Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Know a Place...

"where the grass is really greener"
Not sure why THAT song is stuck in my head haha! =)

Yesterday I had to put in my highest and best offer for the house. It went into a multiple offer situation. I’m bummed. I wanted it to be easy pea-sy cake-walk style to get into this house that I am loving so much. I shouldn’t get down about it so quickly, but I can’t help it. I want this house bad but somehow I can’t manage to stay positive about it. =( We love everything about it – the location, the layout, the land. All we need is a little paint!

Aside from that, I am ready to be out of this funky limbo we are in, just WAITING around for something to happen. We are taking all the necessary steps and submitted anything necessary, we’ve done our part so far. We are sitting here, stuck, waiting on someone else. Can I just say that it is highly annoying?! But I know that is how this whole process works and everything happens for a reason. I’m all in on that, but that doesn’t keep my from sulking and pouting haha =)

A really awesome element that has come from all of this is that we have been able to start thinking about the future more and our next home. We are able to pick out all the details together and that makes me really happy – warm-fuzzy-like.

We have decided on paint colors and different detail ideas. I love chair rails AND wainscoting! I think it is such a fun and beautiful detail. We agreed that for most of the house we want a continuous color.
Right now, the home we are in, is like a freaking rainbow. It is fun – I was doing everything I could to make it feel like home to me – but it isn’t a house I picked nor does it have furniture in it that I picked NOR is it arranged like I would have wanted. It is J’s house – I mean, it IS our house, but it was his first lol. So I worked around what was already there. Here is what our current house is like:
  • Kitchen – yellow
  • Living room – red accent wall
  • bathroom – meadow green
  • office – shades of orange (don’t ask, it was originally ALL RED-ORANGE, I toned it down by painting 3 walls a pale peach color lol)
  • craft room – lilac
  • bedroom – multiple shades of blue: same situation (it was all DARK blue when I moved in and I painted 2 of the walls a glass slipper blue)
I’m just ready for a warm continuous feel. AND since we are selling this house, I don’t feel compelled to make any changes lol. ESPECIALLY since we are prepared to be out of it in the next 3-4 months TOPS.
We started looking at paint colors and I really emphasised to J that I want one continuous flow throughout most of the house. I want a chair rail in the living room and master bedroom.

The main color for the house:
Churchill Hotel Bronze

Under the chair rail in the living room:
Tender Twig
Valspar 8 oz. Paint Sample - Tender Twig
I am really not liking the way the main colors are looking on the computer screen – I assure you they are very pretty and WAY more brown/golden than peach!

Accent wall in the craft room:
Lyndhurst Duchess Blue


Under chair rail in master: 2 options still deciding:
Almost Charcoal

Stormy City
I want wainscoting in our master bedroom – it will be beautiful against the gray!
We also decided on some cute pulls from Lowe’s for the kitchen cabinets if they are needed:
That is about where we all with the decorating. I have some thoughts on DIY projects, lights and decor I want but those are going to wait until we get into a house.

Last night, I may or may not have had a Rolo McFlurry for dinner 20 minutes before going for a run.
Ok I totally did! I devoured it in less than 5 minutes – it was THAT amazing. The little rolos are crunchy BUT they line the cup with caramel that is oh so scrumptious! I definitely recommend you go try one right now haha =) It was totally worth it and fortunately for me, eating that soon before running doesn't effect me =)

So keep us in your thoughts the next couple days -- we are really hoping to get this house.
Happy Friday Eve!


asj said...

fingers crossed the house works out for you! love the new paint colors, neutral but fun!

Ashley said...

Loooove Rolo mcFlurry's...

Love the new potential paint colors!! I hope you hear soon!!!

Katie said...

Good luck!! We had a multiple bid situation with our house we are in now (our 1st house!) and had to give our highest and best..we went a lil over asking price and got it. You may just get it so be positive :) I keep hearing about the rolo mcflurry..mayy need to try it soon!

Kristen said...

I can't wait to start dreaming of the decor possibilities....I love the colors you have picked out so far!

And seriously, Rolos are my weakness. I got one of those last week and it was so yummy!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

ahh the day this happens to me i will be so excited...good luck on this new housing adventure!

jessica said...

love the paint choice for your master bedroom. love it. i love hearing about house decorating. it's so much fun!

and now i totally want a rolo mcflurry. yum.

Nicole said...

I know where you can get some wainscoting for free if you get it off my place and out of my garage! I hated it! It was in our bedroom and to me wasn't romantic so we tore it all down and now it is sitting in a heap in my garage :(

Anonymous said...

Um...rolo mcflurry? I'm there!! Love the accent wall color. Good luck with the offer!

Faith said...

crossing my fingers for you! hope you get the house and that we get to see your decorating action soon! :)

rolo mcflurrys?! seriously?! where, where, where?! obsessed with rolos!!!

Ms. Emmy N said...

Hope things work out with the house!! And the paint choices are great, and they mesh really well! ...Love Mcflurrys, btw... And I had no idea they had rolos?!

Michelle said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the paint colors! I hope everything works out with the house!

And Rolo McFlurry?! I didn't know they had those. Sounds amazing!

A Little Bit of This & That

Pink Champagne, Gatorade, and MRE's said...

hope everyhting works out for hte house you want! i love the idea of the chair rail and the wainscotting your paint colors are so elegant and I'm sure that will look beautiful!

amy said...

Ooh, I love the blue and gray colors!!