Monday, December 5, 2011

Miscellany Monday

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We had our housewarming party on Saturday night and it was a huge success! There was so much love and happiness in our house. It was amazing but can you believe it -- I didn't take a SINGLE picture! I'm really bummed about it and was a bit upset yesterday but honestly I was so busy hosting and giving tours that I just didn't think to pick up the camera.

When I am not feeling on top of the world, I generally don't take pictures =/ I wasn't loving the way I looked on Saturday night so that MAY be part of the reason that I didn't think about a camera too.

After work today, The Husband and I are going to pick out a Christmas Tree!!! I am so so excited to decorate this year!

I am going to be getting a lot of my Christmas shopping finished up at lunch today! WOO! I'm thrilled about that! I am also making a trip to the craft store for a couple things to make some homemade gifts as well as a couple home decor projects for Christmas this year =) I hope to be very busy after work this week getting it all together =)

I'm going to start sharing house pictures tomorrow!! I'm so excited TO FINALLY have the time to share the pictures =) I'll probably do one or two rooms at a time and show you before, during, and after so that you can see the transition.

I struggle every year coming up with a Christmas list for anyone or ideas for myself. I'm pretty good about getting things together for other people but I can't really come up with ideas for myself! I try to think of things ALL year but I either forget or eventually buy it on my own! OOPS! =)

My office Christmas party is next week after work and I am really looking forward to it =) I have been coming up with the Christmas gift exchange gift that I want to have...we do a Chinese Gift Exchange every year at the party.  I really lobbied hard to have a Secret Santa this year and everyone was supportive of the idea. Then the boss sent out the invite for the party and said we are doing the exchange. Needless to say I was a little bummed. =/ I like buying for specific people and not just random...I LOVE doing personal gifts. Oh well -- I am still excited about what I am bringing even if I can't make it SUPER personal.

Last year, a group of my girlfriends started a Christmas Cookie Party tradition. Next week will be the 2nd Annual Cookie Party. I have been looking forward to this for month! We had so much fun last year -- you can read about it here. I am going to be late to it though because of the office party BUT that's OK I'm just happy to be able to be a part of it! =)

I just love this time of the year -- the decorations, the parties, the giving, the food, and all the love and happiness that is shared amongst friends and family!
What are your holiday traditions?


Emily said...

I squealed when I read that you will be sharing house pictures this week!!! So Excited to see your new place! :)

Kym @ Travel Babbles said...

I LOVE Christmas Cookie Parties!!! They are so much fun :)

Jessica and Stephan said...

Ohh, love love LOVE Christmas cookie parties! Always a good idea :)