Monday, June 4, 2012

Beautiful Length Revisted

Holy Moly!! It is JUNE!!!!
How on Earth did that happen?!
I meant to post this about a week ago but honestly, time has just gotten away from me!

On May 23rd LAST YEAR, my friend Jess (HOLLA!) went with me to get my hair chopped off. You can read all about it here 

For those who weren't hanging around here then, this is what my hair length was BEFORE:
LITERALLY this picture was taken like 2 weeks before I went and chopped it.

This is the AFTER

I always think about keeping it shorter but then I look at pictures and realize I did so much more when my hair was longer. so pretty much since the day I cut it off, i started growing it back out again.  Although I really didn't like the short short hair, I really liked the cause for which I did it.  About 6 weeks after donating, I received a card in the mail from Beautiful Lengths thanking me for my donation. I felt good about it all over again. 

I probably won't ever do it again simply because I LOATHED how short my hair was; I would, however, recommend that every woman donate at least once in their lifetime. It was so rewarding and I knew that I could grow my hair back out - whereas some of the recipients could not. 

Now - a year later - my hair is past my shoulders and I have even had three hair cuts since my donation! I am lucky that my hair grows pretty quickly. Looking back, I am so happy that I donated my hair, even when I struggled with the short length, I always found that I felt better about it all when I thought about what I helped do for someone else. I ended up donating a total of about 13 inches and then the rest of the length I lost in styling my hair.  Beautiful Lengths doesn't require the full 12 inches for donation; I believe their minimum is 9. If you have ever considered donating but weren't sure, I definitely encourage you to do it. I felt really great about what I did. 

Oh and for reference - here is a picture of me and my sis from about two weeks ago:
Believe it or not, my hair is a little longer than this already!

Have you ever donated your hair?
Would you ever want to?


Faith said...

i've never donated. i don't think my hair will ever be the length required without me going bald. but i think it is such a great cause!

your hair looks great. i liked it short and i like it now. lucky you can wear it both ways!

have a great week!

Kristen said...

I've never considered donating my hair because I never grow it that long to begin with. Plus as conceited as it is, I look horrible with short hair. The shortest I've ever had it was at my collarbone, and it looked awful.

I love the length your hair is now, and thought you looked great with short hair!

CeCe said...

I have regrets about my hair chop myself and have been desperately trying to grow it out ever since. You are lucky your hair grows fast! said...

I love the length yours is at now. Mine is as long as your first pic & baby fine. I can not do a single thing with it. i can't wait until after the wedding to chop it some before going to florida. i can't imagine being in that heat with the length it is at now.

I have never thought of donating. My hair is not healthy.

J and A said...

I have never donated but I thin it is great! My hair grows so so so slow it's crazy. :( And I look pretty awful with short hair but it would be worth it!!

Adrienne said...

I absolutely ADORED your short hair... It was so sexy! :D But I know what you mean about styling.. That's when you need to grab your creative bug and get going! :)

When I first cut my hair super short back in 97 I hated myself.. I looked like a boy :( But I didn't know how to style even LONG hair... Now I can style both. THANK GOD for tutorials and such to teach me. :)

I plan on donating sometime in my life. I'm waiting patiently for my hair to grow to the length I want, but I may keep on growing it so I can donate. But not sure how long is too long for me to deal with since I've never had super long hair before. :D

Mrs. Pancakes said...

One of My Co-workers donates her hair on a regular basis!! That's awesome
You do that too!