Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cheese Steaks and Great Balls of Fire

This past Saturday, The Husband took me to some yummy places to eat. 
Places I have never been before. Adventures in food?! YES PLEASE!
They were delicious!

The Husband has been talking about this cheese-steak place that is about 5 miles from the house for really long time. He went with one of his friends when they were working together and he has raved about it since. Well I wanted Bojangles for breakfast/lunch but i know he always does what I want so I suggested going to the cheese-steak place. I'm not even lying when I tell you The Husband LIT. UP! 

So we finished running our errands for a project I will be sharing later - SUPER EXCITED ABOUT IT! - and on the way home stopped in this little joint. There is a sign as you walk up that reads: "no health food served here". I about died! That was hilarious! I took a picture of it but on The Husband's phone and he deleted it before I could get to it =( 

The sub sizes are 9" and 12" - well I know I "eat like a bird" so I ordered the 9"...yeah. that was the SMALLEST I could get!  The Husband got an original Philly and I got the jalapeno cheddar. YUM! We also ordered a basket of homemade potato chips to share. 

I was not super impressed with the chips but the sandwich was oh so tasty! I'm talking SUPER delicious! This little place didn't take atm/debit/credit/checks/plastic of ANY kind - they were strictly cash only. I thought that was super interesting but luckily The Husband had some cash =) 

I was SO full and felt a little guilty knowing that we were going out to dinner for a friend's birthday that night...but then I remembered how delicious my sandwich was and stopped feeling guilty =) 

For dinner, we went to Joe's Crab Shack. 
Because I was still so incredibly full from lunch, I convinced ol' Hubster to split a couple small appetizers with me. We split 18 steamed shrimp and an order of Great Balls of Fire. They were a combination of jalapeno, crab, and shrimp in a cheese, rolled in a ball and breaded in panko bread crumbs and deep fried! Holy awesome! Seriously so delicious.  I don't know that I will ever order anything else if we go back! 

pic of The Husband and I from dinner at Joe's

oh and of course a sweet pic of me and my seester - for real, how CA-UTE is she?!

Do you often try new dishes or restaurants?


Just a Jersey Girl said...

You look so pretty in the last 2 pics! I want a cheese steak now!

Carolyn said...

Oh man!! That sandwich looks SO GOOD! :)

Anonymous said...

We have a Crabby Joe's near our home and it's one of our favs!!

Faith said...

yummy! get in my belly!

i love trying out new restaurants and food. those are def. my favorite dates! :)