Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wait A Minute Mr. Postman!

I FINALLY got a confirmation email that my shoes were shipped!! YAY!!
What shoes you ask??  Remember THIS post? Well Y'all voted and I went with the yellow shoes! WOO!
The email shows the estimated delivery date to be 4/13!!! THAT'S MY BIRTHDAY! YAY! How exciting =) Maybe I'll get lucky and they will arrive early!
Hope you're all having a beautiful Saturday!


Megan said...

What a great birthday present! Those are seriously adorable!!

christine donee said...

i die. those are so cute. also, happy early birthday. just because.

kim {the non-mom blogger} said...

well done! those are HOT!

Jessica and Stephan said...

yay, you got the yellow ones!! They are so cute!!

Anngela said...

Woo hoo!!
I LOVE getting those confirmation e-mails and tracking my pakages...I have my VS bikini tracked to arrive tomorrow--yay for new cute stuff!! :)

AiringMyLaundry said...

Really cute shoes!