Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's a Peek-ret!

SSSSHHHHHH -- it's a peek-ret!!
Yep!! I have a secret project going on and I am super excited to share with you all!! BUT I can't share just yet so I will give you a sneak-y peek!
See -- it is a peak of my's a peek-ret! And if you still aren't following along, that's OK. I think I am clever and funny when no one else does =)
And I am so sorry for the graininess of the picture - I used my camera phone and took a wide angled shot but I didn't want to give it all away so I had to zoom in for ya! =) So - yep, that's all ya get =)

OK, OK I'll give ya a picture of me too 'cause I know you miss my face! ...

Happy Halfway through the week!!



Mrs. V said...

Great shirt! GO NOLES!!!

Elizabeth said...

This is a really cute picture of you and J! You are so cute!

Scientific Housewife said...

Go Noles! Can't wait to see what it is!