Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Confessionals


I Confess
-I think I am all times.
-I have a hard time taking straight pictures -- I always managed to make them JUST a little crooked. I am going to have to learn to take wider angle shots so I can compensate my crookedness by cropping. haha =)
-I feel very silly today -- I am hoping that is a good sign.
-I have a bit of a girl crush...on Heather Morrison from gLee (Don't worry The Husband knows). She is beautiful and her line delivery is spot-on. Oh and she is an amazing dancer!  PS: I love Fondue for Two haha
-I think the mustache craze is hilarious! I MUST have this necklace:
Mustache Love Necklace
-I have a whole bunch of secret projects that I am not allowed to share because my sister reads my blogs and they are for games/decor for her upcoming shower.  Two weeks -- I'll be able to share =) HOORAY!
-I still don't love my hair but it is growing out pretty fast already.
-I want this house so badly that on my drives to and from work lately, I imagine driving to that house. Last night after leaving my parent's house, I imagined driving right across the street into that neighborhood. I hope it works out
-I get my hopes up very high very early. I just can't help but be excited!
-I have a new found love/respect for Busta Rhymes...seriously, the man is amazing! I feel very compelled to go out and buy all his albums. J thinks it is hilarious but seriously -- it is shocking how many words he says in the amount of time he is rapping. Highly impressed.
-I am lovin' the song "Look At Me Now" -- *hangs head in shame* I swore I would never listen to Chris Brown and his I get a pass if I didn't know it was Chris Brown until AFTER I started loving the song?
-I am so happy it is Friday!!

These are my confessions...
Have a wonderful Friday people =)


Tami said...

I agree- Heather Morrison is awesome. She has the most amazing body- I'm so jealous!

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I am currently obsessed with the stash craze, tooooooooooo.... THAT NECKLACE IS TO DIE FOR BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Kristen said...

It's ok, I still like Chris Brown's music despite what he did. haha

Allison said...

I still like Chris Brown...I can't help it.

I'm crossing my fingers that all works out with the house! :)

Have a good weekend

Kelsey said...

I love your hair! and I confess that I get excited way to fast too and get my hopes up lol

amy said...

I don't usually take straight pictures either but I also do that on purpose. I don't like the straight and uniform look in photos. :)

I think your hair is adorable!!

My fingers are crossed for you about the house!

Happy Friday!

Nicole said...

You can also go to like and straighten photos too :) or some place like that :)

Mamarazzi said...

i can't forgive Chris.

crossing fingers that the house works out!!

love the mustache craze, i love that picture of you too, so cute!

can't wait to hear all about the shower!!

thanks for linking up, great confessions!!

Faith said...

hahaha, i love that song too ... doesn't mean i like Chris.

and Busta Rhymes IS amazing! i was so happy to see that he is coming back ... he took a break for a lil while.

hope you get the house! crossing fingers for you!

have a fabulous weekend!

Megan said...

You are SO cute! I love the mustache thing, too. It's so random and so totally adorable!