dynamic professor, we’re sure that he will blossom;
The classes he is teaching, are healthcare field related,
He has found a job he LOVES, and we are all elated!

Donna, still our rock, keeps us sane through all these things,
In the middle of the chaos, some normalcy she brings;
Still employed by Homeland, she’s due for a promotion,
She takes it all in stride, but I cause a big commotion!

She too will reach a goal; she’s in her own career,
A senior contract specialist, something that we cheer;
For Donna and for Phil, came that dreaded age Five Oh…
But we’re not concerned, it’s just a number, you know?

John began the year, in a job he didn’t like much;
He was working in a warehouse, stocking shelves and such;
So a plan he put together, to change his working life,
A plan that was supported, by his ever loving wife.

So one day in September, he took off with his plan,
Got all his things in order, he’s now a self-employed man;
Some day he will reflect, that he finally came to his senses,
He’s now doing his own thing, landscaping and silt fences.

Ashley has become, a true redneck at heart,
Her love of fishing and hunting, help make up that part;
But at first glance you’d think, that she was quite a yuppie,
And oh, no baby news yet, just her and John and puppy!

She continues to enjoy, her blog and D-I-Y,
Her and John, so creative, there’s nothing they won’t try;
Around the Home Depot, together they will roam,
To find the next big project to make their house a home.

Jessica’s still teaching, but this year things have changed,
She redefined her goals so, her schedule rearranged;
She decreased her commitments; put some things upon the shelf,
She decided it was time, to take care of herself.

She started back to college, a goal that she had set,
So in a few short years, a Masters she will get.
She is quite the teacher, East River’s shining star,
Recently she rewarded herself, and bought her first new car!

Doug too has entered school, a Masters he is seeking;
His courses are so tough, I get lost when he’s speaking!
Still writing software code, his job is so intriguing,
Trying to understand it, I find it quite fatiguing,

When not at work or school, we try to go out fishing,
To catch that monster fish, is what we both are wishing.
With Doug and Jess in school, this break will be a breather,
And just so you know, no baby news there either!

Our life is still near perfect, with all the kids so near,
We really do enjoy the time, we get with them each year!
So there you have it all, our Christmas Rhyme this season,
Remembering that HE…yes HE is still the Reason!!!
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I hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas!!!!
This year is rapidly coming to a close - I can't wait to do my annual recap =)

How was your Christmas?
Did you send out Christmas cards?

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