Thursday, July 7, 2011

DIY Fail & Thoughts on Thursday

--OK so I had this super great idea -- well a borrowed idea but still it was a really good one! I got all the supplies and started working on it -- I should have known it wasn't going to go well when the color is NOT yellow =( Needless to say, I am back at square one and really glad I did it on fabric first.  I don't have pictures to give you a better idea of what the heck was going on so I will have to share tomorrow.

--In the meantime, no word still on the bank.  I am still keeping my fingers crossed that we get word back from the bank by the close of business tomorrow. I have already decided I will call our realtor if we don't have any new information by the time I leave work tomorrow.  I am sure she is making calls and following up with the listing agent trying to get answers, but I want to be kept in the loop too lol!

--I have been struggling internally this week. It isn't anything major and it'll go away.  It has gotten better since I got back into running/working out this week. So hopefully by the end of the week it is in the furthest back, darkest corners of my mind again =)

--I'm already tired of all the speculation regarding the jury/outcome/etc of the Casey Anthony trial.  I have my own opinions and views on the whole thing but it isn't something I like discussing simply because so many have based their judgements on emotion. That's fine -- it is a very sad story no matter how you look at it -- I just don't enjoy discussing it. Unfortunately my co-workers do not share my same sentiment. They have been non-stop about it and are so convicted about it that I am finding it hard to concentrate.

--I told a friend at the beginning of the week that I wasn't feeling bright and shiny.  I am trying to glitter but it has been tough this week. I can't explain it -- I imagine what I am feeling is similar to Eeyore haha =) I'll be fine though; fear not!

--I spent my lunch hour yesterday looking at fans and trying to decide what I anticipate would look best.  I text J pictures to get his opinion.  We have picked out the fan for our bedroom.  We are positive about the look; it's going to look fabulous in our new bedroom.

--We have a specific color pallet that we have in mind for the bedroom.  I found a duvet that I immediately fell in love with. Well come to find out -- it is pea green NOT yellow like it was pictured and described on the website. I was so sad. I came up with a new idea though!! I am going to make the perfect comforter that is the perfect weight and EXACTLY what I want. I hope it goes well haha! I will let you know when I start the project and update as it progresses.

--My little sis gets married 3 weeks from Saturday! I can't believe it!! She's going to be a MRS!!! I am thrilled for her and I know we are all going to have a great time partying it up =)

--My very sweet and loving friend moved to North Carolina last Friday -- I think that is kind of what started my funky feeling =/ She lived right down the street from where I work so we had a lot of lunch dates. I'm really sad I won't have that luxury any more. She was my very first college friend and was one of my bridesmaids. Although we lost touch for about 2 years, when we re-united in 2009, it was like we didn't miss a day. She's an amazing friend and person. I am really going to miss spending time with her so often.

--I am so happy it is Thursday! I can't wait to spend time with J. I know we just did that but we have been so busy this week that we haven't had much time or energy to spend on us. Thankfully, it seems we will be able to sleep in a little before heading over to move the last of Jess and Doug's stuff into their new house. Then the rest of the day is mine and his! yay!

--Don't forget to come back tomorrow to see my DIY fail and whether or not I found a recovery option haha =)


Donna said...

Hope things pick up for you and you're feeling more positive soon =)

Hope you hear some news from the bank too, I know how frustrating that is! Drove me crazy waiting for our Mortgage stuff to go through!

Can't wait to see your DIY too =)

Nicole said...

Unfortunately funky moods hit us all! Hope it gets better, especially because we're on the downhill slide into the weekend :)

ty said...

I know that not feeling bright and shiny feeling too. Chin up :)

Unknown said...

I'm also in kind of a funk, but as you know, it always come out all right in the end (even for Eeyore ;-)).

What you wrote about the Casey Anthony trial really got me thinking ... it's very interesting the topics that tend to dominate nationwide conversations. The knee-jerk reaction to this--on all sides--has been really intense and almost uncomfortable at times. Thank you for articulating it so well :-)

Anonymous said...

I hope you get your glitter back soon too!! I love that image :) I'm going to borrow it next time I'm in a funk!