Friday, December 30, 2011

A Year in Review: 2011

So every Christmas my parents send out a Christmas poem that my very talented dad writes. I shared last year's here and thought sharing this year's would be a nice way to round out the year...

To all of our family and to all of our friends, the Christmas poet has done it again
It seems to happen this time every year, happy thoughts from us to bring you good cheer!
This year as always was better than last, so here are some highlights from our recent past.

The calendar turned, we were all off and running, planning an event that we hoped would be stunning
Jessie and Doug had chosen a date, planning a wedding put a lot on our plate
July was the target, the fun just beginning…flowers? A venue? Had all our heads spinning!

Decisions were made as the months flew on by, we were all really anxious about 30 July!
In the week just before Doug made Jessie his spouse, they closed and moved into their very first house
The wedding was perfect, a sight to behold, and both our kids married had us feeling…well…old!

John and Ashley were blessed with really good news, even in the midst of the housing market blues
All over Orlando they decided to roam, searching and searching for that perfect home,
And of all of the dwellings that they had seen, they closed on their favorite this past Halloween!

Some paint and new floors were what was desired, and after three weeks we were all pretty tired.
They hosted Thanksgiving, new memories were made, all the food, and the love was clearly homemade.
That creature that’s stirring, why, that is no mouse…Its John, Ash and Ruger in their new house!

In October we took some much needed leave, and went to Seattle to see Krista and Steve
A trip to the coast would help keep us sane, and the weather was perfect, with very little rain!
We saw all the sights, and Oh! Mount Rainier, in all of her beauty, made us smile ear to ear.

The events of this year have provided much joy, and we are thankful that Phil will never deploy.
Those days are long gone as we continue to grow, trying to find normal in Orlan-do
As you hustle and bustle your way through this season, never forget that HE is the reason

And to finish it off -- here is our year in review: ENJOY!

Jess and Doug's engagement party

I caught my first Grouper

Ate a Krispy Kreme doughnut burger

Celebrated our first wedding anniversary

Our very sweet friends got married

Went to Red Robin for my birthday

Donated my hair to Beautiful Lengths
Went to Vito's Chop House for Father's Day dinner with J's Dad and family

Attended a surprise bachelorette party

Went to a surprise wedding reception

My baby sister got married

Saw Volbeat at HOB

Went on a family fishing trip

Saw 3 Doors Down at Hard Rock with my dad

Halloween parties galore!


Hosted Thanksgiving (after completely refinishing the inside of the house)

First Christmas at the new house

Here is to an amazing 2012! Have a fabulous weekend everyone and be safe!!


Courtney B said...

Ok..... what the heck is a Krispy Kreme donut burger? I HAVE to try it :)
And congratulations on your home... it's beautiful!
So happy I found your blog :) Happy New Year!

Kym @ Travel Babbles said...

Your dad is so talented with that poem!!!!!!!! It was lovely to see your 2011 in review - isn't it wild to think about all the changes, growth, and good news that came..and to just imagine what 2012 has in store?? BEST WISHES!!!!!! xoxo

Kristen said...

Lots of great moments Ashley!

Happy New Year! :)

Michelle said...

Such a great year filled with lots of wonderful memories!!!!

I'm so happy I've been able to follow along with you this year! Can't wait to see what 2012 brings!

Happy New Year, girl! xoxo

Faith said...

I just love that your dad does that! So cute!

What a great year for you! Cheers to 2012 being even better!

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

Love Love Love his poem! OMG and your picture review is too cute! Love the last pic ;)

Leah @ Everyday Love said...

Looks like an amazing year!

April Rowell said...

Loved the look back on 2011. I hope your 2012 is full of amazing things! Loved the year in review poem :)

Syndal said...

what a great year!

Casey said...

Oh my gosh, how GORGEOUS is that last photo with the lights!! Did you set that up yourself?

You've got me hooked- I'm your newest follower!