Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Happenings in Our Household

Holy really long time since posting!!! the past 6 weeks have been just crazy.  No for real - so much has changed since the end of August. Literally 3 days after my last post, the attorney's office let me go.  Out of left field - seriously I was absolutely blind-sided.  They said it was because they were so slow and because they wanted someone with more experience.  Let me clarify - I had ZERO experience in civil litigation/law when they hired me and they knew that up front.  So why, you ask, did they keep my for FOUR MONTHS?!  The answer, good people, is still unknown to me and that same question still crosses my mind from time to time.

So I was unemployed for almost 3 weeks. I now work for a global financial company in downtown and to say I love it is SUCH an understatement.  I love the people, the location, the office, the WORK even. I was very upset when I was let go from the attorney's office but I am SO thankful to be out of there.  The weeks leading up to my unemployment were filled with anxiety, stress, and frustration at that office.  I had made the decision that week to start looking for another job because I just felt like it wasn't a good fit.  FOUR days after that decision I was unemployed. OOPS! "Be careful what you wish for" seems appropriate.

ON TOP of the unemployment thing I was working hard to get the house ready and plans set for The Husband's big 3-0 Birthday Shenanigans! So I went head on into those plans so I didn't freak out lol.  The party was a huge success - we had at LEAST 50 people show up...probably more throughout the night.  I will recap that later on but just wanted to kind of set up the happenings in our little slice of Heaven.

Basically we have been non-stop since the week I was let go.  Remember how great I said I was feeling after I left my long time job? Yeah I'm back to that happy feeling again.  I don't feel stressed when I leave work on Fridays and I don't hate myself on my drive to work on Mondays.  Life is good! I can't wait to share more of what's been going on - including a tour of the craft room!!! FINALLY I know! =)

I'll leave you with a picture of the shenanigans from the Husband's party
BTW - this is post 500 =)
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Unknown said...

Yay! I'm glad you are doing well!!!! :)

xo said...

I had almost the exact same thing happen with my last job. I had experience though, they wanted someone with less experience so they could pay them $3 less an hour. I was full of anxiety there too. Only thing is i haven't found a job yet, i live in a town of only 13000 so it is hard.

Glad you are liking the new job though :) that is always a bonus!!

Jessica and Stephan said...

So glad to hear that you are happier at your new job! :)

Shannon said...

I studied Criminology in college with anticipation of continuing on to law school...once I did my intership at a Crim Law/Family Law office, I was completely turned off and hated everything about practicing law. I was hired in that same office upon graduation and was let go 3 months later because they were so slow. I never looked back. Attorneys are, by and away, THE hardest people to work for (in my opinion)...I have never regretted not going to back to a law office!

Congrats on your new's such an AMAZING difference in your soul when you find somewhere you love going! :)