Friday, March 8, 2013

This Place About to Blow

I was sharing an office late last year with a girl who has drastically opposite music tastes...Well OK we liked SOME of the same stuff, but in her words - she has atrocious taste in music.  She kind of does.  Well we decided to share the music responsibilities of our little corner of the office. One day, we were feeling extra ridiculous and created a Lost Boys station.  Probably one of the funniest stations ever created, hands down.

When we realized it was too distracting, we opted for Nicki Min@j radio. Listening to that we heard a LOT of less-than-appropriate office music.  I opted for Ke$ha radio as an alternative...and so started my love of Ke$ha.

BTW - it's Friday B!TCHE$!!! Yay!!!
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Corin said...

What the heck was this me??! lol I don't remember creating a station with you but I AMMMM however contemplating my choice in music at this point .. haha lovesyoouu