Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Hello Hello!!!
The week is half over! Who is excited?! THIS GIRL! I am so happy we are already moving into the weekend! I know I know - it isn't even noon yet but hey - I can celebrate over here if I want =)

I have decorating ideas on the brain so I thought for WILW I will share my fave ideas that I hope to use in the new house!
Link up with Jamie here!

Wall Stencil

Framed Mirror -- Bedroom or bathroom

Colors and canopy

Wall Color

Gallery Wall

Yes my laundry room will have a chandelier
Love the curtains and picture trim
I have other ideas that are from my pretty little head so I can't really show you a picture of it yet =)

Where do you get your decorating ideas?
Do you have an eye for it or do you ask for someone elses help/opinion?


jessica said...

i can't get enough of the rich yellows.
i'm working on a gallary wall for my living room. i have so many different ideas in my head, too!

asj said...

I usually just fight it out with the husband until we come to a compromise... our tastes are so different when we finally decide on something we just do it.

Emily said...

I love the framed mirror idea. How are you going to do that!? Please post a how-to for me!

Kristen said...

Love all the decor pins. :)

BeckyJo606 said...

I love your pins! I love that wall stencil especially! So cute!!

Faith said...

ahhh, i love ALL the pictures! i get my ideas from HGTV, only issue is that sometimes i can't do anything about it, haha.

can't wait to see all the things you do in your new home!!!

Life With Lauren said...

Love all of them but if my laundry room looked like that I might enjoy doing it. Happy Wednesday!

Unknown said...

I'm so behind. I didn't even know you were moving... horrible blog friend, I am!

However, I LOVE all of your ideas. SO exciting! Your "love" for the wall color is close to mine. careful with darker colors in smaller rooms. June was a year for us and my colors are starting to close in.

Good Luck! Have fun! Post it.

Sam W. said...

great inspiration!! i think i mostly get ideas from others. i can never picture how things will look :)

Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights said...


Happy Wednesday!!

Jessica and Stephan said...

ooh I can't wait to see how you actually decorate it! I love your ideas, they look great! P.S...LOVE the chandelier in the laundry room :) why can't a laundry room be pretty too?