Monday, July 30, 2012

The Final Countdown

Hey Y'all!!!!  This past weekend I started planning.
Planning for what? the rest of the year...can you believe July is over?!
I mean a YEAR ago today, my seeester was getting MARRIED
Happy Anniversary Jess and Douggles!!!! I KNOW you have been looking forward to eating year old cake =)

Anywho - I sat down this weekend and started planning some things I would like to do this year and when - a to-do list of sorts.   

one.This Friday we are headed out to see my brother-in-law's white-boy-reggae band as he so affectionately describes them =) They are playing at a local restaurant near the college that I haven't eaten at, pretty much since graduating! I am looking forward to this date night for two reasons: 1. the FOOD and music 2. a casual dinner date/get-together with my work BFF and her almost husband. I'm SO excited! They haven't met The Husband yet but I absolutely adore these two. They are so much fun and so sweet.  

two. September is The Husband's birthday. I don't know what we are doing for it and I have NO CLUE what to get him. That's what I have to figure out what to do and what to get or make...maybe I can figure out something to make him  that he would love??? who knows! 

three.  Thankfully I didn't have to pick this one over The Husband's as number 1 in my heart for the countdown!  The NFL season officially kicks off the FIRST regular season game of the 2012 - 2013 season in September - September 9th to be exact! 40 days!!!! I am THRILLED! I LOVE football season - we have football Sundays every week and gather with a group of friends and my family. It is always SO fun and the food is always phenomenal! I have a feeling it is going to be bigger this year than it has in the past two =) I'm excited! yay football!!!

four. In 71 days we will be celebrating our FIFTH anniversary of being together. Actually this week marks 5 years that I have LIVED with The Husband...yes, I lived with him for about two months before actually dating him =)   So we are sitting around talking, trying to decide what to do. Any suggestions?! We had WANTED to go on a cruise, but that isn't going to happen so maybe something a little closer to home. oh and it is on a week night =/ MAYBE go to Cirque Du Soleil?! 

five. November 3 - 95 days - I will be hosting a Pampered Chef Party.  I was going to just have a traditional one but THEN The Husband said if it was centered around chocolate that he would join. My dad agreed.  So with his help, I have decided to do a wine-in/chocolate themed COUPLES pampered chef party! I am SO excited!!!! I can't wait! 

six. The weekend after I host is the Jr League of America Holiday Gift Shop.  The Husband and I went two years ago with my parents and really had a good time. We didn't get to go this past year, what with the moving and everything SOOOOO I have already marked our calendars to go in 102 days!!!! 

seven. In the next 124 days, I plan to have my Christmas shopping and gift making complete. Yes that is probably unreasonable on my part BUT at least I have goals! 

eight. There are 147 days until Christmas! WOOOO!!! I can't wait! in case you didn't know, I LOVE the Christmas holiday, season, EVERYTHING about it! I can't wait! 

So there you have it =) all wrapped up neatly - things I am most DEFINITELY looking forward to - of course, not everything is on this list. These are just the big 'milestones' for the rest of the year. I can't believe 2012 is already almost over! I know I know - there are still 154 days left in the year...that only means 211 have passed...see how fast THAT was?! =) 

What are you looking forward to?

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